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3 Best Night Clubs In The World

July 16th, 2018

If you are a party animal, you cannot miss visiting the best nightclubs across the world that offer not just entertainment but complete rejuvenation. Get yourself draped according to the men’s new fashion trends and new fashion trends for men as we present the 3 top most must-visit destinations for continent-hopping clubbers

1. XS, Las Vegas:

If you are visiting Las Vegas, we highly recommend you to visit XS nightclub at Encore, this club has been judged as the number one ‘hottest nightclub’ for five years consecutively in the United States by various agencies. The club’s design is inspired by the curves of the human body that offers a huge swimming pool, bottle service on the dance floor and unmatched elements like pyrotechnics, lasers and in-the-round DJ that is designed to be seen from anywhere in the club. You can book your table online to enjoy the thrilling performers of Chainsmokers, Kenny Loggins and The Gipsy Kings amongst others.



2. Womb, Tokyo:

Located in one of the most boisterous areas Shibuya in Tokyo, the main floor has an amazing giant mirror ball and all the 4 floors have ample space and mind-blowing sound systems. This club has been ranked amongst the top 3 clubs in Japan for more than 10 years in a row. The only drawback is that it allows only 1000 clubbers at a time. We recommend you to visit this club on the first Saturday of a month as the club hold a jam-packed drum and bass party on a special day, moreover, you will also be able to enjoy the peppy techno artists.



3. Green Valley, Camboriú, Brazil:

This club is located at Balneário Camboriú, in the Southern State of Santa Catarina, Brazil. According to the Forbes magazine, Balneário Camboriú boats the country’s two best clubs the Warung club and the Green Valley club. The best part about the club is its open-air atmosphere that does not make you feel claustrophobic by the drunken smoke. One of the best places in the world to enjoy man-made lakes, lofty trees and high-rolling party people in a true “festival-sized jungle”.



5 Best Night Clubs In Moscow During 2018 Fifa World Cup

June 26th, 2018

If you are planning to spend few nights in Russia, then you must be aware of the most active nightlife places in the country. Tune yourself according to the latest fashion for men and the men new style as we suggest you some of the trendiest bars in Moscow, as it is the best city in Russia that never sleeps.

1. Time Out Bar:

Located at Bolshaya Sadovaya, 13th floor of the Pekin Hotel in Russia this is one of the best bars in Moscow as endorsed by Tripadvisor. You can enjoy the cocktails from the terrace that will give you the mesmerizing view of the city or else stay at the indoor bar that has the beautiful entice the crowd. One of the best places to unwind and relax, after the soccer matches.

Time out bar


2. Strelka Bar:

Located at Bersenevskaya embankment, this bar is located in the most “happening zone” of the city. You will find everything shops, restaurants, bars and clubs that will entice you for the night. Strelka will serve you with exotic sumptuous food at one of the best rooftop terraces. The best place to visit during the summers, as the bar will offer enough reasons for you to stay longer.



3. Icon Club:

Located at Bolotnaya Embankment, as a foreigner, you need to be extra cautious for the amount you spend on food, drinks, and accessories. Although this club can be rated as one of the best clubs to have fun, if you are not careful with your calculations, you will surely end up being overcharged. It is advised to spend less and enjoy more at the club.

Icon club


4. Bar Gipsy:

Located at Bolotnaya Naberezhnaya, this really a spacious bar to enjoy food, drinks, and music with your gang of friends. They have astounding DJ, VJ and crowd, that will unwind yourself on the dance floor. Although the prices are more than the average, with the decent crowd and electrifying atmosphere, it is worth it.

bar gypsy


5. Chips:

located at Kuznetzkiy Bridge, is simply one of the coolest places to dine in Moscow. The serenity in the atmosphere will attract you, as you can rejuvenate yourself after a hectic day. With spacious halls, melodious music, and mouth-watering food, you can click a lot of memories here!



Russian Dishes That You Can Best Be Avoided During Fifa 2018

June 25th, 2018

If you are looking for a pleasurable trip to Russia, it is always advised to be more informed about the Russian food habits and cuisines. Due to dissimilar food preferences, foreign tourists often end up ordering and/or eating something they wish they could have avoided. To make your journey more memorable and fruitful here are the few dishes that we suggest, in the Russian menu can be avoided.

