3 ways to style yourself right for that perfect date

You have work to worry about five days of the week. Come sixth day and you suddenly remember being set up your friend on a date with that ‘person who is a perfect match for you, bro’. You obviously want to look your best because who knows how the date will end up? You call the person in question and make plans to meet up. Now there is another problem- what to wear?




Dress According to the Occasion

Yes the first date is important. Apart from dressing up well, it has to be perfect too. Don’t wear a suit to a restaurant which does not call for formal dressing. Wearing a pair of dark chinos/ dark blue denims with a dress shirt and a navy blazer will look smart and make you look mature. Do not wear ripped jeans, or a graphic t shirt with a double meaning joke because the date will most likely get the ‘emergency call’ within the first thirty minutes.




Good Shoes

Women love shoes; hers and the ones on other women’s’ feet for sure, but yours too. A woman judges you based on the shoes you wear. Never wear open sandals or slippers and please throw out those crocs. The more polished the shoes the better. Opt for loafers, brogues, chukka boots, or leather closed shoes. Make sure they look well maintained and stylish.





Never meet a date with a stubble or an unshaven messy look. Make sure that morning or the previous evening you go for a haircut and a basic manicure or just clip your nails at home, including feet. Shave off that stubble and iron your clothes. Wear a nice cologne but don’t bathe in it; the scent should be lingering but not headache inducing. Try a new deo with a strong fragrance – we suggest HE deos if you’d like to experiment!




These are the most basic of three ways to style yourself right for the perfect date. Who knows where the date might lead the next day to? Whatever the future may be, you might as well be well dressed for it. Confidence is always the key and be comfortable in what you wear. Have a good conversation, be a good listener and pick a nice not-too-noisy place and you will do just fine.