5 Simple Football Tattoos For Soccer Fans

Irrespective of your allegiance to your favorite team, soccer tattoos have a common language throughout the world. Soccer tattoos are not only part of the latest trends in fashion for men but also form the men new style when it comes to depicting your feelings, confidence, and manliness. We present the 5 simple football tattoos for the soccer enthusiasts.

1. Plain Football:

A simple football on the arm looks astonishingly cool, do not fill it with varied colors, keep it traditional. Instead of black ink, you can use a combination of red and blue or black. You can use the scheme on your toes. The tattoo artist should shade the background and the football to give you the extreme cool look. You can easily flaunt your tattoo at the beach or with your sleeveless streetwear clothing.




2. Cleat Laces:

The soccer shoes or cleats are the most important accessory of a soccer player, you can ask your tattoo artist to design the regular design of your cleats on to your toes. Get it designed on one of the toes, for the other to choose a calligraphy from Chinese or Indian (Devanagari) – you will surely amaze your friends with your cool stylish tattoo design.




3. 3D Fiery soccer ball :

If you do not like the plain design, go for a 3D fiery soccer ball emerging from your arm or wrist, this design s one of the most popular amongst young. The reddish color around the ball and the beauty of the flames around will depend on the skills of the artist.




4. Shoes with football :

If soccer is your life, get it engraved on the shoulder, in a manner it speaks loud and clear to all the onlookers. Right below the design, give a short message that conveys your feelings, spirit, and passion for the game. Showoff your mind by wearing it with designer soccer vest or sleeveless t-shirt with shorts or denim.




5. PlIconic Player:

Choose amongst the iconic players viz. Diego Maradona, Pele or Ronaldo to get them engraved preferably on your forearm. This is the absolute right location if you want to stay in the ‘median’ zone – neither too loud nor too insignificant.