5 Cool Facts About The Simulated Game Of Fifa 18

June 25th, 2018

1. Alex Hunter of FIFA 18 continues to win, as the sports game was not only nominated for several awards but also has been ranked as the “Best Sports Game” and by Game Critics and Reader’s Choice Best of 2017 won the award for “Sports Game of the Year” at the 21st Annual D.I.C.E. Awards.



2. With “Cristiano Ronaldo” highlighted on the retail cover, the FIFA 18, the game that simulates the association football was released worldwide on 29th, September 2017 for PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and even Microsoft Windows.



3. The new features of FIFA 18 include the introduction of playable characters like Danny Williams, Alex’s best friend, and Kim Hunter, Alex’s half-sister. Now you can even make Alex tuned to the latest fashion trends for men by customizing his clothes and even hairstyles. This updated men new style Alex Hunter, the 18-year old lad can now play in new locations in US and Brazil, earlier in FIFA 17 version Hunter was restricted to English Premier League and Championship.



4. Recently in May 2018, due to 2018 FFA World Cup, a free expansion was released that now has all the 32 on-ground teams in addition to the existing ones currently in FIFA 18 based on the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Moreover, now the players will be able to customize their World Cup and will be able to play in all the 12 stadiums of 2018 FIFA World Cup.



5. The best part for soccer fans is the inclusion of celebrity players in the game like Diego Maradona, who is added as an Ultimate legend along with the Pele and Ronaldo. Thomas Müller, Rio Ferdinand, Antoine Griezmann, Dele Alli, Gyasi Zardes, and Thierry Henry have been added to add the appeal in the game. The game of “Legends” has been updated as the FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Icons. that you can play on Xbox One, PS4 and even on the PC versions.


5 Fastest Piloted Flying Machines On Earth

June 8th, 2018

New male fashion trends and the current fashion trends for men are transient in nature they keep changing and evolving for the good. We take a review of the fastest flying machines in the world that are driven by humans.

5.MusclairII, The human propeller plane:

In 1985, an aircraft named Musculair II, flew with the power of human muscles in the air at a speed of 30 mph becoming the fastest human-powered flyer in the world! Surprisingly, this aircraft had a cycle driven propeller with massive wings and a small cockpit.




4. F8F, The piston propeller plane :

This astonishing aircraft that took flight in 1986, is propelled by a piston to reach a speed of 528 miles per hour. The concept of such an aircraft was mooted in WW II but became irrelevant as the war ended sooner than expected.




3. Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird, The jet propeller plane :

In the world of jet airplanes, this fastest aircraft holds the record of reaching the speed of 2193 mph way back in the year 1976. This aircraft was conceptualized and initially tested in the year 1964.




2. X-15, The rocket propulsion aircraft :

This fastest machine took to skies with a speed of 4,500 mph using the rocket propulsion. Interestingly, this machine was piloted by Mr. William Knight way back on 3rd October 1967.




1. Space Shuttle :

The space shuttles or the orbiters reach the speed of more than 17,500 mph making them possibly the fastest flying machine on and beyond earth. Interestingly the shuttles work on the principle of Newton’s third law that expels the burning fuel and as a result, thrust is achieved in the opposite direction.




6 Best Laptops That You Can Buy In India

June 8th, 2018

Going little ahead away from the new fashion styles for men, we will list the best available laptops in India that you can buy either for professional or personal purposes. These men new style will not only keep you alongside your work 24X7 but will also help you deliver power-packed presentations and experience entertainment using mind boggling multimedia tools, browsing and gaming applications.


1. Apple MacBook Air :

This is ultimate personal machine for someone who wants to use a laptop for entertainment, browsing, documents and style. Certainly not apt for professionals like designers or video editors, this machine will give you a backup of 9 hours, will have Intel i5 chipset and sufficient 128GB of SSD storage.




2. Dell XPS 13 :

One of the best available business laptops in India, as it has Intel Kaby Lake processor and ‘Infinity Edge’ display, that propel a 13.3-inch screen into an 11-inch frame. With a battery life of 22 hours, has 1TB M2 SSD drive and can further upgrade RAM to 16GB.




3. Lenovo Ideapad 320S :

This machine is meant for the masses, as it has almost everything in that price. With Intel Core i3 inside, 14-inch display and exceptional keyboard, this machine is apt to handle your daily routine work.


2802-3-Lenovo Ideapad


4. Acer Swift 3 :

One of the best machines if you want to avoid Mac ecosystem. This Windows machine has 6th gen Intel Core i3 processor, 4GB of RAM and 128GB SSD. This is the best alternative to MacBook Air.




