Why you should go for a tailor-stitched suit instead of buying a readymade one

Men usually believe that tailor made suits are grossly expensive and not that different from off the rack suits. If you believe that, then that is because you’ve never tried a custom made suit. Here are some reasons why you should go for a custom made suit this time:




1. Perfect Fit:

It will literally be custom made for your body. The perfect length and size, tweaked to hide your flaws and accentuate your plus points. A custom made suit is classic fashion that never goes out of style.



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2. Not that Expensive:

Contrary to popular belief, tailor-made suits are not so expensive unless you go to a really high-end tailor or you get it tailored from a high-end shop. In fact, people go to tailors to cut costs. Find a reasonable tailor around and your wardrobe will start looking wonderful.



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3. Convenient:

Going to tailor once is not inconvenient. Going to 20 different stores to find what you’re looking for and then also not having it exactly as you want it is inconvenient. Men jacket styles vary a lot and you can get exactly what you want to get made from a tailor.



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4. Personalized:

That’s the best part! From the fabric, to the lining, to the buttons that go on your suit, you get to decide every little thing! You can even get it monogrammed, or add that little broach on the pocket. It will be a totally one of a kind suit.



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So what are you waiting for? Ditch the off-the-rack suit and go get your very own custom-made suit stitched. You’ll be the icon of fashion and style amongst your peers! And once you go custom made, you’ll wonder how you ever wore off-the-rack.