World’s 3 Most Famous Chocolate Bars

You do not get the true taste of the life if you have not still tasted the world’s best chocolate bars. Taking a pause from men’s latest fashion trends and a new trend in fashion for men, let us review 3 most famous chocolate bars in the world.

1. Amedei:

This chocolate is certainly not for the ordinary and the budget conscious guys, it is simply for the men who want to taste the best of what life could offer. Amedei bar costs nearly $160 per pound that is sourced from Venezuela and is made by world-famous female chocolatier, M. Cecilia Tessieri. Amedei has its popular stores in Dubai and New York where most delicious chocolate is offered in the form of cupcake costing $27,000 and a sundae that costs $ 1000 respectively. One of the products of this Tuscany based brand Amedei Porcelana is known as the world’s most expensive chocolate. This Italian brand is widely considered to be one of the finest chocolate producers in the world, next time you come across their outlet, do not miss to gulp their famous chocolate bars, truffles, and pralines.



2. Leonidas:

The next best chocolate is from Greek chocolate manufacturer who founded an international chocolate company in Belgium. The famous offerings from this most famous chocolate company include pralines (chocolate shells with soft fillings), marzipan, solid chocolates, and other confectionery items. The famous love affair of the founder is equally well-known, the story started in 1910 when Leonidas Kestekides fell in love with Belgian girl after debuting his winning pralines at the World Fair in Brussels. As his preparations started winning awards and recognition he started selling from his stores in Brussels and Blankenberge. Today Leonidas is so popular that it is sold worldwide in more than 1,500 storefronts. With the tagline “democracy in chocolate,” they aim to reach every person on earth who enjoy eating delicious chocolates.



3. Bovetti:

The chocolates that are known from high quality and mesmerizing taste, these high Tate chocolates use only pure cocoa butter and top quality raw materials. In 1994, Walter Bovetti established the Bovetti Chocolate Company in Aubazine, France and started selling the unique chocolate candies shaped in the form of nails and tools. The company source its beans from the “chocolate island” plantations in the coast of Gabon, a reason why it’s offers that peculiar high-quality Single Origin bars. With more than 150 different kinds of chocolate bars, we recommend you to taste the ones with the refreshing flavors ginger, lavender petal, dried tomato or chili. You should also try out their savory-sweet products including Apéritif Chocolates that include chocolate-coated fennel, mustard, anise seed, rosemary and even coriander.