5 Celebrities With Evergreen Fashion Sense

Sports stars and Bollywood actors present the latest human-fashion-magazine. They are the trailblazers whose style sense is copy-pasted by millions. While some make it to the top, others miss the paparazzi boat. So here are 5 celebrities with an evergreen fashion sense.


1.Amitabh Bachchan:

The name itself is apposite to evergreen. Big B’s timeless finesse and class reflects in all his styles- from suits to kurta pyjama plus a shawl. He rocks both on-screen and off-screen, with his candour and effortless fashion sense. He personifies the saying, ‘Age no bars’.


2.Ranveer Singh:

His offbeat garbs have gained him a punk repo in Bollywood. Contemporary men look up to him for fashion inspiration. He has practically changed the way fashion is spelled, for men. For someone looking to funk up their taste in fashion, Ranveer Singh is the perfect idol.


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3.Virat Kohli:

Sher-e-Punjab, who’s ruling the landscape of India’s pseudo-national sport ‘Cricket’, Viru paaji is every guy’s fashion inspiration and every girl’s dream. His casual style and poise makes even the most cliché formal-wear look great.


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4.Salman Khan:

This effervescent bachelor of Bollywood rules the hearts of his fans with his robust demeanour. The bad boy of Bollywood, ironically the Bhai of India, can pull off any damn style, however weird or impossible.


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5.Fawad Khan:

This Pakistani actor has set the hearts racing for celebs and non-celebs alike. Mostly seen in formal and traditional togs, Fawad is so flawless; he would look dashing even in a burlap sack!


Now you know who to Google before dressing up for a party or meeting. Do casual, do formal, do everything with a tinge of confidence!