How To Stick To New Year’s Resolution

Every year you make perfect new resolutions to enhance the quality of your life but find it difficult to stick to them, if this sounds familiar then read on. Making impressive commitments to self is easy but following them consistently is a challenge. To help you achieve your targets here is a list of top five things that you need to keep in mind while making your new commitments.

1. Set attainable goals :

Whatever may be your resolution just make sure you don’t set targets which are too far from your reach. By setting goals that are too difficult you are only setting yourself up for failure which will only lead to demotivation. For example, if you do regular exercises for men and want to lose 40 pounds then it is a must for you to give yourself ample time, just don’t expect to get in done in a week or a month.




2. Support of friends and family :

One of the essential elements to sticking to your resolution is to build a support network of people that include your friends and family members. By having the backing of people that you can count on it will become easy for you to counter a bad day where demotivation may make you feel like quitting your goal.




3. Work on one habit at a time :

Another crucial aspect of attaining your goal is to dedicate all energy to one task at a time. For example, if you want to quit smoking and gain muscle it would be much better for you to first ditch the smoking habit and then utilize your energy and efforts in increasing muscle mass. The problem with doing multiple stints at once is that you may not be able to give your best in any of them.




4. Monitor your progress :

The key to success in achieving your goals is to monitor your progress. Once you keep track of how much progress you have made from the outset, it will give you a sense of satisfaction and will motivate you to further maintain the consistency.




5. Don’t give up :

This is the most significant part of succeeding in your quest. You must remember that at some point if you do slip-up you must not make it an excuse to undo all the hard work. Instead dig deep and remind yourself that it’s just a stumble and not a knockout.



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