5 Fashion books you must read to get inspired from

Books are a man’s best friend. A good inspirational book always provides solace to a wandering soul. With Internet being the need of the hour, fashion blogs, websites and apps provide a solution to all your style queries. However, a good book teaches you how to find the right style for your personality in sync with the latest fashion trends. There are a lot of good fashion books for men; you can take style inspiration from, but mentioned below are our personal favourites!

5 Fashion books you must read to get inspired from1

1. Ralph Lauren :

The fashion God originally had a whopping 14-pound book dedicated to him, which was reduced and republished with time. Unlike most designers, this fashion guru inspired men to create stunning works of art through fashion. The book talks about his dream to redefine American style, which he very successfully did. The first part is dedicated to his personal life, one that was before he rose to fame. The latter has a detailed chronology of Ralph’s achievements, awards, and collections.

5 Fashion books you must read to get inspired from

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2. Gentleman: A Timeless Guide to Fashion by Bernhard Roetzel :

This 360-page book is a gospel for men who are interested in the world of fashion and menswear. A guide for pyjamas, buttons, fine menswear and so much more, Bernhard Roetzel has written this guide as an interpretation of his notion of style. Call it style or call it taste, the fine line between knowing which fabric to pair with which colour is an art. So, if you haven’t already mastered it, here is something to take inspiration from. A rich and detailed illustration of who’s and whom of international fashion, this book is a fashion classic.

Gentleman A Timeless Guide to Fashion by Bernhard Roetzel

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3. Icons of Men’s Style :

Josh Sims take on timeless fashion trends for men is an inspiration for men across the globe. A menswear 101 guide, the book talks about iconic wardrobe staples and accessories that complement them. Consider the book as a glossary for trendy fashion, ideas and inspiration. Each essay is a story that focuses on designs, brands and their inspiration. A must read for those, interested in the history of men’s fashion.

Icons of Men's Style

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4. Dressing the Man: Mastering the Art of Permanent Fashion :

Alan Flusser’s Dressing the Man is a descriptive guide for men who want to understand style and dress well without becoming fashion victims. The book includes tutorials that teach how-to, colour coordination and the art of dressing in style. Combining his taste and knowledge, Alan has created an encyclopaedia of fashion that almost every man must refer to.

Dressing the Man Mastering the Art of Permanent Fashion

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5. Handmade Shoes for Men :

The most important item in a man’s closet is his shoes. Laszlo Vass and Magda Monar talked about handcrafted shoes and their importance in the book. The book talks about custom made leather shoes that capture the individual taste of fashion conscious men. The book also takes you into the workshops of internationally renowned shoemakers, who closely guard the secrets of their trade. There are beautiful images and illustrations, making each pair a unique piece of art.

Handmade Shoes for Men

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These books contain genuine pieces of advice from fashion icons, designers, and craftsmen. While every individual has his own perspective of style, these books will help you channel your style that complements your personality.