1. You must know that Vodka is a key ingredient that is used in Russian cooking and various recipes. If you don’t drink or do not want to get yourself drunk it is advised to avoid dishes that are made in Vodka or Vodka sauce especially pasta. Vodka is also widely used in bakery products as a substitute of water in Russia, hence it is recommended to carefully check the ingredients on the label before you buy bakery products for children. In Russia, pie crusts are also made crumblier with vodka and even seafood dishes and, cheesecake is prepared using Vodka so it is advised to enquire the food ingredients before ordering them in a restaurant.



2. Russian Holodets:We suggest you avoid this cold meat jelly, that is made by the Russians for holidays. This non-vegetarian cuisine is eaten cold and contains cooked chicken meat, parts of pork including cartilage (such as legs, ears, and even hooves). Although this is a traditional Russian dish that is enjoyed by natives on celebrations, foreigners especially Indians would not find it appetizing.

Russian holodets


3. Pelmeni:These are the Russian dumplings that consist of non-vegetarian filling – minced meat (beef, pork, lamb, or any other kind of meat), or fish that is covered within thin, bumpy dough. The filling is also generally mixed with different kinds of meats 45% beef, 35% mutton, and 20% pork. You can simply avoid this exotic Russian cuisine if you are keen to stick to Indian food sensibilities.



4. Hrenovuha:This is a type of strong vodka that is frequently drunk in parts of Ukraine and Russia. First-timers will find it tastes bitter, as it is made from root horseradish. Many Russian homes prepare this drink at home by adding varied spices such as pepper peas and garlic.



While you avoid the above cuisines on your vacation, do not forget to skip the suggested gym workouts for men and the recommended diet chart for men, to keep your body healthy and the spirit buoyant.

5 Russian Dishes That Any Indian Can Enjoy During Fifa 2018

June 25th, 2018

If you are already in Russia for FIFA 2018 World Cup or on a vacation and yearning for the distinctive Indian taste in the Russian food, move out from the Hotel’s gym where you are spending your time on the recommended gym workouts for men as we suggest you the Russian dishes that you can order. These cuisines will not only give you the needed “Desi” favor but will also suffice the suggested diet chart for men.

Russians are very flexible for the timings of the food, you can get food anytime, anywhere. Even if you are late for dinner, they do not mind you serving the meals alone which is unlike India and other European countries.

1. Blini:

The “vada pav” of the Russian Cuisine, that is considered as the most staple food available everywhere. You can safely eat these “thin pancakes” anytime during the day, as it is made from wheat flour to form a casing filled with fruits or cheese and are then fried or baked. Enjoy the blinis with honey, butter, sour cream, or jam.



2. Tula pryanik:

You can always carry with you the classic Russian gingerbread that is also highly nutritious as it is made from rye flour, honey, sugar, butter, eggs and various spices. You will be amazed to find it embossed with a decorative design on the front side, it is generally stuffed with sweet fillings.



3. Plov:

The Russian version of the very Indian dish “Pulao”, the Pulov is the best food you can have in the meals. With lots of veggies, soft yet crispy golden rice, this is almost similar to Indian Pulao except the use of chicken. You need to instruct the caretaker to specifically avoid non-veg ingredients, otherwise, this mouth-watering rice recipe is full of spices and flavors that will remind you of your Indian origin.



4. Olivier salad:

This famous traditional Russian salad dish is full of vegetables including green peas, carrots, onions, pickle, tart apples, diced and boiled potatoes, carrots and non-veg ingredients like eggs, and boiled chicken or ham. You need to instruct the cook beforehand if you prefer to have it without non-vegetarian ingredients. You will love this flavored cuisine that is usually dressed with mayonnaise.

Oliver salad


5. Solyanka:

This sour and spicy mushroom soup can be enjoyed with your meals, as it is made by heating slices of cabbage in butter with vinegar, tomatoes, cucumber pickles. Mushrooms and onions are later added as typical Indian “tadka” along with lemon juice.



