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7 best hairstyles to land you a date at the party

June 4th, 2019

First impressions do last forever. Especially, when you are at a party and have been making flirty eye contacts, it’s your style that does half of the talking and boosts your appeal exponentially. When it comes to men, hairstyles become an inseparable component that constitutes one’s personality, look and appeal. A good hairdo or style will hide the minor flaws like hair texture and volume with utter ease. So, here are the 7 best hairstyles bearing the highest probability to land you a date at the party

1. The Racy Side Sweep :

This is especially for people who have long hair and find it difficult to part their hair but still refrain from having a haircut. The Racy Side Sweep has been in vogue for a while as it cleans up your shabby look to blend it into a classy one. Master the look with some hair wax or pomade by slicking your hair mess to one side and you are all set to rock this style.


Courtesy: Hair Cut Inspiration
Courtesy: Hair Cut Inspiration


2. The Shiny Slick Back :

If you are looking for something smart and sophisticated, this hairstyle is just the perfect one to try out. For a smooth dapper look, this hairstyle works best in combination with formal attire. Easy to nail, slick your hair back and use some wax or gel to achieve a strong hold. Add some shine to your hair with some pomade and to keep your hair in place throughout the night.


Courtesy: Variety
Courtesy: Variety


3. The Sharp Fade :

The fade cut might just be the haircut of the century with almost one out of five people having this hair cut, but when styled right, this style can make one a head turner with utter ease. The Sharp Fade requires a deep fade on the sides with some length on the top which creates a distinction of hair lengths.


Courtesy: Pinterest
Courtesy: Pinterest


4. The Casual Messy Look :

For the lazy lads out there, who don’t want to spend much time on their hair and specifically not much money, roll your hair with a hair brush while using a hair dryer to get a rusty and messy look as desired.


Courtesy: haircuts and Hairstyles 2019
Courtesy: haircuts and Hairstyles 2019


5. The Quiff :

A vintage hairstyle that never fails you and has been popular since Elvis Presley. The quiff can do wonders for men with long hair. Hair wax, hair brush and a blow drier are the essentials required to pull off this look. You can also make variations with the quiff as desired by pushing it backwards or sideways.


Courtesy: Ape To Gentleman
Courtesy: Ape To Gentleman


6. The French Crop :

With popular celebs like Zayn Malik donning this style, The French Crop has become a cult. With short faded sides and backs, it is a classic style but also requires frequent visits to the barber. This hairstyle suits those with a perfect sleek jawline and high cheekbones the most.


Courtesy: Haircut Inspiration
Courtesy: Haircut Inspiration


7. The Disconnected undercut :

Another variation of the classic undercut, this hairstyle requires minimal effort and can be appropriate for multiple occasions. With longer length at top and proportionate short sides this hairstyle can help you make a style statement at the party smoothly, getting you attention from the ladies! Swoosh the hair back and keep it a little messy. M


Courtesy: British GQ
Courtesy: British GQ


Make a strong style statement at any party with these easy 7 hairstyles.

Men in Vogue 2014

December 19th, 2014

‘Fashion is what you are offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.’ These famous words spoken by the then supermodel Lauren Hutton, still ring true. Style is what one attains over the years; sort of like a signature. It is never about the who or what one wears but the how. So this is where we give you the A-list of the most stylish men in our country (and a bit beyond) for the year 2014.

Ali Zafar:

Born in Pakistan, this music composer turned singer turned actor managed to steal our hearts in 2010. Fast forward three years and he was voted as the ‘Sexiest Asian Man on the Planet’ by Eastern Eye, A British weekly. His look has always been casual yet stylish and he managed to tick mark everything on the list during Kill Dil’s promotions. Our favourite is the distressed denim + boots + quirky blazer look.


Image courtesy: bolegaindia.com


Arjun Kapoor:

With a hit film in 2012, he was on and off the radar till this year when he was suddenly discovered by stylists all over the country! We have been seeing a lot of him lately and why not? His style screams ‘I am cool’. He himself prefers jeans and t-shirt combo and can he rock that look with his amazing hair! Our current favourite is dark denims teamed with a graphic tee and a blue jersey jacket.




