4 Styles That You Can Try On Valentines Day

Have you managed to get yourself a date on Valentine’s Day? If your answer is “yes”, then that’s great. Congratulations! You are lucky. You will be spending time with someone you like on this romantic occasion and not wasting it by yourself. However, just because you have a date, doesn’t mean the challenge is over.




The toughest part, in fact, is to look really good. You have to come across as a person who knows fashion well and carries off anything with panache. Having said that, let’s take a look at fashion tips to make you look like a Fashion God on V-Day:


1. Dress Up Like Mr. Grey:

A man dressed in crisp white shirt, gray coat and trousers and black leather shoes serves as an ultimate fantasy for most women. Trust us, dressing up like this can never go wrong, especially if you have something elaborate planned for V-Day.



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2. Go Casual:

A well-ironed shirt/t-shirt, paired with a sleek pair of blue jeans always works, regardless of occasion. Finish off the look with sneakers and you are ready to roll out on V-Day in style. Whether you are going to catch a film or grab a cup of coffee anyone can pull off this “casual” look.




3. Opt For Ethnic Style:

Now here, we don’t mean go completely traditional. Shirt, trousers and a nice pair of shoes topped off with a Nehru Jacket (specifically) will make you look irresistible. Add a bit of variety in your apparel. Once again don’t go overboard with ethnic clothing. Just add its elements to the otherwise usual look.


Image Courtesy: www.static2.jassets.com
Image Courtesy: www.static2.jassets.com


4. Mix ‘n’ Match:

If you want to wear something out of the ordinary, mix ‘n’ match. Wear a round or a v-neck cardigan or a denim jacket. Instead of jeans, go for chinos on the bottom. Wear boots, instead of usual shoes, to instill a spot of boldness in your complete attire. Don a hat.


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The key is to avoid dressing up like a snob on your romantic day. Be comfortable in your skin. There’s nothing better than a man looking effortlessly smart. Take the pressure of “dressing up” off your shoulders. Trust your instincts. Have fun. Seize the Valentine’s Day!