6 Best Ways To Pair Shoes With Jeans For Men

You may adhere to latest fashion trends for men and a new hairstyle for men in India, but when it comes to choosing the right shoes for your attire men often slip-up. We present you the 6 best ways to combine shoes with your jeans.

1. The simplest way to combine shoes with your jeans is to wear standard black oxford shoes. Just be sure you choose the right combination of a sweatshirt with your bottoms, either have wear a complete contrast or just go for full monotone colors. Go for all-black, grey-black, white-black or simply go for a standard white-blue combination.



2. Prefer to choose brogues or boots like Chelsea boots with slim-fit jeans to look more manly and stylish. Avoid wearing loafers unless you are heading for a casual get-together where you completely want to portray ‘coolest’ attitude.



3. If you are wearing a white shirt with a pair of light blue straight cut jeans simply go in for a pair of black or brown suede desert boots. This combination essentially never goes wrong, as this work perfectly both in formal and informal situations. If you are in a cold climate add a tweed blazer or sports jacket and men’s accessories that will add gusto to your personality.



4. If you are planning to wear black ripped jeans, play on with white sneakers that will balance your look. If you want to add an element of jazz in your outfit, pull on a white T-shirt and black bomber jacket with wayfarer sunglasses.



5. For skinny, super tight jeans you should choose slim line shoes. Chelsea boots should be high on your priority because of their sleek slip-on design they won’t add bulkiness instead will create a nice finish to your leg contour.



6. You need to adequately maintain a balance of brown shoes with black jeans. The easiest way out is to simply wear brogues, that will make you look well-dressed on an array of occasions. We recommend you to refer to styling charts, to know more about which upper body wardrobe color combines with the color of jeans.