5 Best Food To Eat While Watching 2018 Fifa World Cup

Whether you are enjoying 2018 FIFA World Cup at a sports bar, your cozy couch or in a car we present you the best foods that you can eat while keeping your eyes on the football.

1. Sweet, Salty, Spicy Roasted Nuts:

This all-season highly nutritious quick snack that you can easily munch with any of your favorite drink, anytime, anywhere. The spicy, salty, sweet, and addictive nuts can make you forget the ups and the down in the match, the more you eat, the more you want. For unlimited fun, enjoy them with chilled drinks.

Sweet spicy roasted nuts


2. Potato wedges:

If you are still hungry, and have craving for more, just go for the crispy Potato Wedges. Potatoes are enjoyed as much on the home grounds, Russia as anywhere else in the world. The best snacks to fill your tummy with something yummy, you can always prefer a baked version instead of fried ones. If you are still conscious about the recommended diet chart for men, order online for the ones made in garlic and olive oil.

potato wedges


3. Burrito:

If your taste buds are searching for something more substantial, you need to go for “Burritos”. Wrapped into a tortilla roll, you can choose the fillings from vegetarian herbs to chicken pieces, this sumptuous food will not only satisfy your taste buds but also your stomach. You can choose to have a grilled rather than the steamed version if prefer to enjoy crispiness.



4. Italian sandwich:

The safest and the healthiest option is to order an Italian sandwich, that won’t add calories to your diet and will maintain the weight that you have lost by adhering to the recommended gym workouts for men. The long bread roll or bun filled with nutritious vegetables or non-vegetarian fillings, spices and herbs will make your day even if your favorite team loses or your favorite player does not perform to your expectations. Moreover, this sandwich is specifically crafted to maintain the gastronomic equilibrium of fats and acids.

Italian Sandwich


5. Pakoras:

If you prefer to have something “Desi”, there is no other dish in the world other than “aloo, paneer or palak pakoras”. Enjoy these home-made or ordered “hot” very Indian cuisine with “tamarind chutney/ sauce” and relish for life, not just for a match that is played far-off in Russia!