3 Best Russian Cities To Watch Fifa 2018

June 19th, 2018

The world is watching 2018 FIFA World Cup that is currently underway in Russia. If you are planning to fly across to witness the game on the ground, do-not-miss the three main Russian host cities that will add pleasure to your entire itinerary. So, adore the new fashion style for men and new male fashion trends as you begin your journey to the following most happening cities in Russia.

1. Sochi:

The city on the black sea, is popularly known as ‘the summer resort city’ that hosted 2014 Winter Olympics, has a famous national park (Caucasian Biosphere Reserve) that lie in the surrounding Caucasus Mountains, you can also visit the Museum of Sorting Glory and the Nikolai Ostrovsky Literary Memorial Museum. This city is known for hosting numerous sports events as it has numerous sports facilities right from tennis to chess schools. The city also hosted the 2014 World Chess Championship between Viswanathan Anand and Magnus Carlsen in which Carlsen arose as the winner.



2. Samara:

The enchanting city that lies at the intersection of two Russian rivers, the Samara River and the Volga River. You get your trekking essentials to this adventures city as you can trek to the Zhiguli Mountains that lie in the popular Samarskaya Luka National Park. In the evenings you can taste the authentic Russian delicacies and plan to travel to cathedrals, synagogues, cathedrals, and mosques to experience the neo-classical architecture of the buildings. If you have more time visit the Samara Space Museum and enjoy the walk on the Samara Embankment.

Samaru Russia


3. Saransk:

At 643 Km from Moscow, this mystical Russian city that lies at the confluence of the Saranka and Insar Rivers. You can not only visit orthodox churches and mosques but can also lavishly spend your time at Mordovia National Drama Theatre and the Saransk Regional Museum. In the preparation for the FIFA World Cup, Saransk has not only upgraded the park of municipal buses and trolleybus, but a new road has also been built that directly links to the airport. You can also carve out your time to visit the popular wildlife destination, the Smolny National Park that is located about 80 kilometers from the north of the city of Saransk.



5 Best Adventure Holiday Destinations In Nepal

June 8th, 2018

Going beyond Everest, there is undoubtedly lot to explore in thrilling Nepal. You will carry back not just exquisite memories back to your home, but you can pick up incomparable wardrobe accessories that you can fuse with the latest fashion trends for men and the men new style.


1.Sagarmatha National Park :

One of the best places to visit in Nepal, as Sagarmatha National Park offers you not just mountains, glaciers, and valleys but also the world’s highest peak of Mount Everest. You will have to be tough-minded to experience all that, as you will need to do trekking to reach out to this national park. If you are tougher, you can also plan to make it to the base camp of Mt. Everest, and if you are toughest, scale up the Everest itself.




2.Langtang National Park :

This is one of the best places in Nepal for hiking, as not only this place is close to nature but also far less crowded. You can camp at various sites during your journey, provided you are carrying your basic hiking toolkit and accessories. It is advised to settle the camp near the Trisuli river and Sun Koshi river. The best trekking routes are located in the Langtang Valley, Helambu and Gosaikunda Lake.




3. Siddha Gufa :

The best place to explore the bizarre in the country. Remember to visit this extraordinary place that is the largest cave in Nepal. You can also choose to trek along the route from Bandipur to see this 437m deep and about 60m high natural wonder of nature. You can also choose to trek from Bimalnagar to reach the natural cave in about 45-60 minutes.




4. Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve :

This reserve is the best place for bird watching, as this is one of the rarest location in the world that boasts to have more than 500 species of birds. The smallest reserve that is located within the Terai National Park is simply the most serene and tranquil reserves in the country.


2614-4- Koshi_Tappu_Wildlife_Reserve


5. Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park :

This place is the best bet to travel on a motorbike, as this forest reserve will showcase lot of things you can simply capture in your mobile. You need to note that there are very few places of accommodation in this place. If you have time you can also make a quick visit to nearby Tibetan nunnery, Nagi Gompa.