5. ASUS Chromebook Flip :

Best suited for College students, this laptop is based around the Chrome browser. The most distinguishing fact is that it does not require as much processing power and RAM as Windows based machines. With backup of 10 hours, this classy laptop weighs only 1.2 kilos.




6. HP Spectre Pro 13 :

This is one of the best laptops for business purposes, as it completely takes care of your all business requirements. This trendiest business laptop has 6th Gen i7 processors from Intel and PCIe-based SSD storage of 256GB. The best part of this laptop is the multi-functional USB Type-C ports.


2802-6-HP Spectre


Review Of The Latest Asus Vivobook S14

May 30th, 2018

The latest craze for men is to follow the new fashion styles for men and new male fashion trends but also to keep track of latest gadgets and technological developments that can keep them ahead in the pack. The Asus’s latest addition to the Republic of Gamers (ROG) lineup is the VivoBook S14 let us review its features that can help you in your decision-making.

1. This machine is a gaming wonder for the enthusiasts as it is fitted with the 8th Generation Intel Core Processors and ‘NanoEdge’ display that looks stunning. Moreover, this machine is promoted by the company as ‘dedicated e-sports gaming notebook’.



2. The smartest point is the weight of the notebook that is especially designed for the travel freaks as it is on 1.4 kilos and can be easily packed up in your travel bag. The company also claims it to be highly durable as this machine has been undergone the simulated high-altitude test for 24 hours at 10,000 feet.



3.The other attractive part is its 14-inch Full HD in-plane switching (IPS) screen that has been accommodated into the frame of a 13-inch display. There are three options available depending on the buyers’ storage requirements 8GB of DDR4 RAM, 256GB SATA M.2 SSD and 1TB HDD storage. All-in-all the machine runs at good speed and has sufficient space for storage.



4.Keyboard is a backlit one with a multi-touch-supported touchpad. The company has also included the fingerprint scanner as an additional security measure. You will have ‘hassle-free’ login into your device as the VivoBook S14 works on Windows 10 Home that has integrated ‘Windows Hello’ support.



5.The last point to be noted is its fast charging that charges 60% in just 50 min, with a back of 8 hours. Rest of the features are comparable to similar products in the league like Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g/n/a), two USB 2.0 ports, and slots for SD and SDXC memory cards in a two-in-one card reader. Bottom-line this is a yet again a good to excellent product offered by the Taiwanese technology firm.



6 Easy Ways To Get More Control Over Your Ps4

May 30th, 2018

While you are busy following the latest men’s fashion trends and men’s latest fashion, one of the major worries on your mind can be your child’s activities with PS4. As the user-generated content has become mainstream with PlayStation 4, parents want to keep violence and adult content away from the young developing minds. Although Entertainment Software Ratings Board has been rating and monitoring the video games developed by publishers but with the recent trend of live streaming video content parents needs to know how they can instill controls into everything kids might do with their PS4.

1. Set up a separate child’s accounts:

You can easily track your child’s games by customizing PS4 experience if you connect to the PlayStation Network and have a PSN account. By having separate accounts you can define limits according to the age of your children, filter the content of the game that is available to your kids and keep a separate password protected the adult account.



2. Adjust the settings in parental control menu:

You need to maximize the use of the parental control menu on your PlayStation 4 as you can decide not only who can use, what they can use and how much they can even spend money on PlayStation Network store by selecting Parental Controls/Family Management menu. Either set-up entire console-wide restrictions by creating restrictions for multiple users or do that for specifically to your kid’s accounts by selecting it individually at the bottom of the screen.



3. Set limits even for the entire system:

You also need to set up the high-level controls by choosing to activate System Restrictions menu using a four-digit ‘restriction passcode’ (default code is 0000). You can restrict not only the new accounts but also on how a guest plays along with your kids.



4. Activate web filters:

The web filters will let you even filter the content on PS4’s web browser. You will need to buy filter subscriptions for blocking adult sites from being viewable on the browser.



5. Manage the default parental controls:

You need to set the age level for games, Blu-rays, and DVDs and restrict access to the PlayStation VR and the PS4’s onboard web browser for the newly created accounts or the guest accounts.



6. Switch back to the default state by temporarily disabling PS4 restrictions:

If you want to get back to the original unrestricted state, just disable your system restrictions. Remember to click that same button again to instantly get all your filters and controls back, just the way you wanted!


Vivo X9 Vs. Samsung Galaxy S9, Which Is Better For You?

May 15th, 2018

1. Men’s latest fashion is reflected not just in the wardrobe but also the mobiles. So when it comes to choosing a mobile, you can certainly take no chances. If you are intending to purchase handset but are confused between Vivo X9 and Samsung Galaxy S9 or Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, then go ahead with will help you in your decision-making.



