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5 Kinds Of Personalities In Men: Where Do You See Yourself?

August 1st, 2018

Men are usually of 5 personality types taking a pause from our regular information about the latest trend in fashion for men and men new style, we present the characteristics of these personality types. If you can identify with any of these, during your self-analysis you can auto-correct to become a better husband, father, and a leader.

1. Why me personality :

If you wake up in the morning, criticizing yourself about “why me”, and “why this is happening to me” then you very much exist here. This type of personality very often looks into the past, and compare and comes out with a question, why me and why not him or her.



2. What if personality :

These are the men who always think of future possibilities because a lot of information has been deeded into the mind that always tend to think of “unplanned” happening anytime, anywhere. While in reality, untoward happenings are rare but this person is always extra conscious of things going wrong and people not listening to him. He will have questions like If ..and What if?…



3. Can’t do much about it personality :

These are the men who although are in present most of the time but are unable to take decisive actions. They might be unhappy in a relationship but they avoid talking about it to someone who can help, they know they should do daily exercises but they not willing to take steps in direction by getting up early in the morning etc. They are always waiting for a miracle or act of God to change his circumstances or situation. They expect themselves to be rescued regularly and reap the rewards with little or no efforts on their part.



4. Leave me alone personality :

These men have taken life little too seriously, they are ashamed, afraid or angry with themselves and hence prefer to live in isolation and solitude. These men hardly trust anyone and cannot let go of their past. These types of men blame everything on others, they tend to doubt everyone around them right from their own abilities to their near and dear ones and even God.



5. Lionhearted personality :

These men take risks because they believe in their abilities. They also come across tough times but they move on from their past. They are not afraid of being wounded again that they prepare better for next time. They go to any extent to achieve their goals; their dedication and perseverance is an example for others. The best thing about them is that they build on their character, their shortcomings, as they are the fighters. They would rather die with a spear in their chest than one in his back. Their motto of life is simple, is no retreat, no surrender.



5 Best Male Celebrities For Tattoo Inspiration

July 17th, 2018

Tattoos are one of the trendiest fashion for men today, almost all celebrities ink themselves up to look tuned in to the latest trend in fashion for men and prevailing current fashion trends for men. We present the 3 best male celebrities for your next tattoo inspiration.

1. Odell Beckham Jr.:

The NFL superstar who has inked the legends including Mike Tyson and passion on his arm, leg sleeves, chest, and back. Recently, when OBJ got injured he took his love for tattoos to another level by getting hold of world-renowned Spanish tattoo artist Joaquin Ganga Lopez to turn his right leg into an amazing work of art. Since entering the NFL, Beckham has emerged as one of the most productive and popular players, but he received the media flak due to his conduct on and off the playing field.


2973-Odell Beckham Jr


2. Justin Bieber :

If you are passionate about tattoos, you need to follow this Canadian singer, actor, and songwriter who has sold more than 140 million records. Justin is not only one of the world’s best-selling music artists in the world but also has now more than 100 million followers on Twitter. You can take inspiration from Bieber’s massive, Gothic-inspired torso tattoo. This stunning piece of art took three days and more than 26 hours of needlework to complete the design by the world-famous tattoo artist Bang Bang. We recommended you to ink colored columns and gargoyles on your torso that should clearly depict forms of an eagle, a lion, and a roaring bear!


2973-Justin Bieber


3. Dwayne “The Rock” :

If we keenly follow the Hollywood celebrities and you also love to you’re your emotions boldly and bluntly on your arms, then you just need to take direct tattoo inspiration from Johnson’s bicep that showcases the masculine bull tattoo. This inspirational piece of art was completed in 30 hours in four tattoo sessions. and years of transformation. In his own words, he explains “Horns always positioned forward. Not up, but forward – representing forward progress. An eye is for the spirit and the power, where I draw my strength from all things I love and protect.…Every detail is a reflection of my own personal history. From the cracks and heavy damage to the bone representing life’s hard lessons I’ve learned over the years”




World’s 3 Most Fashionable Celebrity Men In 40s

July 16th, 2018

Fashion has no age. The new generation always looks for the references they can relate to, we present the 3 most fashionable men in their 40s. These fashion icons have inspired ‘the mobile generation’ for new fashion trends for men and stirred men new styles.

