3 Most Stylish Men On-Field In The 2018 Fifa World Cup

Graceful, stylish, always-in-shape, and far from scandals and the limelight, the football managers of the national soccer teams always show off their polished and elegant side. In tune with the latest fashion for men and the current fashion trends for men, we present you the most stylish men on the ground, the 3 most stylish football managers in FIFA 2018 World Cup in Russia.


1.Gareth Southgate:

Gareth Southgate’s waistcoat has become the talk of the town, in fact, the British public went into a waistcoat-buying frenzy, with the demand for this 350-year-old stylish clothing increasing by more than 35 percent at Marks & Spencer. According to reports, the British team manager has become a fashion icon with his classic navy-blue waistcoat and trouser combo along with the crisp light blue shirt and a regal red, white and blue tie. Lately, we also heard Gareth saying “I know my strengths and I know I’m no David Beckham!”




2.Joachim Löw :

The head coach of the German national team who led German team to lift the World Cup in 2014 in Brazil and 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup in Russia, is popularly known for his stylish outfits, and is classified as “sexist managers in the world”. With his iconic hairstyle and stylish V-neck black full-sleeve sweater and black chino combo, he is popular amongst the female fans. His slim-fit white t-shirt and the smart-casual look are hotly debated in the local German media.




3.Roberto Martínez :

The Belgium team’s head coach Roberto Martinez’s formal clothing is a sensation, his classic jackets, coats, and ties are inspirational. The Spanish football coach and a former professional player wear his wardrobe with the minutest detail, looking extraordinary on the field. He remarked at the onset of FIFA 2018, about the team that ultimately reached the semi-finals “To be involved in the tournament, as an international manager, means a great deal. But, just like then, football is all about the players. I have a fantastic group and I believe totally in them.”