Best Biopic Movies Men Should Watch For Inspiration

It is no doubt that the latest fashion for men is directly influenced by the movies, but that influence is just not limited to men new fashion, sometimes the biopic has a deep-rooted impact on the lives of people. We take look at the most inspirational biopic movies that you must watch

1. The Revenant:

One of the few memorable movies of Leonardo DiCaprio, wherein won his only Academy Award. The gruesome and courageous story of Hugh Glass whose indomitable spirit will inspire you to the core, as he will trek the mountainous routes to find his crew who had abandoned him in the wild. The way he survives through the ghastly injuries by a bear attack will surely make you or your partner cry!

The revenant


2. The Social Network:

The right movie if you are young and want to start something of your own. Not only will you learn the numerous entrepreneurial lessons but will also pick up the motivation to carry on with your ambitions in life. The movie is undoubtedly is a powerful commentary on modern times and is one of the finest films by David Fincher. Performances by Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield are simply fabulous. A must-watch for biopic lovers.

The social network


3. The Pursuit of Happyness:

The movie will teach you how to grow out from the struggles in life, based on entrepreneur Chris Gardner’s life this masterpiece is embedded with the powerful performances of Will Smith and Jaden Smith.

The pursuit of happyness


4. Gandhi:

One of the best biopic movies so far, Gandhi ‘s depiction by Richard Attenborough is just mind-blowing. You are sure to get absolutely immersed in this extraordinary timeless biopic ‘Gandhi’. The magnanimity of movie and the classical performance by Sir Ben Kingsley is beyond words. The story might not be relevant in recent times but the authoritative dialogues and powerful simplicity will make you respect Gandhi all more.



5. Lawrence of Arabia:

Possibly the grandest epic that you will love to see multiple times. This biopic is an engrossing story of British archaeologist T.E Lawrence and the pivotal role he played during the Arab revolt against the Ottoman Empire. Bottom-line is ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ is incredibly and skillfully cinematographed by F.A Young filled with the terrific performance by Peter O’ Toole that will surely leave you startled

Lawrence of arabia