5 Kinds Of Personalities In Men: Where Do You See Yourself?

Men are usually of 5 personality types taking a pause from our regular information about the latest trend in fashion for men and men new style, we present the characteristics of these personality types. If you can identify with any of these, during your self-analysis you can auto-correct to become a better husband, father, and a leader.

1. Why me personality :

If you wake up in the morning, criticizing yourself about “why me”, and “why this is happening to me” then you very much exist here. This type of personality very often looks into the past, and compare and comes out with a question, why me and why not him or her.



2. What if personality :

These are the men who always think of future possibilities because a lot of information has been deeded into the mind that always tend to think of “unplanned” happening anytime, anywhere. While in reality, untoward happenings are rare but this person is always extra conscious of things going wrong and people not listening to him. He will have questions like If ..and What if?…



3. Can’t do much about it personality :

These are the men who although are in present most of the time but are unable to take decisive actions. They might be unhappy in a relationship but they avoid talking about it to someone who can help, they know they should do daily exercises but they not willing to take steps in direction by getting up early in the morning etc. They are always waiting for a miracle or act of God to change his circumstances or situation. They expect themselves to be rescued regularly and reap the rewards with little or no efforts on their part.



4. Leave me alone personality :

These men have taken life little too seriously, they are ashamed, afraid or angry with themselves and hence prefer to live in isolation and solitude. These men hardly trust anyone and cannot let go of their past. These types of men blame everything on others, they tend to doubt everyone around them right from their own abilities to their near and dear ones and even God.



5. Lionhearted personality :

These men take risks because they believe in their abilities. They also come across tough times but they move on from their past. They are not afraid of being wounded again that they prepare better for next time. They go to any extent to achieve their goals; their dedication and perseverance is an example for others. The best thing about them is that they build on their character, their shortcomings, as they are the fighters. They would rather die with a spear in their chest than one in his back. Their motto of life is simple, is no retreat, no surrender.