5 Lessons From The Story Of Anand Mahindra

One of the true business icons of our times, Anand Mahindra is now a name to reckon with globally. Everyone can learn a lot from this 60 year old business tycoon and not just young budding entrepreneurs. Mr. Mahindra’s fitness, styling, etiquettes and most important business finesse throws up the life lessons – if you closely follow him you can learn from him all the business tactics to the new fashion trends for men and also the gym workouts for men to keep you ahead in business, styling and lifestyle habits. We showcase some of the core lessons from this living legend.

1. Learn to Resolve Peacefully :

In most of the situations in life, you will have to remain calm and stable minded, that is precisely you can learn how Mr. Mahindra managed once a shutdown protest by workers. He usually remains adhered to his terms and refuses to encourage lethargy, unproductiveness in his company.




2. Inculcate Perseverance :

Mr. Mahindra’s never-settle spirit always led Mahindra to grow into one of the India’s largest conglomerates. The transformation from pre-independence era companies to market leader in the competitive era is nothing more than astonishing in India. He faced all the issues from the Licence Raj to liberalization, but his perseverance is exceptional.




3. Always Think Big :

Mr. Mahindra always had the vision to make it happen, the power of controlling, channelizing and utilizing the thoughts is incomparable. This man had the courage to dare and dream big. He took consistent steps to catapult M&M into the big league.




4. Keep Learning :

Mr. Anand Mahindra has connected directly to everyone on social media that make him actually one of the most agile technology driven business person in the country. He refuses to bent down to what seemingly looks scary, be it technology or competitors, he learn the newer and better ways to mow them down. He is no more belongs to a old school of corporate honchos, he is the champion of business India.