5 Crazy Things To Do In ‘Amchimumbai’

June 6th, 2018

Undoubtedly, Mumbai is the most happening city in India. If you are visiting Mumbai, then do not miss the fun that not only ‘Mumbaikars’ have join them in their dose of fun activities. You will find men on the street not only in just adoring the latest fashion for men in India but also the new hairstyle for men in India. So fasten you’re your seat belts and get ready for the craziest things that you can do in ‘Amchi Mumbai’.

1. Get over your hunger with authentic ‘vada pav’:

As you arrive in Mumbai, do not straight away go to your palatial hotel – relieve your hunger by having the most authentic street food of Mumbai the iconic ‘vada pav’ with green chili and sweet sauce! You will easily be able to locate this popular delicacy at any sweet and snack shops in the city. You can also try multiple options of this delicacy by trying a “samosa” or “misal” instead of “potato vada”.



2. Sail in Mumbai:

Once you get to freshen up, the craziest thing you need to do is to sail around for an hour or two in an international class keelboat. You will simply love the strong and vast waters of Arabian Sea. You can book your luxury sailing excursion in Mumbai by an amazing J24 sailboat, that gives you 100 minutes ‘Hollywood themed’ ride.



3. Have fun at the Red-carpet Wax Museum:

It will be fun to click selfies with the global personalities right in a museum! You will be enthralled to experience this contemporary work of art, reflected in the sculptures of the legends including Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Mother Teresa and Albert Einstein amongst others. Remember to visit the museum between 11:00 am and 9:00 pm.



4. Bollywood Tour:

You absolutely cannot miss the tour to the most enchanting and vivacious area in Mumbai, a home to the Indian film industry – the Bollywood. You will be amazed to know about the behind-the-scenes stories of famous Indian actors right from Shashi Kapoor to Shahrukh Khan. The real-time shooting of sing and dance sequences and the famous studios of the famous directors will leave you awe-struck.



5. End your journey with a ride in ‘Mumbai Local Train’:

If you have energy left, end your journey with the ‘jam-packed’ ride in a local Mumbai train during the peak hours. You will surely need a cool shower bath after this “squeezy” ride.



5 Best Street Foods From Around The World

June 4th, 2018

While we regularly advise you to adhere to recommended exercise for men and the suggested diet chart for men, you surely cannot miss tasting the street food from the famous food streets around the world.

1. Hot Chilli Crab, Singapore:

If you happen to visit Singapore, you should not miss activating your taste buds with the most popular street food in Singapore, the hot Chilli crab. You can find this stir-fried food across the hawker centers across the city-state. The mouthwatering food is dipped in a sweet and sour sauce of egg, butter and tomato, prefer to have it freshly prepared in real-time.



2. Bhelpuri, India:

India is a land of foodies. You will find diverse street food across the different states in India, each area, district and state have its own specialty to offer. From Kulcha Chhola, Aloo Tikki and Chhole Bhatura in Northern states to Idli, Dosa, Uttapam in South, everywhere there is a variety of food available to ignite your senses. If you happen to be in Mumbai, try Vada Pav, and if in Patna do not miss the authentic Liti Choka. We will rate Bhelpuri as one of the best dishes that you can try in India, as this is meant for anyone and everyone. Simple to eat, easy to digest and not to spicy or too sweet, the best authentic snack of India that is full of nutritious value as it contains peanuts, puffed rice, fried vermicelli noodles and lots of assorted fresh vegetables like onion, tomato, green chilli and coriander leaves that are mixed in tamarind sauce or lemon juice.



3. Bunny chow, South Africa:

The Indian influence can still be felt in Durban, as this spicy dish is one of the most popular street food in Durban. You can locate it anywhere on the foodie streets as there is one of the foodie’s delight. This hugely popular dish consists of bread filled with a variety of thick curries containing spicy non-vegetarian fillings.



4. Pierogi, Poland:

As you arrive in Europe, make it a priority to taste special handmade dumplings Pierogi that is served all across Eastern Europe. Pierogi are prepared by beautifully shaping the dough of flour, egg, water, and salt into pouches that are then delicately filled with cheese, potatoes or meat, boiled and then fried in butter.



5. Poutine, Canada:

You will cover the world by having this luscious street food of Canada. Poutine will have crunchy, greasy fries that are amalgamated into cheese curds and gravy that is completely appetizing.



