3 Things Your Boss Notices About Your Fashion Sense

You are good at your work, your colleagues like you and this is an office you quite like BUT there still seems to be something off. Your boss counts on you, assigns you tasks but often passes you quizzical looks. If you are wondering what that is about – it is probably the odd colour of your shirt or your quirky shoes.

Yes guys, your boss notice everything so always be careful. Here are 5 quick things he always has an eye on besides your work.

1. Ties:

From colourful shapes to vibrant figures, whatever you want to express – avoid expressing it through your ties. Unless your office supports smart casuals or a quirky sense of style or its Friday – avoid wearing ties that demand attention. Keep it simple and stylish with solid colours and shapes. Imagine your boss’s reaction if there is an important meeting to attend and you come in with your superb PPT in a tie with rabbits running all over! In short: keep your style up but your eccentricity at a minimum.


Image Courtesy – http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3705/9108366844_7edde2e941_z.jpg


2. Shoes:

Whether they are polished or bear the dust of last evening’s mad party – your boss has eyes on all your moves. Who says you can’t party after hours but let’s admit it, you can’t go in a messy state back to work. Your boss is bound to be angry at your irresponsibility. If you think you can escape his glares by tidying up in the office washroom, think again. He has noticed you coming in with dirty shoes and has noticed your acts to tidy up as soon as possible.


Image Courtesy – http://hedford.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/shoes.jpg


3. Stubble or Not:

We say it depends on your office rules. If most people in your office shave regularly and keep a clean ‘good boy’ look, it’s wiser to follow. However, if you love your beard and can’t bear the thought of shaving every other day, try changing the norms. You’ll know if it’s working if other people in office follow you and avoid shaving altogether. But if your boss knows you started this revolution and he doesn’t appreciate anyone messing with the rules, you better stick to what was already being followed.




So, even though we understand that you’d like to take your sense of fashion to work, we’d say it’s better to go the conventional route sometimes.