Why Arjun Rampal is a personality we all look up to

Arjun Rampal, the Greek God of Bollywood, started out his career as a model, then moved on to acting and is currently dabbling in business with a nightclub of his own. Hats off to the versatile actor who manages to remain super-fit in spite of the multiple roles he juggles. Let’s delve into the various facets of Arjun Rampal’s truly dynamic personality.




1. Method acting is the key to Bollywood success:

Despite an initial string of flops, the late bloomer, Arjun Rampal made a place for himself in Bollywood with his method acting approach. He really shot to fame with his super hit blockbusters Don and Rock On. In fact, Mr. Om Puri was so impressed by his acting skills that he called up his wife and asked her about the secret food that led to his brilliant performance.



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2. Staying fit is a habit:

Arjun Rampal has been very particular about his fitness right from his school days. He emerged a champion in most of the sports competitions he participated in during his growing-up days. Even today, he enjoys playing tennis, swimming and running. He believes working out is as indispensable as eating and staying fit is his second nature.



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3. Wins hearts with a dynamic personality :

Arjun Rampal received the Most Dynamic Personality of Indian Cinema award at the Power Brands – Hall of Fame. He has a magnetic charm that unfailingly wins him friends and well-wishers no matter where he goes. He has always maintained a composed attitude that is not only super cool but also awe-inspiring.




4. Arjun Rampal’s grooming secrets:

Arjun Rampal believes that personal grooming is essential to look good and feel confident about oneself. He recommends keeping a good face wash, a moisturiser and a deodorant handy at all times.



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Arjun Rampal is truly one of the most respected industry personalities that we can all look up to for some inspiration.