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5 Simple Football Tattoos For Soccer Fans

July 17th, 2018

Irrespective of your allegiance to your favorite team, soccer tattoos have a common language throughout the world. Soccer tattoos are not only part of the latest trends in fashion for men but also form the men new style when it comes to depicting your feelings, confidence, and manliness. We present the 5 simple football tattoos for the soccer enthusiasts.

1. Plain Football:

A simple football on the arm looks astonishingly cool, do not fill it with varied colors, keep it traditional. Instead of black ink, you can use a combination of red and blue or black. You can use the scheme on your toes. The tattoo artist should shade the background and the football to give you the extreme cool look. You can easily flaunt your tattoo at the beach or with your sleeveless streetwear clothing.




2. Cleat Laces:

The soccer shoes or cleats are the most important accessory of a soccer player, you can ask your tattoo artist to design the regular design of your cleats on to your toes. Get it designed on one of the toes, for the other to choose a calligraphy from Chinese or Indian (Devanagari) – you will surely amaze your friends with your cool stylish tattoo design.




3. 3D Fiery soccer ball :

If you do not like the plain design, go for a 3D fiery soccer ball emerging from your arm or wrist, this design s one of the most popular amongst young. The reddish color around the ball and the beauty of the flames around will depend on the skills of the artist.




4. Shoes with football :

If soccer is your life, get it engraved on the shoulder, in a manner it speaks loud and clear to all the onlookers. Right below the design, give a short message that conveys your feelings, spirit, and passion for the game. Showoff your mind by wearing it with designer soccer vest or sleeveless t-shirt with shorts or denim.




5. PlIconic Player:

Choose amongst the iconic players viz. Diego Maradona, Pele or Ronaldo to get them engraved preferably on your forearm. This is the absolute right location if you want to stay in the ‘median’ zone – neither too loud nor too insignificant.




4 Stylish Ways To Wear Football Jerseys

July 13th, 2018

Although soccer fashion becomes mainstream once every four years there are some stylish ways to wear football jerseys all year round. Football jersey undoubtedly is the new fashion style for men let us see the ways in which you can flaunt your soccer uniforms on the street.

1. Summer is the best time:

Men’s new fashion trend is to boldly wear the champion’s jersey with a pair of ripped denim with white sneakers without socks – Argentinian or Super Eagles, you will radiate youthfulness, passion, and style.



2. Fake it:

Even if you are not a soccer fan, you can easily fake it by wearing a classical La Roja, German or an English jersey. You should either wear the jersey with the respective shorts of the favorite team or just pull it with ripped denim shorts, do not forget to carry a snapback cap, that will add ‘coolness’ to your entire wardrobe.



3. Get the on-field version:

If you really love the game of soccer, do not compromise by buying a replica version that is very often loose and does not show up your essential body curves, assuming that you rigorously follow the recommended exercises for men. Uruguay’s team jersey through the kit maker Puma is one of the best-ranked football jerseys to wear, especially if you love wearing slim-fit clothes on the street.



4. Avoid extra logos and punchlines:

There are a lot of versions available in the market that carry extra corporate logos and their taglines, simply avoid them. Do not become their brand ambassadors when you have not tried them personally. Simply hit eBay for more vintage options, if you want to avoid those commercialized soccer jerseys.



If the color of your jersey is dark, simply pair it with tan khaki pants, do not forget to wear the latest Dolce & Gabbana aviators. If you have the colors of Brazil or Mexico, choose black skinny jeans with floaters. And if you still adore Messi’s team pair the jersey with a pair of navy canvas slip-on, of course without socks.



3 Coolest Men’s Hat Styles You Need To Know

July 12th, 2018

The hat is one of the most stylish men’s accessories. From beanies to snapbacks, baseball caps to fedoras hats not only make you look stylish, appealing and snooty but also protect your skin from harsh weather – rain, shine or snow. We detail 3 most trending hats, the latest fashion trend for men.

1. Fedora Style

This hat is for the guy who really wants to get noticed and remembered, wear it with an unbuttoned shirt, leather jacket and a pair of denim; your presence won’t be ignored for sure! Fedora style radiates power and sensuality that can be adorned by men of all ages. The best part of fedora hat is its versatility, as you can wear it for a formal occasion with a suit and tie or bow and can also wear it during the travel and also on your date, this new fashion style for men will be your most fantastic wardrobe addition.

