5 Styling Lessons From John Abraham

If you are learning lessons on latest fashion trends for men, look no further John Abraham is your destination for the journey. He will not only teach you about the recommended exercise for men but will also inspire you about the latest fashion for men in India. Not only the level of fitness and his vegan diet that will motivate you but you will be surely surprised by his unique ways to look astonishing in suits and also in cargo pants and you surely cannot miss the ways John matches the absolute right accessories in his appearances.

You need to learn on his focus on the fittings, the perfect suits and the perfect chinos seem to be made-to-order. This what makes him outshine amongst his peers. So next time when you are buying a new suit, do invest time in getting a well-tailored suit.



When you are wearing T-Shirts, try to have jackets, like style model John Abraham. You should note his sharp look when he pulls up casual jackets, this is one of the reason John gives a slimmer look. Next time you are picking up casuals, look for jackets made with broad lapels so that you too can also broaden your shoulders, and still look sexier like your guru.



The next style lesson is the right proportion and style of accessories, you need to use the milder accessories (shoes, socks, cuff links, tie) in your wardrobe like your role model. Take instant inspirations from his recent media appearances, his different looks and his wardrobe, you will be able to judge the contrast of color John uses to display a manly statement.



The next inspiration is to wear pleated pants, regardless of your body shape – like John Abraham you should choose pants with slanted pockets although flat pockets are more eternal. Prefer to have trousers with pocket flaps, as you can also tuck them into the pocket when you plan to look different.



Keep a set of a plain black suit, that you can wear on special occasion like John Abraham. This styling secret will help you to look manlier and more stylish with less of effort. Choose to have dark collection with stubble beard instead of full-grown beard. Do not forget to carry a contrasting pocket square and a tie- depending on the occasion.