2. If you are intending to use more of camera, want better sharpness (screen resolution of 1440 x 2960 pixels – 73% more than pixels Vivo X9) in your clicked pictures with faster processing (approx. 27% faster CPU than Vivo X9), enjoy multiple applications to run absolutely smoothly (approx. 50% more RAM than Vivo X9) and that is completely waterproof (at least 30 minutes in depth of 1.5 m of water) simply go for either Samsung Galaxy S9 or Samsung Galax S9 Plus that will come at a price of Rs. 57,900 and Rs. 64,900 respectively.



3. But if you want to look more stylish, tuned to men new style choose a sleeker (approx. 7% slimmer than Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus) phone that is comparatively at least 20% lighter than Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. Yes, Vivo X9 is not only easy to carry but also has more camera resolution (approx. 33% more mega pixels (MP) compared to Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus). While most of the other features are more or less equivalent, the astonishing part is the price of Rs. 21,656 that is less than half of Samsung Galaxy S9!



4. Both the smartphones have features like Face detection, Geo tagging, Panorama, and Touch to focus as both runs on a same operating system of Android, v8.1 (Oreo). While both the products are from reputed companies, Samsung is a well-known South Korean electronics giant with a proven track record of delivering products since 1938, Vivo is a Chinese company that was established in 2009 and has started making smartphones since 2015.



What You Should Know About Apple Tv

May 11th, 2018

The latest trend in fashion for men is not just to regularly follow men’s fashion blog but also know about the latest gadgets in the industry. We will tell you what more you can do with Apple TV, as the technology is getting deeper and wider.

1. Apple TV is one of the best streaming media player that you can use to watch not only videos but also listen to music and play games! The best part about Apple TV is that you can also use various apps from the Internet, not just the free remote app to control the Apple TV through iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Just take care all the gadgets should be connected to same Wi-Fi network.



2. Apple TV supports 4K Ultra HD and HDR video and has 32GB and 64GB options, and the free channels that are covered includes, ABC, ABC News, AOL On, Apple Events, Bloomberg, CBS News, CNBC, Crackle, Crunchyroll, Dailymotion, Disney, Disney XD, ESPN, Flickr, FOX NOW, FX NOW, FYI, HBO NOW, History, iCloud Photos and more.



3. You should connect Apple TV to your Netflix account easily need to select Netflix app in the App store, on the home screen. Once you can see Netflix app on home screen, you can download and watch movies on a television or even on your PC through its HDMI-enabled monitor or a TV-tuner card with HDMI or component video inputs.



4. You should note that the video streaming does not work properly without a strong wifi. It is also advised to use AirPlay that will help you to wirelessly stream movies, music, and photos from any iDevice (iPad, iPod, iPhone, or computer) to your television with Apple TV.



5. The Amazon’s Fire TV is a direct challenge to the Apple TV, that is the reason why declined to sell the 4th generation Apple TV but reversed the stance in 2017. Recently Apple has announced the 5th generation Apple TV, named Apple TV 4K, that supports 2160p output, HDR10, Dolby Vision, and includes a faster Apple A10X Fusion processor!



It is also important to note that Apple TV does not have a TV tuner, or a personal video recorder, that can only be applied to the by connecting home computer with various third-party products. It is advised to use PVR software to connect to iTunes and then enable scheduled HDTV recordings to play automatically through Apple TV for playback.

Amazing Things You Can Expect From Ultra-Fast 5g Network

May 11th, 2018

It is just not the latest fashion for men and new male fashion trends that are eagerly awaited but also the 5G network that is as much as 10 times faster than 4G. That means you will need only 30 seconds to download a 3D movie in 30 seconds compared to typical six minutes on your 4G wireless technology.

1. To run 5G, you will have to repurchase your handset, expect phone makers to line-up 5G compatible products from early next year. 5G is likely to disrupt many businesses, as it is likely to widely used not only by self-driving cars but also in medicine, transportation, media, and entertainment. Recently, spectators at the Pyeongchang Olympics not only just watched the sports spectacle of the Winter Olympics but also the previews of 5G compatible products that companies like Samsung and Intel were showcasing. Right from high-speed video streaming to virtual reality kiosks everything was tested by technology leaders in this city with less than 50,000 population.



2. The most amazing spectacle was the Live Virtual Reality 5G stations wherein fans watched on a real-time basis the performance of their favorite athletes very, very closely. They finally experienced the life without the delayed streaming, from any angle and any time. Intel’s tablets in the ‘spectator zones’ experienced the glimpse of 5G capabilities. It is also noteworthy that Intel is currently working on an imaging technology that will surpass HD, as it plans to launch Games in 4K and 8K video.



