Scrumptious dishes to try this Eid

Eid is observed at the end of the holy month of Ramadan by breaking the month-long fast with savoury dishes. The festival is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm with family and friends. The highlight of the festival is its flavorful and scrumptious dishes that add life to the celebration. Here are some mouthwatering dishes without which Eid is incomplete.

Scrumptious dishes to try this Eid


1. Biryani :

Biryani is made differently in different parts of the country and is a crowd pleaser during the festival of Eid. The celebration is incomplete without a plate full of this spicy dish. The rich texture of biryani is attributed to the liberal usage of saffron and raisins in it. This dish is best served hot with a bowl of curd. So, if you are hosting the party this Eid, make sure to include this delicacy in your menu.


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2. Mutton Korma :

A thick spicy meat curry is prepared with the blend of Indian herbs, onions, tomatoes, and curd. The aromatic mutton korma gets its flavour from the cardamom and cinnamon sticks, and is one finger-licking must-have dish for Eid! The meat is simmered slowly to make the pieces melt in your mouth. This authentic Eid special dish is served with hot naan or roti.

Mutton Korma

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3. Kababs :

Seekh and Shami kababs are the great Eid cuisines and are a must-have for the celebration. Kababs can be made with minced mutton or chicken, cumin seeds, onions, coriander leaves and chilly. These delicious appetisers are the perfect starters for your Eid party. Serve these succulent kababs with mayo dip to ease the spiciness of the cuisine.


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4. Phirni :

Milk and rice-based creamy dessert, this delicacy is sure to satisfy your sweet cravings. You cannot have a celebration without any dessert, and there is nothing better than this creamy delight that melts in your mouth. This mouthwatering delicacy is a concoction of milk, cream and generous helpings of chopped dry fruits.


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5. Meethi Sewai :

Vermicelli cooked in milk with almonds and pistachios; Meethi Sewai is an Eid staple. The delicacy has a rich, sweet flavour that satiates the taste buds after a heavy and spicy main course. Garnished with freshly chopped dry fruits and saffron, this exotic dessert is a must have on the Eid menu.

. Meethi Sewai

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With Eid is just around the corner, your party preparations must be in full-swing. Though you might have prepared the party menu by now, consider revising it if it doesn’t contain any of the dishes mentioned above, and add taste and life to the celebration.