Fawad Khan:

New to Bollywood, this Pakistani actor has managed to make all hearts go a flutter. The latest eye candy looks every bit royalty when he dons Indian wear. But his best look till date has been for India’s Best Cine Star Ki Khoj when he wore a checked light gray jacket by Brooks Brothers.


Image courtesy: youthconnectmag.com


Image courtesy: pinkvilla.com


Hrithik Roshan:

He has been in the news for a lot of reasons. First there was the much talked about divorce and then there was this alimony which was slapped on him and then his latest movie Bang Bang where he looked every bit of the Adonis he is. His staple accessories are aviators and jackets. A man blessed with his genes looks good in everything but the best is suits with skinny ties, bowties and LV belts.




Karan Johar:

For having changed the face of Bollywood, for showcasing larger than life stories and getting us all starry eyed, it is no surprise that KJo is one of the most stylishly dressed in the industry. So much so that he has turned designer and has opened up a woman’s wear line with Vero Moda called Marquee. His best look has been the black suit with a black shirt and a white tie and a white pocket square for Manish Malhotra’s birthday bash this December.


Image courtesy: indianfusion.com


Narendra Modi:

Winning the elections and ruling the country must take up a lot of his time we are sure. But the fact that he pays attention to his attire makes us want to give him a standing ovation. NaMo’s signature look with a Nehru jacket suits him the best and he is not afraid to experiment with pastel shades of fun colours such as muted yellow or lime green when it comes to his kurtas. But his formal look with the black bandhgala during the BRICS Summit has been his best look till date.




Omar Abdullah:

Ruling a volatile state must be keeping his hands full, but the state CM’s fashion style has never wavered. Hotelier turned politician, he looks as comfortable in the Kashmiri cap as he does in his well tailored bespoke suits; though we still remember his 2009 GQ cover photo as the best look.


Image courtesy: theviewspaper.net


Raghavendra Singh Rathore:

When you think of this designer, you immediately think of his dreamy bedroom eyes and his penchant for dressing up as royalty. He is always formally dressed and with good reason! The one style he looks the best in and is always mostly captured in is a black bandhgala and boy can he carry it off!


Image courtesy: strandofsilk.com


Ranbir Kapoor:

The son with a famous last name (though that has never mattered in his case) and one of the most sought after actors in the industry, Ranbir went ahead and bought a football team. This shows his vision for the future. Apart from being smart, he takes his personal style very seriously though he claims that he has zero fashion sense (we do not agree). He looked the best at the airport when he was spotted wearing a black leather jacket with a black beanie, dark denims and a dark grey t-shirt. Effortlessly travel chic, we say.


Image courtesy: alicewandering.com


Rannvijay Singh:

A VJ, a Roadies finalist and then the host for the same show, a new TV show and an upcoming thriller under his belt, Rannvijay has everything going for him. Though he has been seen in an array of different styles and ensembles, the biker jacket and aviators is the best look for him, preferably with a Harley next to him. Be it his Army upbringing or his love for bikes, this is the one look he looks the most suave in; in a bad boy kind of way.


Image courtesy: bollywoodlife.com


Ranveer Singh:

Ranveer Singh has managed to experiment with different looks each season (remember the handle bar moustache and then the sudden clean shaven look?), and his quirky sense of style got him to the top in every designer’s book. His best look till date has been in a brown suit with Kolhapuri chappals. No one can carry this look off with as much ease as him. Sure his foot was injured to wear closed shoes, but boy did he look hot in the episode of The Front Row with Anupama Chopra.


Image courtesy: indiarealtime.com


Ravindra Jadeja:

The latest talked about cricketer on the block, is obviously always seen in a cricket jersey, save for the few times he has been photographed wearing casual clothes. However, his most stylish accessory has to be his quirky hairstyle. With ‘CSK’ styled into the side of his head, he rocked the edgy look on the field with elan.


Image courtesy: guffnews.com


Salman Khan:

With a career spanning 2.5 decades in the film industry, the most eligible bachelor, a philanthropist, a hit host for Big Boss and two movies in 2014 (both being commercial hits), Salman Khan is practically God. Though effortlessly chic and confident in a suit or jeans and tee combo, his most stylish moment has to be the one without a shirt. Starting the trend ages ago, his shirtless moment in a fight scene in Jai Ho has been the best and the hottest till date.