Fedroa 2


2. Trilby Style

If you want to add ‘coolness’ in your style, wear trilby instead of Fedora. While Fedora is generally wider at the brims and relatively flat, trilbies have short edges that are slightly raised from the back. You should wear this hat with smart casual or semi-formals, pair it with slim-fit trousers and shirt, loafers and wayfarer glasses. Compared to Fedora, wear a trilby hat laid further back on the head. This hat is the perfect choice of the upper crust, as you can see who’s who sporting trilby during horse racing events.

Trill by


3. Snapback Style

The most stylish and coolest of all, for the young and vivacious. From New York to Madrid and Paris to Montevideo, snapback is the most popular style for millennials, , and fashionistas. Essentially a baseball cap that has a wide flat bill having a fastener at the back of the cap that will allow you to adjust the size. Wear it with a matching T-shirt and a leather jacket along with a pair of ripped jeans and floaters. To look trendy, wear loose-fitting t-shirt and denim instead of slim, tight fitting ones.

Snapback 2


3 Most Popular Jerseys At Fifa 2018 World Cup

June 22nd, 2018

3. Argentina:

From the time Argentina football association (AFA) announced their plans to change their team’s jersey for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, fans were inquisitive about the new design that will be worn by the most popular soccer player in the world cup, Lionel Messi. Although the jersey design and color were leaked before the official release, but the “new Argentina 2018 World Cup away kit” is now available for purchase at all the leading online and offline stores of the kit maker Adidas. The all-new Argentinian jersey is inspired by the iconic Copa America 1993 edition, the contemporary design of the Adidas Argentina 2018 World Cup away kit has black with a sky blue and white stripe pattern on the side left and side right sides of the chest. With the Adidas logo on the left upper side of the chest and AFA’s logo on the upper-right side of the chest, the new Argentina jersey is truly sensational. 3 White Stripes which are placed on the shoulders to give it more classical and sportier look. The black shorts and socks complete the Argentina 2018 away kit that is among the most popular Jerseys at the ongoing World cup in Russia.



2. Portugal:

Cristiano Ronaldo being the second most popular player this World Cup, the Portugal jersey is making waves across the Nike’s, the kit-maker online and offline shopping stores. According to the kit-maker, Nike the home kit of Portugal combines a traditional deep red base color with highlighted brighter sleeves, and a green collar. “The golden swoosh” that is prominently visible on the upper-right side of the chest that denotes the federation’s continental title, won in 2016.



1. Nigeria:

Although Nigeria aka “Super Eagles” are not amongst the favorites for the ongoing World cup but, their jersey is selling like hot cakes. Their men new style jersey that depicts the instincts of an eagle has emerged as the latest fashion for men especially as the street-wear across the world! Alex Iwobi, 22-year-old forward player, has emerged as one of the most favorites for the Nigeria national team. The Nigerian jersey is selling across the online stores as “iwobi Nigeria jersey”. Irrespective of the team’s performance on this world cup, their jersey has already won the hearts of the soccer fans.



Most Trendy Tattoos Of Football Players At Fifa 2018

June 20th, 2018

The latest trend in fashion is not just about showcasing your stylish attire, but also about the showing the skin. This holds true for men as well; the men new style is all about inking your feelings on your body. In the soccer season, we will present you the three trendiest tattoos of the famous footballers on the ground in FIFA 2018.

1. Sergio Ramos:

You need to watch-out the stunning body tattoo work of the Spanish captain and a professional footballer. Widely regarded as one of the best defenders in the world has his back covered with tattoos including the fingers. The main attraction is the “Star of David” on the left arm that he dedicates to his friend and team-mate Antonio Puerta, who died in a tragically while playing against Getafe in August 2007 dedicated to a dead friend. He also has inked both his arms for the terror attack victims of 9/11 2001 and Madrid on 3/11 in 2004.

sergio ramos tattoo


2. Mauro Icardi:

With an incredible lion tattoo on his chest with the names of his daughter Francesca and Isabella., is playing in the Argentinian squad for FIFA 2018 as reported on 8th June 2018. Due to Manuel Lanzini’s training ground injury, this Inter Milan’s charismatic striker Mauro Icardi is in Russia this summer for the World Cup. The striker also has a stunning tattoo with the names of the three children Valentino, Constantino and Benedicto, the tattoo line reads ‘I love these three little angels’.

Mauroicardi Tattoo


3. Roberto Firmino:

Known as the attacking midfielder, forward or winger, this Brazilian professional footballer has inked lots of tattoos dedicated to his loved ones. On the right arm, he has pictures of his mother and father carrying a message in German “Unremitting love for the family”, he has the year of his own birth “1991” inked on the knuckles, “a red rose” for love on his right arm, “sign for peace” on his forearm and a symbol for luck “a four-leaf clover”. His strong feelings are reflected in the word “love” tattooed on the knuckles of the left hand and the name of his daughter “Valentina” and Greek words “God is faithful” on his c

roberto fermino (2)


5 Common Habits Of Successful Men

June 8th, 2018

It is not just the strict adherence to the suggested exercises for men and the recommended diet chart for men that distinguishes a successful man from the ordinary, but it is also about few core habits that put them ahead in the league. We will throw some more light on the common traits on the likes of M. K Gandhi, Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Barack Obama, and more.


