The Suit Cheat Sheet You Absolutely Need

If you are in a profession where wearing a business suit is mandatory, then you need this guide to make an informed decision before purchasing. Today’s ensembles are nothing like the boxy, baggy suits of before. Now it’s all clean lines, slim cuts and light fabrics. Here are some tips to make your suit stand out from the rest.




1. Go for the right lapels:

The width of your jacket lapels should match the width of your tie. If they aren’t similar widths, then it will look very asymmetrical. Nowadays, both lapels and ties are leaning towards the skinny side. Wide lapels are a little old style and Mad Men-esque, but if that’s the look you want, then go for it!



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2. Be unconventional:

The whole point of going through the trouble of being so selective is that you stand out. Don’t be afraid to incorporate a bright colour or interesting pattern in your outfit. A splash of red of a hint of polka can go a long way in making you look unique.




3. Go for a pocket square:

Pocket squares take your outfit a step further in class and it’s also the one aspect of your outfit where you can experiment the most and add a bit of jazz to your outfit. You don’t need to be conservative here, and just remember that it’s better if your pocket square doesn’t match your tie in either pattern or fabric.




4. Check the fitting:

If you buy a suit that is absolutely tailored to your body then nothing like it. However, if you are picking something off the rack then the most important area to check is your shoulders. If the fitting there is good then you can still get away with an off the rack piece. Also, there shouldn’t be a gap between the collar of your shirt and the lapel of your jacket. It makes the jacket look ill fitting.




5. Pick a coloured suit:

Always opt for a coloured suit over a black one. A black suit is standard but it ends up looking too sombre or server like. If you aren’t too experimental and don’t think you can pull off bright colours then stick to shades of blue and grey. Navy blue and charcoal grey are standard, dark colours that are versatile when it comes to matching as well as occasion.



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6. Choose the right belt:

Now belts are not entirely necessary, but they do give a more finishing touch to your outfit. They should be fairly slim and preferably the same colour as your leather shoes. As for decided the colour, stick too brown and black as they go with pretty much everything.




7. Check out the trends:

Being aware of the trends is also important. Double vents at the back of your jacket are more modern and fashionable and they also look more flattering on larger men. If you want to look stylishly casual then opt for a single button, peak lapel jacket.



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You may be a prestigious businessman or you may be fast climbing the ladder of success, but no one will view you as important on first glance unless you dress the part! So follow this guide and put thought into your dressing!