No friends? No problem! These apps can help you find one!

March 25th, 2019

Loneliness is the worst enemy of a person. No one wishes to live a lonely or an isolated life. Therefore, we need company to not only enjoy our lives but also to make them meaningful. Friends can be anyone right from your childhood companions to your colleagues. While there is a saying that your parents are your best friend which is very true, one cannot deny the fact that we also need friends who can be just like our family.

One needs to socialize with fellow human beings. However, there are a few people who are exceptions t o this rule either due to shyness, intolerable behaviour, or they are unable to get along with others. However, there are a few apps which can help in finding a companion. One just needs to be aware of these latest technology updates like apps for finding friends.

1. Bumble BFF :

Bumble BFF is commonly used for making friends and dating too. On this app, one needs to create a profile, add some photos and a summary about them. Nonetheless, while using this app, one should be aware that the timer is not gendered which is essential in starting a conversation. Therefore, either of the parties should decide about making the first move before the match expires.


Courtesy: HiTechChronicle
Courtesy: HiTechChronicle


2. Friender :

Just like the name suggests, it is a friendship app. When people build their profiles, they need to add their interests so that the recommended matches have at least one favourite activity in common among them. Friender also gives a chance to bring people with similar interests on the same page.


Courtesy: BetaList
Courtesy: BetaList


3. Hey! Vina :

Vina helps in encouraging women to meet their female friends at any point of time. In fact, Vina is known as ‘’Tinder for (girl) friends“. On this app, all one needs to do is share different activities and what are their interests.


Courtesy: Engadget
Courtesy: Engadget


4. Peanut :

Peanut is yet another interesting friendship app. This app helps mothers to connect with other mothers to share their experiences of motherhood to the new mothers. Connecting mothers over this app helps the women who are new to mother hood to overcome different troubles that they may be facing.


Courtesy: Windy City Bebe
Courtesy: Windy City Bebe



ATLETO is an app which has been designed for sports and fitness fanatics. ATLETO helps one in finding people who have the same interest in sports and want to connect. This app also encourages the like-minded sports fanatics in hosting events and meeting up in real life.


Courtesy: YouTube
Courtesy: YouTube


6. Meetup :

Meetup is an app which brings people with more specific interests on the same page. These interests may include bike riding, trekking, being a part of writing, singing or an art group. In this app, all one needs to do is enter their location and browse events by listing so that he/she is able to find their team instantly. It’s a great app to collectively visit any type of events or functions or concerts all together.




The best weight management apps to feel healthy and stay fit

January 11th, 2019

If you didn’t know this already, then you must know that weight loss apps can be really useful. These apps are loaded with programs that one can easily download in their mobile devices and can utilize them to track their lifestyle habits like calorie intake, exercises, heart rate, etc.

Some apps even come with unique features like financial rewards and forums, thus keeping the user motivated to adopt healthy habits. Not only are these apps easy to use, but it has also been proven scientifically that self-monitoring can actually be beneficial as promotes weight loss by increasing the awareness of a person’s habits and progress.


Here are 3 of the best weight management apps that can help you to shed those extra pounds and as well keep your weight in check.


1. Lose It :

This is a user-friendly weight loss app that helps the user to manage his weight with the help of calorie counting and weight tracking. With a thorough analysis of the user’s weight, age, and health goals, the app generates a daily calorie intake chart and personalised weight loss plans.

Once the plan is established, the user can then easily long on their foods intake in the app that has a stored database of over 7 million food items. One can as well use the app’s barcode scanner to add some foods to the log. What makes this app different from the rest is that it’s ‘Snap It’ feature allows one to track the food intake and portion sizes by just simply taking the pictures of the meal.


App Annie
App Annie


2. My Fitness Pal :

This calorie counting tool has proven to be one of the best tools for losing weight. This app helps the user to calculate their daily calorie intake log on what they eat throughout the day. With a nutritional database of over 5 million different foods, this app makes it easy to track any and every type of food, including the ones from the restaurants! Once the user has entered their food intake, the app breaks down the calories and nutrient content and even provides a few different reports, like pie charts, to give the users an overview of their total fat, carb and protein consumption throughout the day.


