5 Ways Men Can Look Stylish In Turtle Neck In Cold Weather



As winter arrives, new fashion style for men is sure to follow. It is just not enough to wear aviator jackets and slouchy beanie to look modish, you will have to wear turtle neck sweaters to weave into the latest mens fashion trends. Hold on to your nerves, we will tell you finest ways to wear the turtleneck this winter or if you are visiting any part of the world that has cold weather conditions.



If you are planning to wear turtleneck sweaters, you should choose standard thin knit design over the chunky style one. You need to roll-up the sweaters to cover half of your neck, wear them with the monotone colored accessories and trousers or else take a different route to wear them as a complete contrast. Try both the look on different occasions, while monotone outfits can look more manly and sexier perfect for your date or semi casual meetings, a contrast looks more formal if you are not using very bold colors. Wear the preferably with chinos and pleated pants at the office or else pull-up dark colored denims and even track pants on casual gatherings like strolling in parks or just enjoying the cold flavor of the weather. Gone are the 60s and 70s when turtlenecks and suits were only worn on extreme occasions and only on formal meetings – now men are more relaxed and open to variations and try out everything that can distinguish them from the masses. You will definitely not look too casual, if you can add the right blazer with your outfit. We recommend you to opt for a neutral, but slightly brighter, colour scheme, working with colours such as blue, cream and grey to give your wardrobe a less solid look.



If you are planning to wear a turtleneck with a jacket, undoubtedly you should pick up a leather one with simple plain or checked collared shirt that gels in with the color of your suit. If you are heading for a casual occasion, simply pick a dark colored turtleneck that can outsmart the color of your jacket. You should either go for a bomber jacket or an aviator one that will look sexier with the blue denims and pair of white sneakers.



We also recommend not going for black turtleneck with contrasted leather jacket, as it will undo the intensity of the looks. Instead go for a muted, versatile colour, like tan, to give just enough of a contrast to work with the look. You should also pick up the boots and few accessories that will help you look just extraordinary.