7 best men’s fashion trends for 2018

One can definitely spot some serious fashion trends happening this year! From the streets to the men’s fashion weeks, gents have been spotted flaunting some of the bold statement pieces all along the year. If you too are wondering on what pieces to invest on from the latest fashion for men attires, here we have listed down seven of the best men’s fashion trends to look at!

1.Chequered Everything :


Image courtesy :  beautyfy.hu
Image courtesy : beautyfy.hu


Checks aren’t just trendy amongst the women, but, have been hugely adopted by the men too. From trousers to jackets, coats to blazers, men have been spotted donning chequered patterns hugely. To rock this look, you can opt for a simple chequered coat or a blazer, and pair it with plain formal shirt. If you feel confident enough, don’t hesitate to step up the look with a matching pair of trousers.


2. Camel Coats :


Image courtesy :  Royal Fashionist
Image courtesy : Royal Fashionist


Coats in neutrals are already a big hit on the runway. Also, this men’s clothing style is here to stay longer than you may have anticipated. So, all in all, there’s no reason why one must refrain from investing in a statement camel coat. Think of rich and warm shades of brown when looking for the coat. Coats in hues of brown can help one to create some unique styles and can be easily paired to any attire.


3. Military Men :


Image courtesy :  The Idle Man
Image courtesy : The Idle Man


Military cargo pants have been a style trend that never seemed to fade away. To take this trend a step further, military printed shirts and jackets are some of the most recent trends to add to your collection. Stick to the ones in shades of beige, brown, army green, and khaki to perfectly blend in the military style. Garments with a simple fastening and large pockets are apt to don for this season.


4. Athleisure Accents :


Image courtesy : Pinterest
Image courtesy : Pinterest


If there’s one thing that you might have noticed about the 2018 style trends, then it is that the fashions houses have been more focused on delivering relaxed and comfortable clothing pieces that are again stylish enough to hit the streets. And there’s no denying the fact that athletic wear has been one of the most common trends to be spotted among the men.


5. Vertical Stripes :


Image courtesy : Pinterest
Image courtesy : Pinterest


Let the horizontal stripes be a thing of the past. Incorporating outfits with vertical stripes in your wardrobe is a big yes for the year 2018. Attires in verticals stripes can even make the most basic outfits eye-catching. And another great thing about this trend – they can be bold as well as subtle, as per your choice! If opting for a bold look, go for pieces with thick stripes in strong and contrasting colours, while for a subtle look you can always settle for thinner lines in more soft and neutral tones.


6. Printed Shirts :


Image courtesy : Pinterest
Image courtesy : Pinterest


Shirts in dynamic prints are an approved style look for this season. Printed shirts ranging in hues of blue, green, gold, red and black in tropical prints are a must own if you too are an admirer of this trend. Simply pair it to some blue washed jeans or with some plain chinos and you are already good to go. Can you feel the Hawaiian vibes?


7. Cross Body Bags :


Image courtesy :  snkrvn.com
Image courtesy : snkrvn.com


Finally, men get to carry their own version of handbags – ‘man bags’. These stylish cross body bags are not just stylish but as well masculine enough for the men to pair along their outfits. One can easily throw over a cross body bag to any of their outfits and completely forget about their bulging pockets. One can either opt for a leather bag for a smart appearance or settle for a nylon cross body for more relaxed and a casual appearance.