Runs for Cookies
Runs for Cookies


3. SparkPeople :

This app allows one to log in their daily meals, weight and exercises with their user-friendly tracking tools. With a large nutritional database of over 30, 00,000 food items enlisted, the app’s barcode scanner as well helps the user to keep track of any packaged food that the user might consume. When one signs up for SparkPeople, they as well gain access to their exercise demo component that includes photos and descriptions of many common exercises, thus proving one the accessibility to ensure that they are using the proper techniques during their workouts.

These are just a few apps that provide one with the best results. At the end of the day, one needs to be dedicated and follow the guidelines consistently to keep their weight in check!




The Best Chat App When Your Battery Is Low?

March 14th, 2018

New fashion style for men is to remain connected not only with the current fashion trends for men but also to the social media wherein you can share not only your personal information with your friends but also interesting pictures and videos. But current technology enforces you to maintain a sizeable power into your battery, to enable you to communicate with your friends on social media. What if you know about an application that can work even when your battery life is low? We will tell you about an app that will help ease the pain of your device reaching its temporary demise.



You need to download the best chat app “Die With Me” that is available for iOS and Android that works on your phone’s battery when it is on less than five percent! If your phone reaches that mark of 5% battery, you will get instant access to this bubbling and vivacious chat room that will open you up to men and women who are travelling on the same boat, all those nervous minds who are struggling to find a source of power.



But hold on, once your battery life shoots up beyond 5%, ‘Die with Me’ will automatically log you off from the room. You can actually experience the fun in having conversations with strangers who are sharing the same near-death phone experience. The ‘Die with Me’ application has a built-in countdown timer that counts on your conversations moments before your screen just goes mum.



Away from the usual boring chat conversations that poke fun and cruel comments on fellow users, this unique chat app is safe haven for people who want to experience something new and refreshing especially when you have limited time available with you.



When you log into an application, you will have to agree to a user agreement that you will be forced to accept to have only ethical conversations. If someone violates the agreement, there is a ‘Report Message’ that could potentially block the user from again using the app.



If you think that the premise of the app is absolutely insane, think again. This app actually indirectly teaches you on how to control your nerves, and how to enjoy even at the last breath of your mobile to the fullest. So, what are you waiting for, just go ahead and enjoy the experience – who knows you will probably end up keeping our battery always lower than 5%.

4 Apps to improve your English Grammar

May 3rd, 2017

New technology developments now ensure that one can easily improve their English vocabulary without having to enroll in a class. Being proficient in Basic English is not enough in the modern world; you can brush your grammar regularly with these amazing apps. They boost confidence and make learning engaging and fun for all ages!

4 Apps to improve your English Grammar


1. Merriam-Webster Dictionary :

Bad at spellings? No problem, The Merriam-Webster app is like having a full comprehensive dictionary at hand all the time. The app contains thousands of definitions and the usage of those words! The best part is that you don’t even need to be connected to the Internet to use it; you can access its extensive database offline. It also has the ability to listen to a word’s pronunciation so you never have to embarrass yourself again with wrong pronunciations in public.

Image Courtesy: imore
Image Courtesy: imore

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2. Dragon Dictation :

Dragon Dictation works great for mostly students who are weak with writing. Instead of reading the text out loud, the application writes down spoken text. It is a great way for them to start creative writing or frame sentences correctly.

 Image Courtesy: Ryangear

Image Courtesy: Ryangear

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3. Thesaurus :

With over a million words, Thesaurus has made English improvement and learning so easy. This digital dictionary makes learning and arranging nouns, verbs, adverbs and adjectives fun and interesting. Just scroll through the pages to learn new words or use the search function to help you find specific words.

Image Courtesy: TheGatewayOnline
Image Courtesy: TheGatewayOnline


4. Vocab Word Game :

The app allows you to tackle challenges and unlock various levels while helping you improve your vocabulary. The challenge is to choose the correct meaning of the word. It becomes more interactive as it allows you to play with others on the Internet.

Image Courtesy: Android Authority
Image Courtesy: Android Authority

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Being proficient in English Grammar and having excellent vocabulary is not easy, but these apps make the learning process a fun and easy one!

Facebook’s Journey Over The Years

April 21st, 2016

When you think of social media, what’s the first platform to come to your mind? Yes, that’s correct. It is Facebook. Founded by the then-Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg, this social channel has revolutionized the way we communicate these days. Who knew we would be connecting with our childhood friends as adults or even finding a life partner on it? But Facebook has made it possible and how.


