5 Office Bags That You Should Check Out

What style statement are you making with the bag you carry to work? Chances are you don’t give as much thought to the bag you carry as compared to your clothes.Though it’s impractical to have different bags for each outfit, it’s wise to invest in a solid neutral piece that goes with most of your clothes. Here are 5 styles of bags definitely worthy of your consideration:



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1. The Cross-Body Bag:

An age-old, standard bag style, the cross body has made a comeback after a few years in fashion limbo. With the new and fashionable designs available, they are quite an upgrade from the simple, fold over flap variety. Also known as reporter bags, they are difficult to pair with a suit, as they give off a slightly casual vibe. However, make sure the strap shouldn’t hang below your hipline as that looks tacky.




2. The Backpack:

This is another casual style that’s been popular for decades but is a bit bland. However, after numerous designers delving into backpacks to revamp them, there are buttery-leathery, high end versions available of this style. If the right bag is selected, it’s an extremely luxurious way of accessorizing a suit.




3. The Folio:

A leather folio, smart and unobtrusive, shows that you are in business mode whether you are suited up Wall Street style or if you prefer to work in jeans and a shirt. Leaner, more discreet styles look the best, and if you don’t have too much stuff to carry then this is the ideal style for you. This slim, pouch version will reduce the amount of unnecessary junk you carry and also give you a very suave look.



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4. The Tote:

Arguably one of the most fashionable bags, it gives you a lot more storage space. It’s practical and really makes a statement, but remember not to over stuff it. Your laptop, a couple of books, and your keys are quite enough. It’s a fashionable alternative to a briefcase, which is the most basic bag you can carry to work. Popular in leather and canvas mostly, these are available in every colour and style.




5. The Duffel Bag:

If you require more storage space considering you might have to carry a lot of files or if you hit the gym after work, a duffel or holdall bag is ideal for you. Size matters, so make sure it’s no larger than 55 cm wide and that it’s lightweight enough to be carried with ease. Nothing looks as sophisticated as leather but textiles like wool and canvas can also look good.



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Well, now that you have your bag guide handy, make sure you pick a style that really suits you!