1. David Beckham:

This English former professional footballer who also played for Manchester United, Real Madrid, and Milan amongst others. Often labeled as ‘fashion world darling’ he has his own H&M collection that influences the fashion trends in the industry. Being a normal household man with a loving family, he instantly got recognition worldwide as a fashion icon, as he was the young started saying ‘’If he wore it, I can wear it too”. Earlier men’s fashion was just for gay men or strange people who were afraid to wear something special.



2. Brad Pitt:

This American actor and film producer who has won numerous awards for his acting skills has been one of the most influential and dominating figures in the American entertainment industry. For several years Pitt was the world’s most attractive man, as a result, his personal life is the subjected to wide publicity. His easy-going style and free-spirited nature is the source of inspiration for numerous men across the world. From his sleek suits to the rugged, masculine ensembles, this style icon has shown ways to look fashionable and trendy without overdoing.



3. Dwayne Douglas Johnson:

The former professional wrestler who is popularly known as “The Rock” is followed by a multitude of fans across the world not only for his acting skills but also for his stylish suits, sleeveless vest, gym shorts, and the iconic aviator sunglasses! Men can take fashion lessons from him on how to wear a loose white T-shirt with classic blue jeans and a golden necklace. He is often seen stylishly wearing a leather bomber jacket that gives him the real masculine looks. He owns his production company with the name of ‘Seven Bucks’ – as during his college years when he got off the flight from Canada to Miami he had just $7 in his pocket.



Ronaldo’s New Records In The First Round Of 2018 Fifa World Cup

July 6th, 2018

While records are made to be broken, we take a pause from current fashion trends for men and men’s latest fashion to look at the astonishing records of Cristiano Ronaldo that have been either equaled or broken by the end of the first round at 2018 FIFA World Cup.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo’s, 33-year-old legendary captain of Portugal team first goal against Spain catapulted him to the league of the players who have scored goals in four different editions of the tournament– Ronald became the 4th player in the World Cup history, the other three players are Pele, Miroslav Klose, and Uwe Seeler.



2. Ronaldo has also equaled the existing record of Ghana’s striker Asamoah Gyan of consecutively scoring in nine major international tournaments – eight if the Confederations Cup is not considered a major tournament. Ghana’s striker Gyan recently refuted the Ronaldo’s achievement, as he was the first one to score in the nine different major showpieces, namely 2006, 2010 and 2014 World Cups, as well as seven Africa Cups of Nations between 2008 and 2017.



3. Ronaldo’s second strike against Spain in the 2018 World Cup elevated him to become the second Portuguese to score a goal a goal from outside the box – the first one was Deco who scored against Oran in 2006.

Ronaldo’s hat-trick against Spain was momentous in history, as he not only became the oldest player to score a hat-trick but also the first striker to do so against the champs of 2010 World Cup.



4. Cristiano Ronaldo becomes the third Portuguese player in the history to score a hat-trick in a World Cup, after his predecessors Eusebio in 1966, and Pauleta, in 2002. In addition, he also matched his compatriot José Augusto Torres, who achieved the record in 1966 to score goals with head, right and left foot during a World Cup.



5. Cristiano Ronaldo also became the highest-scoring European in international history as he overtook Ferenc Puskas international goal record of 84 goals against Morocco. Iran’s Ali Daei is an all-time top scorer in the history of international football with 109 goals to his credit in a 13-year international career between 1993 and 2006.



3 Most Popular Professional Athletes In The World

June 22nd, 2018

Let us dive into the world of sports where name, fame, and money are easily earned if you are hardworking, consistent, and ambitious. We present to you the three most popular personalities in the world of sports.

