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5 Best Qualities Of Men That You Must Have

August 3rd, 2018

There are some essential qualities in men that define him. In continuation with our intent to inform you about the new male fashion trends and current fashion trends for men, let’s us ponder on the 5 best qualities of men that ideally, you must possess.


1.A Gentleman Spirit :

You should live by a true gentleman spirit by being courteous, respectful and considerate towards everyone around you and not just women. Being masculine and showing manliness does not always means showing your “rugged” side but at the end of the day, what really works with everyone is a love, peace, and harmony. You will have to know your limits and the lines of decency.




2. Fearless Hero :

The best part of being a man is that you are fearless in most of the situations, now how you utilize this power of fearlessness is your wisdom and intelligence. As a man, you should overcome any eventualities and circumstances imposed by nature or by others for which you largely have no control. A fearless guy should look straight into your eyes and convey his mind after the needed deliberation. Any guy that has not that quality, is weak. Do not become one.




3. Faithful Legend :

Irrespective of what media showcase and depicts, a man is known by his true spirits of commitment, dedication, and loyalty not just in relations but also in his work. All religions, all scriptures promote this eternal quality, and noblemen who understand the importance of faithfulness also have infinite patience, self-control and truthfulness imbibed in their personalities. Always abide by what has been advocated by our predecessors especially when it comes to eternal values.




4.Every word means :

A true man will stick to his word. You must speak what you really mean and must do what you say. This eternal quality actually represents the seriousness, trustworthiness and his mindset. Men who stay by their word are far more reliable than those who don’t, be a hero for yourself first than for others.




5. Self-belief :

A true man will always show belief and resoluteness in his thoughts, words, and actions. This is not an inherent quality, everyone can develop this characteristic with time, through his actions. This starts with the absolute control over one’s thoughts and associated reactions. A true man is always confident and not over-confident, he always humbly acknowledges the spirit in others.


5 Powers That You Should Invoke In Your Prayers

August 3rd, 2018

While we keep telling you about the ways to keep yourself physically strong by following suggested gym workouts for men and recommended diet chart for men, let us also talk about something that will nurture your mind and develop yourself into a more peaceful, fearless and balanced individual.


1. Pray for everlasting relationship :

You should have an everlasting relationship with God, irrespective of what comes your way. Always believe that whatever happens in our life, happens for the good. Our trust, faith and friendship with the almighty should be permanent.




2. Be in light and power :

We all are essentially children of one mighty power of universe. Pray for light and power for everyone, every day when you worship. Not only remind yourself about the infinite power you have as a child of God but also see yourself as a reflection of the supreme authority.




3. Pay gratitude :

Thank all mighty lord for his gifts that he has bestowed on you. You need to realize the value of tangibles and intangibles in your life. Promise to yourself and to almighty that you will never misuse these gifts and powers to harm anyone for any reason.




4. Pray for strength :

Pray almighty to give you enough strength to face any situations in life. Believe that by doing so, you will actually face people, and situations with courage, patience and self- control. You should practice these values daily to strengthen your grip.




5. Pray that you may avoid temptations :

You should pray that for infinite belief in your values so that you can easily avoid the temptations in life. Develop a life that is built on integrity and truthfulness. If you have role models, pick up all the good things you can from their lives.




6. Pray for courage to defeat everything negative :

Always consider yourself to be on the God’s side, wherein you can easily win over the negativity that is all around. Remember that you have inherent power to diffuse confusion, disappointment, worry, stress, and hatred that engulf most men.

7. Believe you are a powerhouse of happiness :

You need to believe that you essentially are a powerhouse of happiness and you do not search for happiness in objects, relations, and comforts but you have the power to spread happiness anywhere anytime to anyone.

5 Myths About Men: Busted

August 1st, 2018

We live in a confusing age, where major belief systems are breaking down. Some major myths and stereotypes still continue to exist in diverse cultures, let us look at the 5 major myths about men. These are the myths of masculinity that have directly influenced the new trends in fashion for men and new male fashion trends.


