5 Ill Effects Alcohol Consumption Has On Your Body

It’s a fact that drinking alcohol affects the human body in a number of ways. It has repercussions on both your physical and mental health. Alcohol makes you lose control over your senses putting not only you at risk, but also those around you. Since every drop of alcohol is absorbed in your bloodstream, sooner or later alcohol does take a serious toll on your body. Here’s how:




1. High Blood Pressure:

It’s true! Consuming too much alcohol on a regular basis can cause a never-ending problem of increased blood pressure. Not only this, since alcohol is full of calories, you will gain weight faster than you know. The weight gain, in turn, will increase your chances of developing high BP.



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2. Erectile Dysfunction:

Contrary to popular belief, alcohol harms your sex life, (despite making you a bit more confident about yourself!)The truth is that liquor is a depressant that actually dampens mood and lowers spirits, if consumed in large quantities. This results in low libido, thereby making it difficult for you to ‘get it up’ while under the influence of alcohol!



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3. Bad Breath:

Alcohol will dehydrate you if you consume it in large quantities. This is because alcohol is a diuretic, which means that it will considerably reduce saliva production in your mouth.Your mouth will become dry due to the absence of saliva and bad breath-causing bacteria will form inside.



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4. Weakened Immune System:

It’s a given that too much alcohol will make your body weak. Liquor will deprive your body of essential immune-boosting nutrients. Any damage to the immune system means less disease-fighting white cells, and hence more diseases.



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5. Stomach Ulcers:

Scary but true-alcohol can lead to the development of excruciatingly painful peptic ulcers in your stomach. Heavy drinking can cause harmful bacteria to grow in your gut. Chances are these bacteria will gradually reach the intestinal wall and into the liver, thereby causing liver damage.



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So yes, drinking heavily puts your health at risk. Therefore, it is advised to consume it in little quantities or better, leave it for good!