5 Most Generous Men In Our Time

One thing that differentiates genius from ordinary is the attention to detail. In life or in business, take an example of any leading philanthropist and you will learn innumerable lessons. In a world, where latest fashion trends for men conveys the statement we have few celebrated men who do not mind spending it all on those who are unheard of, on those who really need help. We present you those 5 most generous men today, from whom you might not be able to learn about the men new style but you will definitely be able to learn generosity, humbleness and supportiveness.

1.Bill Gates :

With the philanthropic donations of $27 billion, from his net worth of more than $84.2 billion Bill Gates, the cofounder of Microsoft has emerged as the savior of humanity. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation issues grants for pioneering initiatives and educative programs around the globe. He has dealt issues relating to agriculture, rural education, emergency relief, urban poverty and global health. Gates has been source of inspiration to his peers for his contribution to UNICEF, The Rotary Foundation, the World Health Organization and others.




2.Warren Buffett :

With philanthropic contributions of $21.5 billion, from his net worth of more than $61 billion, the chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffett is not only one of the wealthiest people on globe but also one of the most generous. According to reports, in year 2006 Warren Buffett vowed to donate 85% of his wealth to charitable causes.




3.George Soros :

With the philanthropic contributions of nearly $8 billion, from the net worth of $24.4 billion, the retired founder of Soros Fund Management, is best known for his works on human rights. Soros is the chairman of the Open Society Foundations that look into the humanitarian issues such as community development, health, social services and education.




4.Azim Premji :

With the philanthropic donations of $8 billion, from his net worth of $15.9 billion, the chairman of leading Indian Information Technology firm Wipro, Azim Premji has has contributed tremendously in the Computer Aided Learning program that helped thousands in rural and urban India. Mr. Premji is also a founder and chairman of the Azim Premji Foundation that is exclusively working on India’s school and examination systems.




5.Charles Francis Feeney :

With the philanthropic contribution of $6.3 billion, he is widely known as the “James Bond of philanthropy”. This retail magnate has a mission to give away his entire fortune to the needy, has supported humanitarian issues in US, Bermuda and Vietnam. Due to his unrelenting support to the social causes his current net worth is down to $1.5 million!