10 Wardrobe Essentials for Every Man

There are some things every man needs to look good; some classic clothing pieces that can be mixed and matched to create pure style and convenient fashion.



Check out this list of essential fashion must-haves for the modern man:

1. Leather Watch

A basic brown or black leather timepiece will go with most outfits and definitely add to your look. A watch is an investment that lasts for a long time and is always noticeable, so don’t scrimp on spending here!


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2. Black Jeans:

A pair of straight fitting, black jeans work for a variety of situations; they go well with day wear and you can even pair them up with a shirt or blazer at night for a semi-formal cum jazzed up look.



3. Sneakers:

A comfortable pair of sneakers keeps you looking ever young! It will go with most day looks and make you look cool, casual and stylish all at the same time. You can pick up a colourful and funky looking pair to really add a kick to your look.


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4. Tailored Suit:

An absolute must have for every wardrobe, an expertly tailored suit will make you look suave and classy every time you break it out for a special occasion- be it your friend’s engagement or an exclusive dinner party at your boss’s house where you’re looking to make an impression.


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5. Classy Wallet:

Be it the bi-fold, the tri-fold or the classic brown leather, your wallet says a lot about you. Every time you take it out, you have the chance to impress, so make sure it’s worth showing off. Remember: a little flash never hurts!


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6. White Shirt:

An absolute essential in every man’s wardrobe, a white shirt can be paired with absolutely anything- from jeans to linen pants to a suit with a coloured tie- and is perfect for every possible occasion. Just don’t let it fade!



7. Skinny Tie:

When it comes to ties nowadays, skinny is in. Feel free to experiment with colours and pair it with absolutely anything- be it a white shirt for work or a loose bush shirt for brunch.


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8. Belt

A good, strong belt is an absolute must; nobody likes to see a man constantly tugging at his pants to keep them up!Make sure you get one with a removable buckle so you can switch between casual or jazzy on different occasions.


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9. Solid T-shirt:

Pick up a few t-shirts in solid colours like blue, black and white. If you think you can pull it off, then get yourself a full-fledged VIBGYOR closet. A well-fitting T-shirt and a healthy spray of HE deodorant is all you need to look fresh.



10. Formal Shoes:

Well, you can’t wear sneakers with a tailored suit! A classy pair of brogues or loafers in a basic colour will complete your formal, gentlemanly look and your party look alike, so make sure you have a pair.


Keep these 10 essentials handy and you’ll be ready to impress at a moment’s notice.