Shahid Kapoor:

One of the most underrated actors in Bollywood, Shahid once again proved his mettle with Haider (have you SEEN Kaminey?). His style has evolved over the years making him obe of the most stylish actors of the country. But the one look he can absolutely rock is a black pathani suit with shades. One cannot get more rebellious than that.


Image courtesy: magnamags.com


Varun Dhawan:

A typical Bollywood hero (every generation needs one, people!) he has a very rugged look about his sense of style and dressing up. With jackets being his favourite accessory, he is usually captured in jeans or chinos with graphic tees and a blazer. He loves blue or brown in his shoes. Though we would love to see more of him in ethnic wear, we loved him in a promotional event in a Rajat Tangri outfit- white blazer with dark grey pants and a dark green shirt.




Vikas Khanna:

With a Michelin star and a new book under his belt, this celebrity Indian chef is one of the most good looking ones on this planet. Named by the People magazine as the ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ and named as the ‘Hottest Chef of America’, his cooking skill is what drives us crazy. Though he looks the best in a chef coat, we love him in a black tux complete with a bow tie which he usually wears for formal events.




Virat Kohli:

The personification of a rebel and a bad boy, Virat Kohli has to be one of the most talked about cricketer. Let us also not ignore the fact that he is dating one of the prettiest actresses, Anushka Sharma. His colourful shoes, spiked hair and tattoos are a style statement of their own. Launching his own fashion brand PTI for the youth was a natural step after being named as one of the best dressed men internationally by GQ. He launched the line in white sneakers, blue denims, a-t shirt and black jacket.


Image courtesy: mid-day.com


With these stylish men close to home, we cannot wait to see what they will bring us in 2015. Their confidence and the need to excel in their own fields on their own has given them a well-deserved place in the best dressed list all over the country and in the world.


3 Awesome Winter Getaways

December 11th, 2014

The winter beckons! It’s time to bask in the glory of the sun and clean those suitcases kept on top of the cupboard. It’s holiday time!  But, all packed and nowhere to go? Don’t fret. Check out these three droollicious destinations to visit this winter.

Rann of Kutch

The beautiful desert district is a must see this winter. The endless desert plain straight to the horizon, is actually a seasonal island which looks quite similar to a tortoise surrounded by water.  The Rann has a spectacular history that dates back to 300 B.C. and still shows traces of the Indus Valley civilisations and its nomadic life. The nomadic artisans have the reputation of producing the finest folk textiles, embroidery and mirror work. The little Rann of Kutch has the largest sanctuary of the endangered wild ass.




Chir Batti (ghost lights), a mysterious and strange dancing light phenomenon is seen only in the Rann, the adjacent Banni grasslands and the seasonal wetlands.  Along with this beautiful phenomenon, the Rann hosts a 3 month long festival which starts November through March is known as the Rann Utsav.  In this festival, tourists get a taste of the cuisine, colours and the hospitality of the Rann.


The beautiful mountainous capital city of Meghalaya, Shillong pulsates with energy and life from dawn to dusk. The narrow hilly terrain in bordered by pine trees and wooden houses.  Due to the striking resemblance to the highlands of Scotland, it was named the Scotland of the East. Shillong acquires its name from ‘Leisshyllong’- the almighty power or god who is believed to dwell on the Shillong peak. This picturesque landscape is breath taking, surrounded by waterfall from the crinoline falls, the two Gunner’s Falls, Spread Eagle, Elephant Gait and Elephant Falls to Beadon and Sweet Falls. Take-in the beauty of the East.





Coorg is known as the ‘Land of the Cauvery’ or the Kashmir of the south. Coffee plantations, endless mountain ranges and breath taking valleys are the many features of this southern city.








It has a beautiful terrain for mountain biking, trekking, white water rafting in the Cauvery, rock climbing and dirt track racing. If you just want to put up your feet and relax, Coorg has a remedy for that too. Take breath in the fresh greenery while you have a spa day or an ayurvedic massage.

So, try something new this winter, give all those over done touristy cities a miss and go for some real adventure.


Why breakfast is king!

December 11th, 2014

“Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.”  But, do you practice it. An early morning, late for a meeting, woke up late, are all recipes of, missing the most important meal of the day.




Why Is Breakfast Important?