Image Courtesy:
Image Courtesy:


Even though its journey has not been uneventful, Facebook has seen more highs than lows. Come, let us take a trip down to memory lane to see how Facebook has changed:


1. 2006:

Till 2004, “The Facebook” was available to only students from Harvard. It was in 2006 that the website received its first major design overhaul. A News Feed was added to the user’s page and Mini Feed appeared on all individual profile pages.


Image Courtesy:
Image Courtesy:

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2. 2009:

In that year, the same News Feed was replaced by a real-time stream. Facebook also started asking its users, “What’s on your mind?” to instigate them to share updates. The social channel was becoming popular around that time and its user base count entered millions.


Image Courtesy:
Image Courtesy:


3. 2010:

Facebook introduced pages, prompting celebrities and brands to create a separate page and engage their fans. Like Britney Spears? You could literally “like” her page and follow her updates. The channel again got a face-lift in this year.


Image Courtesy:

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4. 2011:

Real-time activity feed was enabled on everyone’s homepage. Facebook enabled video calling and also introduced “Timeline” for users to “tell their life story”. Users were also able to “follow” one another by switching on a feature in Settings. 2011 was a year of major developments at Facebook.


Image Courtesy:
Image Courtesy:


5. 2015:

After Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012 and continued making minors tweaks in its algorithm over the next few years, it finally jumped on the Advertising bandwagon in 2014. Although it frustrated the users as they were not able to see the posts as per real-time, brands made the most out of it to promote themselves. And this game only got stronger in 2015.


Image Courtesy:
Image Courtesy:

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As of April 2016, Facebook has introduced 5 emotions – Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, Angry – in the form of a button, besides “Like”. It was done with the intention of personalizing the communication and actually giving the users an easier way to express how they felt for a particular image.

What do you think? Has Facebook made your life easy or are you indifferent about it? We would love to hear your opinions.

5 Apps to Make Your Phone Smarter

November 10th, 2014

Every day, we are bombarded with new apps. Each one promising a better, newer, more convenient experience and with added fun features. For those who only want the best, there are some great apps out there that deliver what none of the other apps can offer. Check out these new apps and see which one fits your personality as well as that of your phone’s.


Evernote is one of the best cloud based note-taking apps that helps you keep track of things and remember everything. With this app, you can jot down notes for school or work, or create a to-do list and these notes can be edited anywhere, on your tablet, phone and even your laptop. Not just for text based notes, it can also take dictation, allow you to photograph your documents as well as record sound directly into your notes. It creates ‘Notebooks’ where all your data is stored.




LastPass password manager / Avast mobile security

It’s a given that a complex and unique password should be used for each and every application. But remembering 100 different passwords is painful and even if you do remember them, it is quite a task to remember their combinations. Thankfully, computers are built for memory.

LastPass, a security app for iOS, can be of great help in that department. An auto fill feature helps you fill in your complicated passwords into apps through its copy notification and info to the logic screen.

Android users don’t fret! The Avast mobile security app is an all in one security system. It combats anti malware, has anti-theft tools to help you if you lose your phone and other privacy tools. It also helps back up your information on cloud. It can be used on rooted phones as well.





There are organisers and there is Clear+. This user friendly apps helps get your stuff together. It’s brilliant and gesture friendly interface allows you to create, edit, delete and move tasks around with the touch of a single tap. Tasks are colour coded according to the level of importance and priority. Red conveys that the task is high priority and the ones that are less important are coloured orange. It tells you what the upcoming tasks are and what needs must be completed. Multiple lists can be created through the software which can be synced with your iCloud account for more convenience.


Image courtesy:



There have been many bookmarking apps, but Pocket is different. It allows you to save articles to a primary, cloud based repository that rids them of all the unnecessary elements.  How does that help? No more annoying ads or stupid pop ups and eye hurting colours. It’s your very own personal assistant who carefully picks the news for you. You can read and edit your favorite articles as well as archive them and also share them with your friends.


Image courtesy:



This app literally brings the world to your fingertips. Figure out what is cool in your local neighbourhood. It gives you a lowdown on your local stores, hotels and restaurants, along with information about other local events. The app shows recommendations, tweets and other informative articles along with the convenience of getting deals and coupons straight from the vendors.




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