And the Title for the Most Fashionable God goes to Krishna

Lord Krishna is a stand-out amongst all the Gods that we know about and worship. His extraordinary style and his ability to charm people (especially women) are aspects that have caused jealousy among people for several millennia. Here is why he wins the title of the most fashionable God hands down:




1. Amazing sense of style:

In an era when dressing well wasn’t important, Krishna always made it a point to dress immaculately. His sense of classic style is something we can all learn from. He has often been shown wearing a silk golden yellow dhoti and a peacock feather crown. Breaking free from the traditional notion of gold crowns or heavily laden clothes was what made his stand out.




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2. Extremely cool weapon:

Gods have been depicted to use maces, swords, bows and lances but all these have a certain sense of violence about them. Krishna however, used a Chakram. I can’t imagine a cooler way to get rid of one’s enemies than using a disc of whirling death.




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3. Using music to win hearts:

Even today, a musician tends to get a lot of attention from everyone. That’s how it has always been. Imagine how much it would appeal to the ladies if a tall, dark and handsome guy played an instrument like the flute. It’s not a surprise that Lord Krishna is believed to have had more than 1600 lovers.




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It’s no surprise that Krishna is considered to be the most fashionable God. These are the reasons people found him so attractive. He was always ahead of his time and broke all conventions. That’s something we should definitely try to learn from him.