Skipping breakfast helps the weight loss program, think again- it doesn’t. Due to, the lack of breakfast we end up binging on anything and everything and have a heavy lunch to tame the hunger.

Breakfast basically means breaking the fast that the body has been in overnight.  If you, skip breakfast you, haven’t actually broken the fast and running on empty, like using a car without petrol. It will take you nowhere.  Having an empty stomach, causes the acidity in the body to rise along with heartburn, mood swings and other medical complications.

Breakfast should be ideally consumed within two hours of waking and a healthy breakfast should cater to at least 20%-35% of your daily calorie intake.




Besides, giving us energy, breakfast provides us with all the important nutrients, such as calcium, proteins, iron, vitamins and fiber. The body requires these vital nutrients to perform well through the day. It is very unlikely that the body may not be able to get these vital nutrients from the meals consumed in the rest the day.  Therefore, beginning the day right is very essential. A nutritious breakfast should include the five mainstays of nutrition- carbohydrates, proteins, fat, vitamins, fiber and minerals.




Your Choices:

Poha, Upma, corn flakes, all bran, and bread are good sources of carbohydrates whereas, sprouts, milk, whey and eggs are very good source of protein. Fruits and vegetables are an excellent source of the daily requirement of vitamins and minerals. Adding, lean protein to your breakfast is the best to keep yourself full until lunch. Due to the full feeling, we refrain from binging on unnecessary food items containing trans fats- bad fats. Even though, all food contains some kind of fat, omega 3 fat is good for the body.




Breakfast is very good for the waistline too. Having a healthy breakfast which combines all the requirements of the daily intake can help reduce weight. Depriving your body of the goodness of breakfast by taking time each morning to eat and fuel will take you a long way. Over time it helps control heart disease, blood pressure and diabetes.

So fuel up and keep the waistline in check as well.


Bag the Style: Which is the right bag for you?

December 11th, 2014

So you have got the right look; the right shoes; the right blazer; the right watch and accessories. But when you view yourself in the mirror, you see that the one critical piece of element is missing- a bag. Well if you are planning to invest in a bag, you have come to the right place. Read on and achieve inner peace.

To buy a bag, you should first consider three very important points-


To find out what type of a bag should you go for, you need to first figure out its usage. Do you need one for the gym and weekends out or only for office? Do you need for a more relaxed office environment? Are you more of a traveller? Answers to these questions will help you narrow down your search. For example if it is a yes for the gym and weekends out bag, then you need to go in for a duffle bag in a light material and fun colours.





If you are more into timeless pieces, then you should invest in good quality leather. Though expensive, it will last you for years to come; whereas canvas, linen and nylon will last you for a shorter duration but will look cooler and will keep up with the current style.





Leather always gives a sophisticated touch to your entire outfit. It looks classic and timeless. You can stick to colours like burgundy, brown, tan, black, blue and gray. Bright colours like yellow can look good too if good quality leather is used. Materials like canvas look more casual and sporty and can be used for the gym bags and short trips. They come in fun prints and colours. The bags should be neutral enough to go with your outfits.




After you are done short listing with regards to the above points, consider the type you will want to go for-

Messenger/ Satchel:

This is for the guy who carries very little and wants a no fuss handle as it goes over the shoulder.





This is for a guy who loves carrying his world along with gym clothes and shoes and can go out of town for a night at the drop of a hat. Stick to brown and tan for this type.


Image Cortesy:www.allenedmonds.com



Nope, not those bulky boxy bags of the 90s. These bags are slimmer and sleeker. This is for the man who just wants to carry his laptop and some papers to office, everyday.





Not the kinds you used to carry to school. Backpacks are back and are in once again. Use this if you are a student or an avid bike rider.




With the above pointers in mind, there should be no difficulty for you in finding THE bag. When in doubt, always look to Joey Tribbiani for inspiration when he said, ‘it is odd how good a woman’s purse looks on me, a man’.

HE presents #ShowMenSomeLove on 19th November

November 14th, 2014

Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus – but they met here on Earth! The other species is in focus this November for their sheer strength, chivalry and awesomeness! Be it your father, your brother, your better half or your friend – they all deserve a little appreciation!