1. Roger Federer, Tennis:

Currently Ranked No. 2, Roger Federer has won the most number of Grand Grand Slam single men’s titles in the World. This Swiss player has the record of being seated on the No. 1 slot in the ATP rankings for 309 weeks and was declared as the “Swiss Sports Personality Of The Year” for a record of 7 times. He is widely respected across the world of sports not only because of his exceptional style of play including flexibility to play on all types of courts, his brilliant footwork, eye-hand coordination and shot-making but also for his “controlled reactions” and his peaceful behavior in the matches irrespective of the outcome, in his own words Federer describes “I don’t get the anxiety during a match so much anymore. You know, to throw racquets, to toss balls out of the court, scream, and stuff. I almost laugh about it a little bit today when an opponent does it. But that’s something for me that’s not a problem anymore.”

Roger federe


2. David Beckham, Soccer:

One of the most famous male fashion icon, who is known to stir many latest fashion trends for men and ignite new male fashion trends, has 40 tattoos inked on his body with the names of his wife and children. On his left forearm his wife’s name ‘Victoria’ is tattooed on in Sanskrit. Beckham won 19 trophies as the professional footballer for English national team and captained them for 6 years. Beckham’s passing skills, crossing talent and bending free-kicks as a right winger is still famous and recalled by his fans across the world. In the International arena, he earned 58 caps in 115 appearances and participated in three FIFA World Cup tournaments. According to reports, Beckham is known to have obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) that he admits to “have everything in a straight line or everything in pairs.”

David beckham - soccer


3. Tiger Woods, Golf:

Woods has been a Buddhist follower that he admits teaches about “to stop following every impulse and to learn restraint”. Tiger Woods was considered as invincible in the game of Golf, as was not only No. 1 for most consecutive weeks but also the highest paid athlete for many years. In July 2017 he ranked at the worst of his career at 1005, mainly due to his personal deviations that he admitted “I thought I could get away with whatever I wanted to……I felt I was entitled. Thanks to money and fame, I didn’t have to go far to find them. I was wrong. I was foolish…obviously, I lost track of what I was taught”.

Tiger woods


6 Quick Statistical Facts About The Current Champions Of Fifa World Cup

June 19th, 2018

1. In Germany, “Fussball” is the most popular national sport, they are the defending champions of FIFA World Cup that was last held in 2014 in Brazil. Not only Germany has earned the highest Elo rating of any national football team in history, with a record 2205 points, but is the only European nation that has won a FIFA World Cup in the Americas! Taking a pause from latest fashion for men and a new trend in fashion for men, let us quickly delve into the team’s statistics to find more about the reigning champions.



2. Interestingly, Germany is the only nation that has won both the men’s and women’s World Cups. While the Women’s team won the World Cup twice in 2003 and 2007 tournaments, men’s team has won the four World Cups in 1954, 1974, 1990 and 2014.



3. The German team had won the Confederations Cup in 2017. German men’s team is amongst the 4 nations (Brazil, Argentina, France) that have won all the three FIFA Titles the World Cup, the Confederations Cup, and the Olympic Tournament (The team won the silver medal in Rio Olympics in the year 2016).



4. The 2014 World Cup Final is cited as one of the most interesting soccer matches in the recent history held at the Maracana in Rio de Janeiro on 13 July. In this thrilling match, Germany was billed as the World’s best team that was fighting against the World’s best player, Lionel Messi (Argentina). In the 113th minute, Germany’s Mario Götze’s scintillating goal helped them to beat Argentina by 1–0.



5. According to the statistics, the players in the German national football team who have scored the maximum goals in international matches as of March 2018 are Miroslav Klose with 71 goals and Gerd Müller with 68 goals while Thomas Muller has a distant 38 goals to his credit.



6. Franz Beckenbauer is considered as one of the greatest players in Germany who was nicknamed as the “Der Kaiser” (The Emperor) due to his graceful and domineering style of play. He was not only named twice as the European Footballer of the Year but also twice won the World Cup as a captain of the national team in 1974 and then as a manager of the national team in 1990. Adidas AG has been a dedicated kit provider to the German national team since 1954 when they initiated their sponsorship. Their contract expires in the year 2022.