1. Feeding the right knowledge :

The most common habit amongst the successful lot is the habit of ingesting and churning ‘most useful’ information in the mind. Choosing the right knowledge was deliberate or accidental and varied person to person, as it largely depended on one’s goals and ambitions in life. For some, book on business philosophy worked, while for others it was about influential discussions with their mentors.




2. Controlled behavior :

Most of the so-called ‘successful men’ have absolute control over their actions in terms of their response to the situations, circumstances and the provocation by others. Right from waking up early in the morning to the time of going to bed, their schedule for everything is predetermined. They plan their day, handle variety of tasks and adhere to the commitments.




3. Health is a priority :

Besides other things in their priority list, health is always among the top. They know the linkage of mind, body and soul and hence, they always keep track of their calories, workouts and looks. Almost all have a habit to spend their time in seclusion, where they can either calm their thoughts or instill quietness to invoke their thinking skills.




4. Indomitable spirit :

These people are stubborn towards their aim in life, hence continuously work towards it. They do not compromise on working hard, as they are passionate and have enough reasons to support their cause. The undying, untiring continuous efforts help them to overcome multitudes of failures. They keep improvising, learning and keep moving ahead.




4 Most Iconic Portrait Paintings In Western Art History

June 4th, 2018

While we keep highlighting you about the new trend in fashion for men and the latest fashion for men, we take an exception and move towards the world of art and paintings where the combination of colors, imagination, design, and depiction takes a different route for expression. Paintings in its many diverse forms have been a mode of expression for the mankind since the very beginning of civilizations. From wall paintings to canvas paintings and graffiti, the relationship between the art and the imagination. We list the 5 most iconic portrait paintings that were created in history by the legendary painters.

4. The Girl with a Pearl Earring:

This is one of the most iconic paintings that came to light in 1665 by the famous artist Johannes Vermeer. Although it was popularly referred to as the “Mona Lisa of the North” nothing much is known about the girl who appears in the portrait. Due to the obscurity of the character, a film was made that was nominated for three academy awards.



3. The Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I:

One of the costliest and famous paintings that were sold in recent history (ranked 12th in terms of price paid for a painting in Aug 2017). Also called “The Women In Gold” is the iconic work of celebrated painter Gustav Klimt, who modeled Ms. Adele Bloch-Bauer, wife of a wealthy banker and sugar producer Mr. Ferdinand Bloch-Bauer. The painting was stolen by Nazis in 1941, and the family fought the legal battle with Austrian government to reclaim back in 2006.



2. Las Meninas:

Described by BBC as the ‘World’s first photobomb’, this iconic painting is simply the most discussed and talked about epitome paintings especially in western art history. Many famous artists have classified this painting as “true philosophy of the art” as the painting also shows the artist Diego Velazquez himself with a brush. Dating back to the year 1656, this royal scene shows in the center 5-year-old princess Margarita Teresa taken care by maids and guards, while a mirror shows the royal couple King Philip IV of Spain and Mariana of Austria.



1. Mona Lisa:

Who in the world do not know about the most iconic painting of all time that was created by legendary artist Leonardo da Vinci in the year 1517? There is no end of titles that this most iconic painting has earned right from “the best known to the most visited, the most written about, and the most parodied work of art in the world”.



3 Styling Tips For Indian Bridegrooms

May 30th, 2018

Indian men are way ahead in terms of adoring to the latest fashion trends for men compared to their western counterparts especially when they have to dress for their own wedding. From the iconic Sehra and Churidars to the Tuxedos, the Indian men leave no stone unturned to match the gleam with their dazzling bride. We present the 5 essential styling tips for the grooms-to-be for one of the most memorable events in their lifetimes.

1. Blend seamlessly with the bride’s style:

Your journey on the route to matrimonial life begins with seamlessly matching your wardrobe with your bride-to-be’s attire. You either should either gel in one single monotone color or completely contrast with each other to become the cynosure of all the eyes. Traditional Red Sherwani completely matches with traditional Indian red lehenga of an Indian bride, but you can always prefer men new style of creamy white Sherwani complementing with the blue attire of the bride or do the reverse of blue designer sherwani with the golden creamy attire of the bride. At the end of the end, you both must totally look in sync with each other.