MGA - Pic

We may believe men don’t necessarily have it easy, unlike what we think. They might insist that nothing affects them, they never shed a tear and they are the real rocks. But, underneath that tough, valiant exterior, there is always a certain someone who wants appreciation, affection, and who wants you to notice all the things that he does for you.
So, we decided to do something special for him, because he deserves all the love in the world. We ask people to literally break the silence and participate in the celebrations – for a day wholly dedicated to them.

HE presents #ShowMenSomeLove on 19th November, to celebrate International Men’s Day by wearing blue.
Wearing Blue, a common colour found in almost every man’s wardrobe, becomes a symbolic act, in support of the men we love and appreciate. Go ahead then and join us in this fun initiative and show them some love

Here is where all the action is taking place:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hebeinteresting
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HeBeInteresting
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/HEBeInteresting
Website: http://www.hebeinteresting.com/showmensomelove

‘He’ is a Brand that aims to be synonymous to men’s grooming and lifestyle. As a step towards this, for International Men’s Day (19th November) we are doing the #ShowMenSomeLove campaign

Explained through a catchy anthem, #ShowMenSomeLove is all about appreciating the good things men do for us and showing our support to them by wearing blue on 19th November.

3 Essentials for Every Man’s Closet

October 20th, 2014

With the changing fashion trends and the growing interest by men in fashion, it’s not surprising to see the spectacular increase in designers creating exclusive and trendy menswear. The designers are no longer limited to just creating clothes for men, they also have accessories and stylists, who dress them up in the latest trends on and off the ramp.

Here are few tips for the first timers and the fashion conscious guys.


The Classic White Shirt:

You cannot go wrong with a plain white shirt, ever. Period. Combine it with a well patterned tie and a pair of well-fitting pants or wear it with a pair of blue jeans and you are ready for any occasion. We mean it – ‘any occasion’!





A well fitted blazer is just another all day wear, which can’t ever go wrong! It’s no longer restricted to festive events or office parties. A boys’ night out or a lazy Sunday brunch can be made all the more stylish with the gentleman’s outfit! Get it in a midnight black or dark blue and pair it with a shirt and jeans for a more casual look. A shirt and pants for that office do can also be a great fit in the attire. And see the heads turn!





An extremely well fitting pair of chinos is the go-to pair of pants when in doubt. Available in a variety of colours from khaki to light green, pair one with a shirt and a pair of oxfords and see a whole new side of classic yet trendy.




3 Awesome Ways to Wear Monochromes

October 20th, 2014

If you know how to juggle monochromes, then there’s nothing better for men interested in keeping themselves up to date with the style trends in the world of fashion. Never fear monochromes because unlike popular thinking, they look good on Indian as well as Western wear.


Suits In Monochrome:

Suits have almost always been monochromatic since the time they were created. In fact, the black and white colour combination is considered a classic, where the trouser, blazer and bow tie are black and the shirt is white.




But have you ever tried shades of neutral grey for your suit? The secret is in their tone. Opt for deeper tones of grey for the jacket and trouser, while a lighter tone can make for an excellent shirt. Even though the colour palate of your suit will be the same, the materials that you choose to combine with each will make a world of a difference.


Just Match ‘N’ Match Your Clothes:

Latest trends change every season, and even though mix ‘n’ match has been in fashion for quite some time, the concept of match ‘n’ match is making waves as well, especially in the world of fashion designers. Try pairing cobalt blue pants with a white shirt and a blue striped tie. If you have the confidence to carry it off, you’ll be the talk of the town.

Never be afraid of going monochromatic – match everything you can.







Monochromatic Footwear:

Yes, monochromes are not just limited to clothes. Renowned designers like Alexander McQueen combined their black tailoring with black or brown coloured boots on the runway, so who is stopping you from doing the same? If you want to go one step further, try incorporating a dash of prints into your wardrobe this year, and don’t be surprised when you make jaws drop.






5 style essential for men to swear by

October 20th, 2014

1. Own Atleast One Decent Suit:

It doesn’t matter whether you don’t like them or never wear them; a suit is an inescapable wardrobe must have for all men.  So when you’re buying a suit, make sure it’s a classic i.e. a single-breasted, two-button suit in black. Make sure that you have its length adjusted according to your height and perfect measurements. There will come a point in your life where you’ll require a suit and you’ll thank your stars the day you decided to buy one in advance. You will not have to run helter-skelter for last minute adjustments.




