Why Richard Branson Should Be An Inspirational Figure For You?

If you are a business person, then there could be no other person other than Richard Branson who could be an absolute inspirational figure for you. It is not about the media portrayal of his idiosyncrasies in daily life, it is not about the latest mens fashion trends and certainly not about the new trend in fashion for men, it is actually about his business acumen. He possess all the qualities of a true leader, supported by an even greater team!

1. Richard Branson is one of the few business leaders who take exceptional pride in claiming his success on the team that supports him in his strides. The vision and values that are seen in his eyes can actually be seen in his team as he is known for recognizing the value of each and every employee in his company. According to Branson ‘’Having a personality of caring about people is important. You can’t be a good leader unless you generally like people. That is how you bring out the best in them.”




2. Branson knows how to motivate his employees even if he is not around, the culture of Praise and Rewards that he has instilled has ensured unrelenting success of his business over the years. The manner of praise he instills to the employees is incomparable in the industry, as a result the company employees, seems to work much harder than the usual counterparts and they do so without him being involved! It is famously known that Branson had made a conscious decision to remove himself from his own Virgin business so that his team could work on their true abilities without him! In hi s own words Richard sums up “ If you are not always there, it forces other people to call the shots, which in turn improves their own Leadership skills, builds their confidence and strengthens your business. But whatever your approach, it is necessary to give other people the space to thrive, to catch people doing something right, rather than getting things wrong.”




3. Branson creates the bonds with the employees, which ensure during the market fluctuations his employees work harder to overcome the failures and downturn. The employees find innovative ways to fight out the adversities in business. Richard Branson in his famous quote advices “Do not be embarrassed by your failures, learn from them and start again.” Delegation is an art that Branson has truly mastered.