5 Stylish Ways For Men To Wear Denim Shirt

In the world of fashion, there are only few things that you can consider as eternal. Denims naturally hold that position, as they are all-weather friend for men provided you know how to wear them stylishly. According to the new fashion style for men and latest men fashion trends, we will suggest you the modish ways to wear a denim shirt.


1. Dark Masculine Look :

There are essentially two shades of denim that are men new style – the dark heavy tone and the lighter blue tone. If you want to look more masculine, with less of layering and showcase more of accessories, tattoos and body hairs simply choose a dark shaded heavy denim shirt. You will be thrilled to wear this boisterous combination with skinny jeans, shorts or even khakis. Do wear tough boots and wayfarer sunglasses to add luster to your attire.




2. Cool Funky Look :

Go for a lighter shade of denim shirt to bring ‘coolness’ ‘funkiness’ in your personality. Wear this shade with a white T-shirt and dark-colored jeans or a pair of khakis or dark-colored chinos. You should add round-framed sunglasses and prefer to be clean-shaven.




3. Faded Look :

When donning a light blue denim shirt or black faded wash shirt contrast with dark or tan trousers preferably indigo or black jeans. Your shirt should not be too big or baggy as it will ruin the entire ordeal. Always choose a slim fit shirt and trouser to display the contours of your body.




4. The Backstreet Boy :

This look can be easily achieved by letting your shirt buttons open all across. Underneath wear a simple white T-Shirt like David Beckham. Adore a slouchy beanie to add that ‘attitude’ in your wardrobe. David Beckham wears a denim shirt with a T-shirt and beanie.




5. Double Denim Style :

To become complete denim man, you can certainly wear double denims – blue denim shirt with blue denim jeans. To make it more sensuous, wear extra ripped jeans with thick stubble on your face.