Make Your Office Diwali Party More Fun with These Games

Diwali is always a blast; the weather is pleasant and the joy of the festive season is palpable everywhere, including your workplace. Diwali parties are organised in offices where employees wear traditional clothes, play games and be merry. So, if you’ve been given the responsibility of planning the Diwali party in your office this year- or just want to ensure you have as much fun as possible- here are some interesting and offbeat games that will surely amp up the fun quotient!




1. Partner:

This card game is played in teams of two. Four cards are distributed to each of the teams and the aim is to match all the four cards. All teams decide a signal, like winking or scratching, to give his or her partner in case all four cards match. One card is passed to the first player and the player has to decide whether he wants to replace it with one of the cards he has. The card is passed on until it’s replaced. If no one accepts the card, then it is kept back in the pack. The moment a player gets all the cards matched, he has to signal his partner. If the partner catches the signal, the team wins. If some other team notices the signal, then that team is the winner.



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2. Never Have I Ever:

Most of you must have seen the game in the movie Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani. Just like in the movie, one player has to confess not doing something, like ‘Never have I ever stolen money from my parents’. Now all those who have done that particular activity have to take a sip of their drink. The confessions are usually quite bold, which makes the game more fun.



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3. Most Likely:

This is another drinking game but more interesting than the previous one. In this, one player asks a ‘most likely’ question, like ‘Who is most likely to go for a picnic on a date?’All players point fingers towards the person they think is most likely to do that particular thing. Those people who have the most fingers pointed at them take one sip of their drink for every finger pointed at them.



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4. Conventional Games:

However, if you don’t have any particular inclination towards organizing an offbeat game, then you can go for the conventional games and have fun in classic fashion. This will also save you the effort of explaining the rules of a new game to each player. There are always the tried and tested options of Tambola, Bottoms Up, Teen Pattti, and Truth and Dare you can fall back on. Most people, if not all, know the rules and these games never stop being fun.




So, go ahead, organise one of these games, and impress and regale your colleagues and employers with your party planning skills.