5 Amazing Facts About Bill Gates, That Must Know

You do not follow Bill Gates for the new trend in fashion for men neither do you seek his advice on preferred exercise for men, but it is most probable that you will seek his wisdom on his far-sightedness and his attitude towards life. We present you the 5 most amazing facts about the billionaire Bill gates that will help you realize the indomitable spirit of this uncommon genius.



1. Perfect SAT score :

This whiz kid, who was exceptional in his intelligence and memory skills had got the perfect score in SAT as he scored a 1590 out of 1600 on the college entrance exams.




2. Strict Disciplinarian :

In early days, he used to memorize his employees’s license plate numbers to keep eye on them. As there were no punch card or biometrics system, gates simply used to remember the car numbers of the employees and used to monitor them from the parking lot. Eventually he handed over that function to software systems that ensured punctuality and regularity at work.




3. Received Knighthood from the Queen :

Gates had received an honorary knighthood from Queen Elizabeth for his charitable work and pioneering achievements in technology! When Bill Gates and his wife, Melinda, met the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh at Buckingham Palace for the ceremony, he received “KBE” title — Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire. Since Gates is not a UK citizen, he is not referred to as “Sir”.




4. Loves to wash dishes and read books :

Yes, the billionaire Gates do not shy away from doing house hold chores, he often washes his family dishes every night and also find it enjoyable. He also ensures that he spends at least 60 minutes on reading valuable books that instill in him the thoughts to ponder, even when he is asleep.




5. Often Disguises Himself:

Be aware if you see someone hiding underneath his hat, Bill often wears a hat to ward off any unwanted attention. He used to adopt that tactic when travelling along with his son as he believes that the attention should always go the person that requires. He prefers to stay incognito at most of the places he travels.