5 Unique Festivals Around The World

June 1st, 2018

This site endeavors to keep you updated about not just latest fashion styles for men, recommended gyms workouts for men, best diet charts for men but also about exceptional things in the current and the historic world that keep you ahead in the scheme of things at your workplace. We list the 5 unique festivals that you can be observant about if you plan to travel.

1. The Snow & Ice Festival, Harbin, China:

This must-watch festival happens in China between Jan. 5–Feb. 5 that brings out the best creativity in the world in terms of ice carving and sculpture making from snow. You will be awe-struck to watch the gigantic towers of ice, and the enchanting beauty of the statuettes. If you are anyways planning to visit China during this time of the year, do not miss to visit the Harbin festival.

2603-snow festival china


2. Holi Festival, India:

If you want to experience the ecstasy, hallucination and pleasure without any abusive substance, the head straight to India during the Holi Festival. This festival of North India is celebrated with natural colors that are either sprayed on mashed on your body with or without permission. It is advised to visit Vrindavan, Mathura, Barsana and or Udaipur to enjoy the festival it in the most authentic form.



3. Up Helly Aa Fire Festival, Lerwick, Scotland:

If you are heading towards Europe, then be watchful about this unique festival in Scotland that is organized during the last Tuesday of January. This unique festival that ‘plays with fire’ will leave you overwhelmed by the amazing costumes and the burning of a full-scale Viking ship.



4. Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany:

If you are planning for Germany, plan it between the last week of September and the first weekend in October. It is recommended to visit Munich’s original fair, as it also hosts one of the biggest beer festivals in the world. According to estimates, more than $100,000,000 worth of beer is served every day to mark the celebrations.



5. La Tomatina, Buñol, Spain:

If none of the above excites you, get into Spain during the last Wednesday in August where you will get tired playing with tomatoes and vegetables. This unique festival is known for pure vegetarian fun!



Best Places To Go In India For 10-Day Trip With Friends

June 1st, 2018

If you have 10 days for your vacation and planning to travel with your friends within India, then you should look for a location that is away from the city hustle-bustle, places that have abundant natural beauty, adventurous locations, remarkable hospitality and mind-blowing food.

We would highly recommend you to plan your next sojourn to the north-eastern states of India, these lesser explored places will surely rejuvenate your mind. The best states to cover in your first trip to north-east should be Assam and places in Meghalaya. Arunachal, Sikkim, Tripura, Nagaland, and Manipur should ideally be listed in your follow-up trips. So, style yourself up with the latest fashion for men in India, pack up your bags with the latest men’s fashion trends and fly away.



1. Land straight into Guwahati, the breathtaking capital of Assam. Pre-book your hotel stay in Guwahati for just a day. You can either hire a car or a bike to explore the hilly regions. Would recommend paying your quiet reverence to the famous Kamakhya temple in Guwahati, before you start roaring out. Then, head to the Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary, located at an hour’s drive from Guwahati, you can easily spend your rest of the day by enjoying jeep safari in the evening. You will easily be able to locate guesthouses that are located near the entrance or else pre-book your room from Assam tourism.



2. Your next destination should be Kaziranga National Park, the world-famous location to spot the wild. You will have to drive for nearly 3-4 hours to reach this exotic place of wildlife. You surely cannot miss an evening safari, as you will be mesmerized to the wilderness at its peak, right from the One-Horned Rhino to the Royal Bengal Tiger. You can opt for a homestay, to taste the local food and mingle with the locals.



3. Your next halt should be in Majuli, the world-famous river island. You will take 4-5 hours to reach this natural wonder from Kaziranga. Enjoy a boat ride, and travel through the river to experience the life of locals and the fishermen. Stopover in a nearby village to taste the gorgeous food from heaven.



4. Shillong should be your next stopover. After a massive nine-hour drive, this place will completely transform the mood. With hordes of enchanting places to visit in Shillong, you will love to stay here for few days. Do not miss the Lady Hydari park, the world’s oldest natural golf course and the Shillong Peak. You and your friends will also love to eat street food and pounce on Chinese electronic goods from the famous police bazaar.



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