5 Styling Lessons From The Most Stylish Men At Cannes 2018

May 30th, 2018

If you rigorously follow the new fashion style for men and the current fashion trends for men, then you cannot miss the fashion inspiration from the recently held 71st Annual Cannes Film Festival, 2018. We present the most stylish men at the Cannes that can give you serious styling lessons.

1. Benicio del Toro:

He was simply one of the best-dressed men in the lot. His dressing combination will give you numerous styling lessons on how to wear a white dinner jacket with a black bowtie. You should prefer to pick the same kind of sunglasses when you plan to enter into a formal occasion.



2. Teo Yoo:

His glen plaid suit is worth noting for fashion aficionados. You should also prefer to go sock-less when wearing loafers as this is the men new style. Do adopt his new trend in fashion for men by wearing a neat black t-shirt with rounded shades. You can look stylish, chic and mod both by being clean-shaven like him or can even boast stubble.



3. Chang Chen:

The best thing to learn from this Cannes Jury member, is the way to wear the latest fashion for men, the monochromatic black suit. The other pick-ups should be styled to match bowtie with the jacket’s leather shoulder panels. You can easily choose this attire for your next formal ceremony.



4. Luke Evans:

He is aptly wearing one of the most stylish attire that is rightly suited to his personality. The styling lesson that follows is to always look at your own physique, mood, and occasion before you finalize attire. Luke has happily ensconced the French surroundings and tuned into the latest fashion trends for men by combining striped sweater with lace-less sneakers. You can even look as smart as him by adhering to the essential grooming tips for men’s face.

2812-4-luke evans


5. Michael B. Jordan:

Now if you prefer to endorse Giorgio Armani and Piaget watch, then simply save his style for your next meeting. This Black Panther actor looks absolutely stunning at the screening of Fahrenheit 451, with his double-breasted tuxedo. The inspirational lesson for men is to wear accessories in the absolute right proportion when adoring tuxedo.

2812-5-michael B Jordan


5 Rules To Build Wealth After 40

May 11th, 2018

As you near the 40s, your responsibilities and priorities in life change from what you had in 30s as your parents are older, children’s education costs are growing, and your mortgage is still very much in existence. This is the right time to start accumulating your wealth for yourself and for the next generation. Let us see the ways in which you can build your wealth for a comfortable and fulfilling life after 20 years from now.

1. As you have realized by now the importance of financial planning, the trees of your foresight in the 30s have already started bearing fruits. Now is the time to scale up your vegetation of wealth to the next level. Not only your main priority should be to remain in a good state of well-being by adhering to suggested exercises for men and recommended diet chart for men but also to organize and optimize your financial affairs.



2. Start putting dates on your financial plans, as all plans should be measurable and accountable. Make a roadmap to achieve your objectives such as expanding the sources of income and learning new skills to broaden your talents that help you to elevate your current lifestyle.



3. You should include the yearly and monthly financial goals, budgeting, emergency funds, and cash flows for wealth-accumulation. An ideal strategy should include investments and wealth-preservation strategies such as life and health insurance for yourself and for your family.



4. The next thing you should do regularly is to review your plans and make adjustments according to the changing laws and the circumstances. Adopt few rules to make best use of money such as prepay your kid’s school fee if discounts are available, make extra mortgage repayments or just let this money sit in an offset account wherein you can have a cash reserve to draw on in the future, and invest in insurance bonds or in education bonds that can provide you the needed tax benefits. Bottom-line you should also start consolidating your debt by making extra repayments



5. If you are planning for next 20 or more than 25 years it is advised not to hold the money too conservatively, instead take unnecessary risk to achieve your objectives. You can use either your own cash flow (after tax savings) or by borrowing money to invest in a well-diversified opportunity that solely focuses on performance.



Best Biopic Movies Men Should Watch For Inspiration

April 30th, 2018

It is no doubt that the latest fashion for men is directly influenced by the movies, but that influence is just not limited to men new fashion, sometimes the biopic has a deep-rooted impact on the lives of people. We take look at the most inspirational biopic movies that you must watch

1. The Revenant:

One of the few memorable movies of Leonardo DiCaprio, wherein won his only Academy Award. The gruesome and courageous story of Hugh Glass whose indomitable spirit will inspire you to the core, as he will trek the mountainous routes to find his crew who had abandoned him in the wild. The way he survives through the ghastly injuries by a bear attack will surely make you or your partner cry!

