3 Most Interesting Personality Lessons From Ms Dhoni

Who does not know about one of the most successful captains of the Indian Cricket team Mahendra Singh Dhoni (MSD)? Dhoni is among the rare breed of Indian Cricketers who have inspired millions of Indians not just about the game of cricket but also about lessons in life. Dhoni is one of the popular celebrities on social media with millions of followers who lights up not just the new hairstyle for men in India but also commands latest men fashion trends.

1. Have you wondered what helped MSD to be one of the most successful wicketkeepers? If you go back in history, you will find young Dhoni as a football aficionado, who often represented from his school team. He was time and again recognized for his consistency as a goal-keeper. Dhoni’s eye for accuracy and calm nature has also been acquired by being an exceptional player of badminton and golf. Both these games instilled in Dhoni, the sense of sportsmanship that he is worldwide famous for. This only proves the fact that one’s development of personality is highly influenced by the consistent games you choose to play in your formative years.



2. Have you wondered the exceptional skills of Mahendra Singh Dhoni as a captain of Indian Cricket Team? His team’s counter-strategy both in terms of defensive and offensive is inspired not impulsive but rather well thought-out. If you follow the interests and hobbies of MSD, you will realize his curiosity in the game of WWE, where every move is pre-planned and strategized to counter the opponent. No doubt, his favorite wrestling icons are Bret Hart “Hitman” and Hulk Hogan.



3. According to estimates, Mahendra Singh Dhoni has more wealth than Sachin Tendulkar yet MSD choose to remain as a modest and self-controlled person both on and off the field. Unlike his colleagues, MSD is a deeply spiritual person who believes in the power of almighty and hence regularly pays reverence to temples in his hometown Ranchi in India. Bottom-line is irrespective of how much wealth you acquire, a true gentleman can easily be judged by the way he treats others.