3 Greatest Indian Classical Singers Of All Time

Music like fashion has great influence on the mind of oneself and of others. Ancient India had the rich tradition of music, arts, and fashion that was reflected in the then lifestyle of Indian people. Moving away from a new trend in fashion for men in India and hairstyles for men in India, we take a look at the 3 greatest Indian classical singers of all-time.

1.Mian Tansen (1506-1589):

Father of Indian classical music, born as Ramatanu who later popularly known as Tanna is believed to be born as deaf and dumb. It is widely believed in India that due to the blessings of the Sufi Saint, he developed speaking and listening abilities. This young boy was later trained by Swami Haridas that started his musical journey. Tansen is credited to have established many ragas, with sounds that lead to the origin of distinct styled “Senia Gharana”. Although Mian Tansen was primarily a vocalist, the Senia Gharana inspired instrumentalists including the legendary Ustad Maseet Sen, the sitar maestro.


2970 -Mian Tansen


2.Kumar Gandharva (1924-1992) :

One of the best known classical singer in India who opposed his association with any gharana. His melodious and unique voice sung about Hindu traditions and mythology. He received second and third highest civilian awards in India, Padma Bhushan in 1977 and the Padma Vibhushan in 1990. This fabled singer’s voice and singing style always had the impact of his illness, when one of his lungs became useless, he accustomed himself to sing with a single lung.


2970-Kumar Gandharva


3.Bhimsen Joshi (1922 – 2011):

The fabulous singer of Hindustani classical style, who not only received Bharat Ratna but was also offered a fellowship from Sangeet Natak Academy in 1998. A child prodigy who held his first public performance at an age of 19 was trained by maestros in music including Channappa of Kurtakoti, Pandit Shyamacharya Joshi and Sawai Gandharva amongst others.


2970-Bhimsen Joshi