Who is the best dressed Justice League Superhero Here’s our take

By far the biggest reveal to come out of Comic-Con this weekend was our first look at the Justice League assembled. There are six members of the team, and in that first official image, they’re all rocking very different costumes. While a couple of these were instantly familiar, others were revealed for the first time or received some major tweaks, and as a result, fans have been left with lots to discuss. Let’s see which ones made the best first impression and why:




1. Cyborg:

Our biggest complaint however would be that he looks a little…weak. This version lacks the bulkiness of his comic book counterpart, and his spindly body and appendages appear as if they could be torn in two by any old Para-demon. That’s something which was no doubt done to emphasize that he’s more machine than man, but a practical costume ultimately may have worked a lot better than this.




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2. Superman:

Though we were very taken by the Superman costume in Man of Steel, there has been absolutely no change in his appearance at all. He had the same look in Batman vs. Superman, and to everyone’s dismay, the filmmakers have shown no intentions of adding any twists to it. However, as the rumours of a black Superman costume arise, we could hope for something really amazing.




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3. The Flash:

The wires holding everything together don’t feel entirely necessary, but do add an interesting new dimension to the suit, and given the amount of electricity he gives off when he moves, they may end up have a similar effect on the character’s appearance in The New 52 and definitely stands out as arguably one of the best in this first look at the assembled team.




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4. Batman:

It also looks like it may have been a little more streamlined to Ben Affleck doesn’t look quite so bulky, while subtle changes to things like the cowl and gauntlets give the hero a fresh new feel as we head into Justice League. Why the same doesn’t apply to the rest of The Trinity is hard to say, but despite these improvements, Batman still narrowly misses out on the top spot.




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4. Aquaman:

It’s obviously pretty different to what he wears in the source material, but making that work in live-action was always going to be tough, especially on a pretty mean looking dude like Jason Momoa. This however is pretty much perfect, and his costume also have an ancient look to it which makes it easy to imagine it coming from an ancient underwater nation like Atlantis.




Whatever your opinions might be about each superhero’s costume, we have to agree that we can’t wait for this movie to be released.