The Top 3 Fashion Blogs for Men to Follow

If you’re a working man, living in any of the big cities with their cosmopolitan culture, the onus is on you to stay classy, sophisticated, trendy and yet not appear as if you’re trying really hard.

There are plenty of fashion blogs for women in India but when it comes to men, the plate is almost empty.  A good fashion and lifestyle blog for Indian men is almost non-existent. Which is why, we reach out to the international bloggers when it comes to fashion advice. But considering that there are literally thousands and thousands of bloggers out there, whom to follow and whom to discard?

Fear not! After doing our fair share of research, we’ve finalized on the final 3 blogs that are guaranteed to help for any of your fashion queries. So without any further ado, here’s our top 3 must follow fashion blogs for men.





Will Boehlke belongs from Northern California. What sets his blog apart from the rest is he believes in the classic style of suiting up rather than scratching heads over the latest trend in denims. His blog consists of articles such as made-to-measure shirt making in Madrid to lengthy discussions about how cultural preferences differ when it comes to custom-made-shoes at London’s G.J. Cleverley. Our advice, don’t go by the look of the website which we agree might appear as a bit bland. But trust us when we say that this is a treasure trove for men’s fashion.





Except that the town mentioned in the name is not really a town and rather is a hustling-bustling metropolitan. It’s Sydney, Australia. Which is precisely why, it is find men there who are dressed in whatever they woke up and decided to wear the same for the rest of the day. Giuseppe Santamaria, the brain behind the blog occasionally makes appearances in his own articles. But why we love his work is because of this website offers a little more than a handful of words and hashtags. It brings everyday fashion in Sydney to your desktop.





The blog describes itself as ‘affordable men’s style’. And how true it is. Know everything from which high quality menswear is on sale this week to generic style tips. What’s more is that they also have lots and lots of interesting contests and promotions running. Reading up about men’s fashion has never been this much fun. If you’re interested in men’s fashion and you’re not reading Dappered then trust us, you’re doing it wrong!




So there you have it. Whenever you hit roadblocks with fashion, consult these bloggers and we promise you’ll have the best wardrobe in town.