The revenant


2. The Social Network:

The right movie if you are young and want to start something of your own. Not only will you learn the numerous entrepreneurial lessons but will also pick up the motivation to carry on with your ambitions in life. The movie is undoubtedly is a powerful commentary on modern times and is one of the finest films by David Fincher. Performances by Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield are simply fabulous. A must-watch for biopic lovers.

The social network


3. The Pursuit of Happyness:

The movie will teach you how to grow out from the struggles in life, based on entrepreneur Chris Gardner’s life this masterpiece is embedded with the powerful performances of Will Smith and Jaden Smith.

The pursuit of happyness


4. Gandhi:

One of the best biopic movies so far, Gandhi ‘s depiction by Richard Attenborough is just mind-blowing. You are sure to get absolutely immersed in this extraordinary timeless biopic ‘Gandhi’. The magnanimity of movie and the classical performance by Sir Ben Kingsley is beyond words. The story might not be relevant in recent times but the authoritative dialogues and powerful simplicity will make you respect Gandhi all more.



5. Lawrence of Arabia:

Possibly the grandest epic that you will love to see multiple times. This biopic is an engrossing story of British archaeologist T.E Lawrence and the pivotal role he played during the Arab revolt against the Ottoman Empire. Bottom-line is ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ is incredibly and skillfully cinematographed by F.A Young filled with the terrific performance by Peter O’ Toole that will surely leave you startled

Lawrence of arabia


5 Most Important Indian Scientists Today

March 9th, 2018

It is just not the bollywood movies, current fashion trends for men and gourmet cuisines that are putting India on the Global Map, we have some great minds that have challenged the very fundamentals of science. From the latest trend in fashion for men to the astrophysics concepts, we have great creative minds that have grabbed the worldwide attention, we present you the 5 most recent and important Indian Scientists.

1. Abhas Mitra

He is an Indian astrophysicist best known for his original and logical views on front-line astrophysics concepts, particularly on black holes and Big Bang Cosmology. Many scientists support his findings and consider his claim of resolution of black hole information paradox, presented 13 years before Stephen Hawking far superior! This great Indian scientist has also offered exact proofs of the ‘so-called black holes’ is not actually a true black holes. According to his research, the Big Bang solution is actually an illusion and he proposes the actual universe is fundamentally different from the Big Bang paradigm.



2. Anil Bhardwaj

Currently, he is the Director of the Space Physics Laboratory, Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, ISRO, Trivandrum in, India. This new-age Indian scientist is also a recipient of the Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award in 2007. His famous works include a Chapter for Encyclopedia of the Solar System (2007; revised in 2014), has edited 6 books, and has also written invited reviews for international journals, including Reviews of Geophysics. Mr. Bhardwaj is also the Guest Editor for numerous International journals.



3. Anil Kakodkar

This Indian scientist has the cardinal role in making India self reliant in deriving nuclear energy from thorium, he also played critical role in India’s nuclear tests. Mr. Kakodkar is known to have published over 250 scientific papers and strongly believes that India should be self-reliant in energy, especially through the se of thorium. He is believed to be engaged in designing the Advanced Heavy Water Reactor, that uses thorium-uranium 233 as the primary energy source with plutonium as the driver fuel!



4. Ram Chet Chaudhary

The formerly coordinator of the International Network for the Genetic Evaluation of Rice (INGER) is an Indian agricultural scientist whose works in agriculture have been published all across the world. Mr. Chaudhary has studied the production of rice and other crops in numerous countries right from Nigeria, Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, Myanmar to homeland India.



5. G. Madhavan Nair

The former Chairman of Indian Space Research Organisation, has done astounding work in the field of rocket systems especially in the development of multi-stage satellite launch vehicles. He and his team adopted several innovations and novel techniques to realise world class launch vehicle systems including the development of Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV).



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