5 Tips To Get 6 Pack In No Time

January 12th, 2017

Every man longs for a perfect ‘V’ shaped body that the Bollywood actors flaunt. But, who has the time that they invest in attaining those Greek God looks! We all crave for visible and quick results. So, for all you men out there, we present the 5 secrets to rock the 6 pack abs in no time!

Tips to Ace the Wedding Season

January 12th, 2017

The wedding season is a ceaseless affair. Everyone takes the effort to clean up and look pretty! Naturally, you need a highly versatile wardrobe to present your best self. So here are a few dressing tips to ace the wedding season and help you sport both traditional and western duds in the most appropriate way.

Gym Etiquettes That Every Man Must Follow

July 20th, 2016

Gym is a public space. Every person working out at the gym is an equal member and has equal rights over the facilities of the gym. Just like any other public space, gym too has certain set of rules and manners. There is some basic etiquette that are expected to be followed by you. Let us have a look at some of the etiquettes you must most definitely know while working out at the gym.



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1. Don’t Stare:

It is creepy and gets creepier at the gym. You might not be realising that you are staring or might be looking with a totally non-malicious intent of not just learning an exercise by seeing how others do it, but it is still creepy and something that you should totally not do, especially if you have women working out around you.




2. Be Patient and Polite:

This is a virtue that comes of great use even at a gym. Often at gym you might need a machine that someone is already using. In that case, very politely request that person to alternate on the machine with you. If the person agrees, then wait patiently for his or her set to get over, and avoid showing your desperation for the machine either through your words or actions.



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3. Leave No Sweat:

Working out means sweating, but you need to learn to keep that sweat to yourself. Always check that after using a machine or bench, your sweat marks are not left on it. If they are, then wipe them out immediately. Even better would be to keep a towel on the bench before you lie down on it.




4. Help With Weights:

Always keep an eye for alarm. If your neighbour or partner is in a tricky situation or is having a problem lifting a weight then help him or her out. Provide your assistance or support in case they need it, especially when they ask for it. You are not in a competition with anyone. So help others as well.



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There is no alternate for good behaviour, whether at gym or any other place. If you behave nicely to people at your gym and show your well-mannered side, then people will like you and will also become your friends. Remember, it is all about growing mutually, whether your muscles or as a person.


Best Place To Visit In Each IPL Team’s City

April 29th, 2016

The fever of IPL is in the air. And all cricket enthusiasts are enjoying every bit of it. When the states of India get involved, the aggression within everyone enhances even more. The best part of Indian Premier League is that the matches are held all over the country which gives you the chance to visit all the cities wherever the matches are being held.




Here is a list of 8 cities where the craze over IPL is going to get even louder:


1. Hyderabad:

This southern city is known for its authentic and spicy Andhra cuisine. Also, don’t forget the Charminar and the Golconda Fort where the Kohinoor diamond was found.


Image Courtesy: www.upload.wikimedia.org
Image Courtesy: www.upload.wikimedia.org


2. Mumbai:

The City of Dreams has a lot to offer. It has a fantastic nightlife and popular tourist destinations such as Gateway of India, the Queen’s Necklace, Marine Drive and Elephanta Caves. Since it is the entertainment hub of India, the chances of spotting a celebrity are high.


Image Courtesy: www.upload.wikimedia.org
Image Courtesy: www.upload.wikimedia.org

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3. Pune:

This city is famous for adventure activities such as camping, lake crossing, paragliding and jungle trekking. It is also home to Joshi’s Museum of Miniature Railway.


Image Courtesy: www.upload.wikimedia.org
Image Courtesy: www.upload.wikimedia.org


4. Kolkata:

Some of the architectural marvels of Kolkata are Raj Bhavan, Writer’s Building and the Victoria Memorial which offer a sight to behold! This culturally rich city is also home to cute yellow cabs.


Image Courtesy: www.upload.wikimedia.org
Image Courtesy: www.upload.wikimedia.org

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5. New Delhi:

The Capital of the country has plethora of tourist destinations such as India Gate, Red Fort, Nehru Planetarium, etc., along with famous points such as Chandni Chowk, Cannaught Place and Hauz Khas Village.


Image Courtesy: www.upload.wikimedia.org
Image Courtesy: www.upload.wikimedia.org


6. Mohali:

This city is a favourite location of cricket matches and houses some of the popular tourist spots such as Baba Banda Singh Bahadur War Memorial, Dr. Diwan Singh Kalepani Museum and Fateh Burj.


Image Courtesy: www.upload.wikimedia.org
Image Courtesy: www.upload.wikimedia.org

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7. Bengaluru:

Known for its fantastic weather, Bangalore’s landscape is lush and green. As a traveller, you will certainly enjoy the lovely little eateries scattered all over city. Do visit the Bangalore palace and Vidhan Soudha.


Image Courtesy: www.upload.wikimedia.org
Image Courtesy: www.upload.wikimedia.org


8. Raipur:

Culturally rich, Raipur is a small city that is home to some of the lesser known but beautiful locales such as the Vivekananda Sarovar, Doodhadhari temple and monastery.


Image Courtesy: www.upload.wikimedia.org
Image Courtesy: www.upload.wikimedia.org

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Each city has its own charm that is unmatchable. While it is not possible to pay a visit to each one of these places, it is certainly doable to cover half of them. So which ones are you planning to travel to and why?