2. Don’t Restrict Yourself To Denim:

We know it’s a temptation to just throw on your most comfortable pair of jeans whenever you go out, but fight that temptation. Instead, opt for trousers in classic styles which are more suited for formal and semi-formal occasions than faded jeans. More so if you wish to stand out, because younger men often give a lot of importance to the shirts they wear, but not their trousers.

Trousers are uncommon in a crowd of young Indian men, which means a well cut pair, will make you stand out. Please avoid fads (like jeggings)  because they do not last beyond a season.




3. Have Enough Number Of White And Blue Shirts:

That is because these two colors form the backbone of any man’s wardrobe. White, especially, can be teamed up with pants, jeans or trousers of any color and look good on you. Globally speaking, these two colors form an astounding 90% of shirts sold the world over, and that’s because they look good on almost any complexion. Due to their popularity, they have become a fashion staple and are available in a wide variety of styles and prices ranges to suit your needs.




4. Give Importance To Your Footwear:

If you want to look good, then proper footwear is a must. Much like a suit, you need to own at least one pair of classic footwear so do not be afraid to invest a little over your budget for these items, because good quality shoes can last for years without giving any problem to you or your feet. Colors could be tan or black preferably.




5. Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment:

What we have listed above are essential style tips for men, sure, but it’s not necessary that the same rules applies to everyone. There are a growing number of Indian men, who are not willing to conform, so do not hesitate to experiment. Try different color palettes, patterns, styles and what not till you have discovered the perfect fit for yourself!




6 grooming mistakes you can’t afford to make

October 20th, 2014

Being exceptionally well groomed, to the ‘T’, is a difficult task. The best of men make mistakes which become a talking point with others. However, here we have identified the six most common mistakes men make and if you are a culprit, undo do them NOW!

Smell Good But Don’t Over Do It:

Get an appealing fragrance. Men should smell of manly perfumes and light cologne. Spray some on your wrists and behind your ears. Pulse points are warm areas of the body which help diffuse the scent and make sure the cologne is long lasting without being too overpowering. Smelling good is always a plus point. But as they say ‘too much of a good thing can be bad’. Spraying an entire bottle of cologne can be overwhelming for others around you. If you sweat a lot get an antiperspirant.





Untidy And Unkept Nails:

Trendy open footwear looks stylish only if your nails are trimmed and feet are clean. With long nails come dirt and those black lines which are visible. Take time out every week to trim your nails and clean the cuticles. Every once in a while scrub your feet and hands to do away with dead skin and cracks and moisturize the cuticles to keep them healthy. Nails give an idea to people on how much you give attention to your hygiene. Even if your feet are clean, untrimmed nails make your feet look dirty. The hands as well take a beating with long nails.


Trim your nails every two weeks


Belts And Shoes Not In Sync:

No matter how well fitted the suit is or how well your tie matches the shirt and the blazer, if your belt and shoes don’t match, it just goes downhill from there. The golden rule of accessorizing a suit is to match your belt with the shoes whilst the socks should match the color of the suit (if you do not want to experiment with socks). No flashy multi colored belts with huge shiny buckles, please. The brand does not matter if you are carrying your outfit with élan and confidence.




Too Much Gel:

You just need to take a little bit of hair gel in your fingers and run through your hair and style it the way you want to. Hair gel has evolved into one of the most commonly used hair-styling product. Some men tend to go the extremes. Either their hair will be unkempt and messy (and not in a good way) or they will put too much gel and make it look clumpy. Do not make it look like an oil factory. After all, your hair is one of the best assets to make you look and feel good.




Unwanted Body Hair:

Yes as a man you need to take care of body hair though it has been a symbol of a tough man since time immemorial. Make shaving a part of your daily routine. The back of your neck, the insides of your ears and your nose should be priorities when considering body hair removal, as these parts are on display. A few minutes, a couple of times a week while you shower is all it takes to stay super-smooth.

While you are still figuring out the grooming and the trimming process, do not, under any circumstances, unbutton your shirt too much to reveal chest hair or think of going open collar. That’s the last thing the world wants to see.


Shave, trim or wax!


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