5 Uncanny Personality Lessons Of Mark Zuckerberg

Mark’s Zuckerberg is one of the biggest personalities of our times whose is a source of inspiration not just for Americans but also Indians. While his Uncanny grey T-shirt and blue jeans has become the latest fashion trends for men, his uncanny way of communication has become the mainstream way to socially communicate with friends! We take you to the uncanny lessons from the whizkid of internet, Mark Zuckerberg!

1. Let dog be a celebrity :

Beast, Zuckerberg’s Hungarian dog, has a great fan following on the Facebook with more than 2 million likes. The message here is love everyone around you not just humans, but the world you live in. So guys, you can also upload the pics of your pets and objects to get more likes and followers.




2. Let people call it inopportune :

When Zuckerberg met his wife Dr. Priscilla Chan, people around them called it inauspicious as they met for the first time in line for the bathroom at a fraternity party at Harvard! Zuckerberg, went ahead and married the lady auspiciously though. So guys, just go ahead and do what you think is right rather than customs and traditions.




3. Do not block me :

The brain behind the mesh of networks, Mark Zuckerberg cannot be blocked on Faceboook. With millions of followers, his account is managed by a team of employees that ensure if you attempt to block him, an error message appears that reads, “this profile can’t be blocked for now.” Apparently the reason behind this according to Facebook is that if many people try to block a profile or Page, error message pops up due to multiple blocks within a short period! Take away is simple, do not block away the worthy people in your lives!




4. Click & Share good pictures :

Have you wondered why his clicked pictures on his profile are always angular, taken so as to apparently hide away the fact that he is just five feet and seven inches tall! Yes, according to experts he apparently uses positioning tricks to look taller and not odd-one-out in the friends – stands closer to the camera or holding himself higher as others lean in closer. Lesson to learn if you are not-so-tall take a selfie keeping yourself in the front of camera!


5. Be physically and mentally agile :

Zuckerberg once set a goal to run 365 miles, that he achieved in the intense summer weather. His favorite quotes are of Albert Einstein, “Make things as simple as possible but no simpler,” and Picasso that says, “All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once you grow up”. Take away, set your aim in life, take small steps, even if it is to follow the simple exercise for men, and simply achieve it.