HE Deodorants launches quirky video on International Men’s Day

February 16th, 2016

On the occasion of International Men’s Day which falls on 19th November, HE Deodorants has released a new digital video titled ‘Men’s Day Pe Teri Chutti’. The campaign conceptualised by Leo Burnett in a fun way shows women appreciating men’s role in their lives and giving them ‘chutti’ (leave) on this special day for all the sweat they put in for the rest year to please the women in their lives.

Click here to read the article

9 Ways to Improve Your Posture in Office

October 7th, 2015

Do you often experience some pain in your neck or back after a long day in office? Were you planning to consult a doctor about it? What if we told you that you can get rid of this pain without a doctor?
Hey! Don’t make that face. It’s really simple if you follow these rules. Just sit straight and read on to know everything you need to do to maintain perfect posture in office.




1. If your work demands you sit in front of a computer all day long, do the following:

  • Keep your arms and wrists straight and level with the floor
  • Keep the mouse close so you don’t have to stretch your arm too far
  • Keep the top of the screen at the level of your eyes


2. If your work requires you to stand a lot, wear shoes with good support and cushioning.


3. Always keep your shoulders aligned with your ears. Remind yourself of this every time you lean forward, crane your neck, or tilt your head backwards.


4. Do not sit cross legged. To maintain the right posture, either keep your feet flat on ground or place them on the footrest below your desk.



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5. Use a lumbar support pillow. It will make sure you always sit straight. You can also use a folded or rolled-up towel. for this purpose.


6. Take a walk. Sitting at your desk for a long time makes your muscles weaker and your blood flow slower. Take small breaks every hour to get up and walk around your office, or climb up and down the stairs.


7. Do not sit in the same position for too long. Keep moving back and forth from time to time, while keeping your back straight.



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8. Keep your stationery, phone, and other things you frequently need within your reach so that you do not have to keep stretching to get them.


9. Do this simple exercise whenever you have a few minutes to spare:

  • Put your elbows on the sides of your chair.
  • Touch your shoulders with your hands, keeping them in line with your ears.
  • Now raise your elbows and lower them.
  • Repeat this movement at least 10 times. It’s a simply way to get in some exercise while your webpage or program loads.



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Aren’t you regretting not knowing all these simple rules before?

Don’t worry, it’s never too late to start being healthy! All you need to do is follow these simple tips and start figuring out other ways to spend the money you were going to shell out on your doctor’s fee. Maybe treat yourself to a lumbar support pillow?


Fashion ideas we want to borrow from Imran Khan’s Katti Batti wardrobe

October 7th, 2015

Katti Batti, a highly anticipated Bollywood blockbuster starring Imran Khan and Kangana Ranaut released this September, is exciting for a number of reasons. Not only is it expected to be yet another one of the smart, witty movies Kangana and Imran are famous for, audiences will also be seeing the leading man donning super fashionable outfits that will surely give the men of India something to think about. The collection belongs to a line of clothing called Parx and is an exclusive line of trousers, shirts, knits and waistcoats and go really well with the setting of the movie.




Katti Batti is set in a college atmosphere and the collection is inspired by today’s dynamic youth. Bold and eclectic, this collection exudes vibrancy and style. It’s sporty and classic designs are versatile and fresh and also capture international trends. Imran Khan manages to pull off a global appeal despite sticking to his Indian roots! Here are some style tips you can borrow from Bollywood’s latest chocolate boy:

1. For a casual college look, you can pair a funky shirt with a simple hoodie. We see Imran wearing different coloured shirts like bright yellow and green with a maroon hoodie in different scenes, so you too can mix and match key pieces with each other.


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2. If you don’t require layering and still want to keep the casual theme going, you can experiment with colours like Imran has. He’s wearing the same cut of full sleeved t-shirt in different colours and patterns with simple denims that look fresh each time.



3. For a slightly more mature look, adding a waistcoat to almost any shirt is a quick way to make your ensemble stand out. In the movie we see Imran wearing green and white shirts with a simple black waistcoat and owning it! So investing in a standard waistcoat is a good idea. You can even pair it with some full sleeved t-shirts.


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4. If you want to go all out formal like Imran with Kangana at the dance, then pairing a black shirt with a black coat looks stellar. You can pair these with black trousers or if you feel like being a little bold then you can even work with a colour like maroon.



Imran Khan in Katti Batti should be every college going boy’s biggest influence in dressing up this season! Just remember to be chic and neat and play around with materials and colours and you’ll be the envy of every one of your guy friends.


League of Interesting Men – 2015 #BeInteresting

August 19th, 2015

Men! What are they, if not interesting? It’s funny when you ponder upon the word ‘interesting’, it’s a very subjective topic and everyone has a different definition. For some it’s dancing to music, walking on the beach with their loved one, being amidst green mountains, doing adventurous activities and so on. Being their adventurous self gets a Man’s adrenaline rushing! They are funny, quirky and whacky when enjoying their favorite adventure. Don’t you agree?

League of Interesting Men 2015

July 31st, 2015

Being interesting is not something you achieve overnight. It takes grit and passion and a dash of madness to really get there. We’ve come up with 15 challenging tasks for you.

Consider this your initiation into the League of Interesting Men. Complete them all, and we’ll have something BIG for you.

Think you have what it takes?

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League of Interesting Men 2015 – HE Deodorants

July 31st, 2015

The League of Interesting Men is back; BIGGER & BETTER! We are ready. Are you? #LOIM2015 #BeInteresting

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