4 Colors that go absolutely with a pair of Blue Denims

Blue denims are an absolute must-have in men’s wardrobe. You’ll find a mention or two in the top fashion blogs every now and then; but why so? That’s because they go well with anything and everything. You can buy a hundred tees and shirts and they’d all match with that one lucky denim of yours.

So let’s check out the most timeless shades that you can pair up with your blue denims:

4 Colors that go absolutely with a pair of Blue Denims


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1. Team Whites with blue denim :

This combination has been endorsed by millions of celebrities. A sparkling white tee and blue denims are compulsory attire in the men’s fashion world. Team it with a subtle blazer and you are all set to rock!

Team Whites with blue denim


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2. Go Black and Blue! :

Black tees and shirts go with all types of bottoms. If the occasion is a little formal, go for a black shirt or a casual tee. You can even add up a denim jacket or a printed scarf to jazz up the whole look.

Go Black and Blue


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3. Pair up a Gray Tee :

Actors, sportspersons, athletes! From Hrithik Roshan to David Beckam- everyone who has a robust physique has that one fitted grey tee in his stack of clothes. And why not! We all love the fifty shades of grey, don’t we!?

Pair up a Gray Tee

4. Yellow, yellow, dirty fellow! :

If you are tired of the same old whites, blacks and greys, try something more peppy and vibrant this season. Yellow and blue is a perfect combo and fit well for every rhyme or reason. Get a smart yellow Polo T-shirt to match your timeless blue denims and put your ‘kaala chashma’ on. That and your smooth sun-tan! You are all set to turn heads this week!

Yellow, yellow, dirty fellow

Blue denims are stuck to men’s wardrobe for a lifetime! So better match your top gear accordingly. Choose one of these colors and get all set for your next date!