3. Hyundai also allowed spectators to test drive the self-driving, 5G compatible vehicle, Nexo SUV. This amazing car not only lets the owner control home devices such as lighting and security but also gives them the freedom to stream videos on the back seat instantly.



4. Samsung showcased the virtual snowboarding and cross-country skiing competitions for the visitors. Guests were also astounded to experience the lunar gravity through the exclusively designed “space mission” virtual tours. Companies think the display at the winter Olympics was just a prelude to Tokyo Games in 2020, where Olympic games village is likely to become a ‘smart city’ where intelligent cars will be able to communicate with traffic signals, athletes’ performance can be judged by their coach through the ‘smart suits’ and billboards can transmit information about the pedestrians on the road as 5G will not just be about smartphones but everything around you!



How Has #Deletefacebook Affected Facebook?

May 10th, 2018

1. Although Facebook is one of the leading sources for new fashion trends for men and but the recent outrage over the Facebook data leaks has prompted a worldwide #deleteFacebook campaign, with users publicly vowing to quit the world’s largest social network. People have been searching Google for ways to delete their Facebook account at this time the situation has gone over the board.

Although fans are hooked to Facebook for the simple reason ‘happiness’ that they derive out of this social networking software now they are looking for the alternatives – Snapchat and Instagram have emerged as the next best possible options.



2. For the past 14 years, Facebook had built a strong relationship between users and the activities that give them so-called happiness. Deleting Facebook will not necessarily make the loyal user unhappy, but the addition of scrolling the pages has to end somewhere, perhaps the stage has arrived.

The recent incident of privacy violations have deeply impacted Facebook’s loyal users, moreover, the support received from industry leaders have globalized the campaign. Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk to Whatsapp co-founder has publicly announced to delete their Facebook pages.



3. The idea of deleting Facebook has also received the backing of the scientific community, as according to experts the social media has a direct negative effect on user’s mental health. According to one of the leading research study has indicated a decline in the mental health is directly impacted by an increasing the activities on Facebook. It is similar to excessively watching television or talking to friends on the phone as it replaces the on-ground social activities.



4. There’s also a spike in “delete Facebook” searches by the news that Facebook has been actively associated not only with fake news, falling stock but also with glaring data breaches. This broad cultural backlash against social media technology will surely impact the functioning of the various other online networking platforms.



5. Although many platforms including mobile and web-based apps now require a Facebook account, users are finding a way out of it by either switching it to Google or directly using their personal Email accounts. Many dating apps require having a Facebook account and deleting an account on Facebook means deleting all private contacts associated with the app. Users will certainly have to decide their priorities before they want to go ahead.



6 best smartphones in the world to buy online

March 30th, 2018

Like fashion, technology is always changing for the good. New fashion style for men is to not just to flaunt biceps but also the best available smartphone. We take a review of some of the best available smartphones available that are part of latest fashion styles for men.

6. Sony XZ Premium :

If you want a reliable, long-lasting phone look no further with the awesome screen, impeccable software, and great design this previously priced phone at $800 is now available for less than $600 on Amazon.

2401-sony (2)


5. The Moto Z2 Force :

With unmatched durability, this smartphone is not only resistant to cracking but also gives you good photos in a 5.5-inch AMOLED screen with a razor-thin frame. This phone is appropriate for the guys who are often ready to explore rugged looks, then being tuned to fashion 24×7.



4. Galaxy Note 8 :

It is the first phone that knocks you if you are looking for both beauty and brains. This phone has an opulent design, ultrathin borders around the screen, a classy display, swift performance that will give you classical shots with its dual-lens camera system. The unique attraction is the stylus and associated features inherited from Samsung’s Galaxy S.

2401-galaxy note


3. One Plus 5T :

This is the best phone if you are someone who looks for bargains this fantastic Android phone will not only give you more memory than any other smartphone but will also amaze you with portrait mode pictures. With the lucrative starting price of $500, this is undoubtedly one of the ‘smart’ smartphones you can buy online.



2. The iPhone 8 Plus :

The best bet if you want to come into Apple’s fold, with an astonishing dual-lens camera you will end up becoming a smart photographer at least amongst your circle of friends. With the available price of $800, this is a sure shot for upwardly mobile guys.

2401-apple 8-iphone-8-header-no-wm


1. The iPhone X :

The best bet if you want to come into Apple’s fold, with an astonishing dual-lens camera you will end up becoming a smart photographer at least amongst your circle of friends. With the available price of $800, this is a sure shot for upwardly mobile guys.



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