4 Things we are expecting from the new season of Game of Thrones

Have you heard about Game of Thrones? Well of course you have! Another odd teaser of GoT manages to stay tight-lipped about the course of events, as usual. But you never know when it may slip through the net. Here are 4 things almost definite to happen this time.


4 Things we are expecting from the new season of Game of Thrones

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1. Who all are starring?

GoT has a reputation of sending your favorite characters on a long holiday every now and then. So this time, the top casts, definitely hitting the screen are Tyrion, Jaime, Cersei, Daenerys Taragaryen and Jon snow.


Who all are starring


2. Daenerys arrives in Westeros:

In season 6 finale, Daenerys is all set to sail across waters to Westeros with a bunch of other significant characters, including Tyrion, Dotharki and the Ironborn, Dorne and all her dragons. Good news is that she appears to make it there without any further ado.


Image Courtesy: Source
Image Courtesy: Source

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3. Cersei is going to be really bad!

Cersei, whose only source of humanity was her kids, is now going to be worse than ever. No kids, no father, no Tyrion- basically no one to belittle her. Guess she is finally letting her guard down to be a total kickass.


Image Courtesy: Bustle
Image Courtesy: Bustle

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4. Get set for the greatest Battle:

The Battle of the Bastards! In Season 7, GoT will unleash a war so epic that it will make all the previous ones look like a playground brawl. There are rumors of Euron Greyjoy being involved in a major clash with his niece and nephew- Yara and Theon, followed by Ramsay’s demise.


Get set for the greatest Battle


This revolutionary American series on the medieval period is, for the seventh time, all set to whet your longing for what’s going to happen next.