5 fashion rules you CANNOT forget

Shirts that hang loose, socks that don’t match and a pair of trousers which belong to the 80s is fashion gone wrong. Terribly wrong. We all love a man well dressed and we all appreciate an independent sense of fashion. In this age where fashion shows are by the dozen and trends change every other day, it is difficult to keep up. But, some things are eternal, some rules don’t change. We bring to you 5 such things you simply can’t forget.

1. One who knows shall triumph:

Know what looks good on you and more importantly what doesn’t. If red is just not your colour, we really believe you’d be better off in a shade of pink. Colours add to your look what nothing else can. It may also help to always buy your perfect size, not a size smaller not a size bigger.  A man can carry off a well-fitted pink shirt. ‘Well-fitted’ is the key here!

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2. Rise to occasion:

If you wear chinos to a wedding, you are bound to feel out of place. It is ideal to dress to the occasion. Casuals are not for weddings neither are gym clothes for a day out shopping. Though, smart casuals are making their way to the corporate world, it is better to know your trousers from your chinos. Don’t overdo it with henleys, sockless shoes and graphic t-shirts. Smart casuals & trousers will never let you down!

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3. Pattern it out:

Who doesn’t like a little extra to their otherwise plain look? Enter patterns! Slightly tricky though, patterns spell elegance. It is important to know what is in and what is out. Animal, geometric and stripes are mostly always in fashion. Remember though to always pair prints with something subtle and plain. We don’t want to be a visual chaos now, do we? Opt for Patterned Shirts for a dash of elegance

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4. Accessories maketh a look:

What can a smart watch not make better? It is mandatory to invest in a variety of watches, belts and bow ties for a complete wardrobe. Colourful and vibrant, they instantly add zing to your look. Though, like everything else, there is a catch – don’t go over the top with too many accessories. As Coco Chanel once said – “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory.”

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5. Everything is not black and white:

Don’t be afraid to flaunt colour. A little colour always goes a long way in transforming your look. Break away from myths about men and colour and invest in all the pinks and yellows you can! A colourful tie/bow tie or loafers paired with smart casuals speaks volumes about your personality, mood and style. Steal a colour from rain(bow) to break the monotonous regularity of your outfit!

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Go on, suit up then and carry your style with elan!