5 Best Ways For Men To Wear Blazers

Blazers for men have become the order of the day in the latest fashion trends for men. No matter the occasion, blazers have emerged as the new trend in fashion for men that instantly smarten up the appearance and add sheen in the overall personality. We suggest you 5 elegant ways to wear blazers for varied occasions.

1. Basics :

Even before you choose a design, pattern or a style you should essentially ensure that the blazers comfortably fit your body. Wearing ill-fitted blazer, something that is either too big or small can simply ruin your statement. Next step is to brood over the type of occasion you are heading to, if its formal business meeting, a formal function like your mum’s Birthday or simply a dinner date.




2. Slick and Smart approach :

One of the easiest yet trendiest style is to wear a blazer on top of a T-Shirt. This coolest style works well with lighter colors. You should wear a light brown khakis or chinos along with dark tan loafers. Eve wearing this combo with a pair of jeans works well, just take care of the fitting of the jeans – preferably wear it with skinny or slim-fit jeans.




3. Timeless approach :

A slim-fitting, single-breasted blazer with matching suit trousers and formal oxford or brogues can be considered as an eternal fashion style for men. You can wear this combo for any formal occasions and dinners. Moreover, in this scenario you don’t have to worry for color combinations.




4. Stuffy professor approach :

The classic university professor’s tweed jacket has evolved, as now students prefer to wear it with a twist. Use the classical tweed blazer with blue denim along with either formal white shirt and tie or a plain T-shirt with brown brogues. This ripped jean looks even more ostentatious for all the ‘coolest’ occasions in your life.




5. Bold intimidating approach :

If you are ready to wear more adventurous then choose for patterned blazers. You can make a bold and distinguished statement simply by adoring these men new style. If you want to go for joyous occasions, prefer to wear a formal shirt with tie, formal trousers and brogues with the attire. On a casual occasion wear it with ripped jeans and with thick stubble on your face.