5 Out of the box Street Styles for Men

Bored with your wardrobe? Want to look more fashionable when you step out without putting in too much effort? Here are some key pieces that you can add to your closet to stay abreast with the latest fashion trends for men:




1. Hat:

You may have tried some hats here or there, but you may never really have bought one because you never knew they were a part of the latest fashion styles for men. Well, pick up one in a basic colour like grey or beige, and you can rock it with any casual outfit. It will immediately make you look trendier and it takes no effort at all!



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2. Denim Shirt:

Denim shirts are the perfect casual shirt and a piece of classic fashion. Their appeal is different from your regular shirts and give you a carefree look without much effort. Don’t pair them with blue denims though, as that might be a bit too much of blue. You can wear basic black or grey trousers or jeans.



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3. Bow Tie:

If you sport a bow tie, which is fast becoming a hot new fashion trend, then you are stepping it up in the street style game. You can experiment with any print and colour and it will immediately up the class of your outfit. A basic white shirt will probably go well with any bow tie you pick.



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4. Coloured Pants:

Give the usual blue and black denims a miss, and experiment with some colourful trousers. Mustard, Red, Green, you can pick any colour you fancy. Just remember not to choose a bright or colourful shirt as you don’t want to look like a peacock.Uber fashion and style!



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5. Tole:

A dark coloured silk stole can look extremely classy and elegant. Just throw it casually over a suit and it’ll jazz up your outfit in a second. Stoles are usually a woman’s choice of accessory but are slowly becoming a new fashion trend for men too.




Pick from any of these street style tips and you can be sure to make some heads turn- in a good way!