2. Give priority to men’s accessories:

Your style will emerge from the accessories you adore on your chest, arms, head and elsewhere. Most of the attention of the onlookers is driven by the Cuff Links, Buttons and Tie Pins you will wear during various functions. Matching a right pair of socks, belts, shoes and pocket square will help you to issue the non-verbal statements during the ceremony. Do not go over the board by choosing flamboyant designs when it comes to choosing accessories, instead stick to contrasting colors especially for the bow tie, tie, wristwatch and pocket squares. You can also prefer to personalize the accessories by inscribing your beloved name on intimate accessories.



3. Different shades for different occasions:

You need to amaze your friends and relatives with the styles you can choose to wear for different functions. While picking a theme, you should try out the ‘distant connectors’ – choose completely ethnic during the wedding day, and an absolutely cosmopolitan for the following day of reception. You should choose western attire for dinner while completely ‘funky cool look’ for wedding games.



Quick takeaways from london fashion week mens 2018

April 3rd, 2018

Before you go further you need to stay abreast with the latest fashion for men straight from the LFWM 2018, we bring you quick take away from the men new style in 2018 from the walkways:

1. The fashion week highlighted British subcultures with customized jackets from mods to rockers. Army surplus-style great coats are back with hoodies. Patchwork was clearly visible resembling the labels inside jackets.




2. Athletic wear right from boxing, gym wear to clothes meant for football fields are now the trends and can be treated as new casuals.




3. Oversized clothes are making come back; jumpers stuffed with padding, knitted vests, were teamed with classic polos, metallic tartan joggers, and printed silk robes.,




4. Clothes to wig out were in popular theme with outerwear included a revamped version of teddy bear coat, made from white faux fur from toy specialist!




5. Adventurous outfits were the flavor of the season with rock climbing gears taking the center stage. You will also need to add strap belts and bags to tune in to 2018.




6. Velvet is in, as big brands are planning to come out with shades of turmeric, cumin and cocoa powder that will surely spice up your look next autumn. Plain monotone black outfits was also showed across.




7. Utility trousers are for men, with a safety orange winch jackets were seen almost taking the core in the show with the day-glow theme.


8. Man Bags – The oversized bum bags worn across the body are the new trends that makes men need to carry stuff easier and more in-tuned with the latest trends.


9. Hail the trend for the pockets so big they could be two clutch bags, and also with small pockets on the front straps and one larger one at the rear. Keep it safe. Guys.


10. Start wearing the prints inspired by the painter’s imagination right from flares, fisherman hats to jelly shoes. Boxy jackets featured buttons on both the front and the back.


11. Get more creative with clothes, as rainbow spirals on straight-laced tailoring, made in velvet are making waves.


5 Night Club Etiquettes For Men

March 13th, 2018

So you are ready to get down and play with the music. Before you are ready to head down to the trendy hot spot downtown, you should make sure that you are carrying the right etiquettes to the nightclub. It is just not about carrying the new fashion style for men or the new trend in fashion for men, you need to learn the right tricks of nightclub etiquette to attract the right audience and absolute mood.

1.Do not cut the queue:

Prefer to lineups outside a bar even if it is a bit longer. Any unpleasant love here is likely to spoil your whole mood and the rest of the night, so wait outside the club until the call.




2. Wear Yourself :

You are what you wear, so if you are heading for a trendy, posh nightclub, dress accordingly. This means, wear formal black chinos, a classy shirt and mod shoes. In other words, do not wear jeans or shorts, a cotton t-shirt and sneakers.




3. Bouncers may look intimidating :

Remember that bouncers are meant to look that way, approach them in friendly ways. Do not get engaged and show your masculinity with them, let them do their roles. Do not act cocky and arrogant, instead respect him, and establish an instant rapport, he will help you in making right links.




4. Mesh and mingle :

Women are sure to get an easy entry into the club, as they just have to smile, do a little bit of moves at the bouncer. You can take help of women waiting in line as your ticket in. While in line, chat and mingle with the women waiting in line. Just be friendly with them as you should aim to blend yourself with the hot girls in line as a single unit.




5. Inside Fun :

When you are inside, make the best use of the moments to take your ecstasy to the next level. All you have to control is to stay in your nerves, do everything except going over the board. Avoid extremes; any level of uncontrolled behavior might be risky in that kind of environment. Do enjoy to the peak, but set a limit to what you drink, eat and do and adhere to them no matter how much you are lured to do otherwise. Keep your close contacts informed about your scheduled activities of the following day as there might be chances that you might slip out on them due to unbeatable rhythm at the night club.




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