1. Real Men are Physically Strong :

As depicted in movies, the public at large still believe that real men are physically big, strong and attractive. Fashion industry still revolves around that classic myth, but in reality, we hardly see the truth. The most powerful man on earth, possibly the President of the United States is physically old, weak and stout! Clearly, the power exists not in the physical strength alone, but numerous other factors such as place of origin, your own thinking, your actions and your own spirit.




2. Most Men are Emotionally Strong :

It is generally believed that men are far less sensitive to emotions as compared to women. According to the latest reports, men’s emotional quotient is not very different from women, they also have nearly equal emotions as that largely depends on the natural factors like upbringing, cultural beliefs, and personal capabilities. Major cultures across the world expect women to reveal certain emotions in open but expect men to suppress them.




3. Real Men Do Not Shed Tears :

Most cultures believe that men do not shed their tears, they are inventive to pain and misfortunes in life, unlike women who do that quite often. In reality, men do shed the tears, when the social pressures are not binding them. They can react with the same intensity as women, but in a way, society teaches them to have more control over their reactions in the response to the ever-changing external situations.




4. Real Men Are Great Lovers :

This is a belief that has developed from the movies that portray men to unlimited desires and unrealistic fantasies. Pornography and adult film industry are the major cause of corrupting the human mind towards unhealthy practices and unnatural expectations from men. This kind of entertainment has actually caused the devolution of the real natural manhood, unlike other species on earth.




5. Men’s Income is True Reflection :

This myth has borne out of capitalism that promotes “materialism and consumerism”. Due to this system in most of the societies, men have not only become workaholic but also inconsiderate towards others due to the feelings of competition and selfishness. Earlier men’s reputation was judged by the kind of acts he used to conduct in the society and the profession he chooses to earn for his livelihood.




4 Thin Lines That Every Man Should Not Cross

August 1st, 2018

There is a fine line between a foolish and being faithful. While being faithful largely means to remain steadfast to your goals, vows and promises till they are relevant, being foolish are blindly sticking to goals, vows and promises even after the game is over. That game may be a full lifetime, a contract or a relationship you always need to know the “fine lines” in life. Going beyond the stories in latest fashion for men and a new trend in fashion for men, let us know those four lines that every man should not cross.


1. One-man army :

There is no one man army that exists in the real world, other than in sci-fi movies. No single person can bring a revolution, you will have to enfold people into your loop to scale up in your life. You can be the most intelligent person on earth but you cannot single-handedly bring about the inventions. You will always need the help of others, you will always need a team to support your actions and you will always need followers who believe in your aims and objectives. Most men don’t realize the thin line when they cross over to the stage where they overburden themselves with tasks that can be easily distributed and profited.




2.Till the last breath :

There is again a fine line between commitment and perseverance. You may be trying your level best but when situations knock you down how many times are you ready to stand up again? Most men tend to quite easily because they think that they have tried their level best and now could not do more and switch the sides. But perseverance essentially means trying till your last breath, because you believe that there is a way out. Giving up in a marriage, a relationship with an estranged parent or the pursuit of our dreams think twice about your boundaries.




3. Knowing everything :

You can never know everything in the world. This may sound strange because many times we question others by saying “leave it, I know more than you” or “What do you know”. Let us understand the difference between ignorance and knowledge. Men are often unable to understand the web of “unconscious incompetence”, that cloud our mind with a belief that we know everything but we tend to forget the most simple, ordinary and fundamental ways to doing things.




4. Wastage of Time:

There is also a fine line between utilization of time and being productive. For the sake of doing men preoccupy themselves with work that is really not productive. Even though you are properly utilizing your time but if it is not productive at the end of the day, it was a sheer waste of time, money and efforts. That may sound too “bossy” but the stakeholders know this fine line and hence, they very often complain about it in their staff.




Signs That Covey That You Are A Man Of Conviction

August 1st, 2018

In a digital world where everything is decided on the social media platforms, hardly we come across and meet men who work on-ground and get the things sorted out. Yes, we are talking about the men of conviction, the ones who are really solid from inside as they know how to get things done on time, they don’t force others, they guide. Let us pause our journey in the latest fashion for men and men new style as we tell you the simple signs of being a man of strong conviction.

1. You are a pacifier :

If you pacify the situations and the people who are in conflict, you surely have the characters of those men who have conviction in their abilities and others. You tend to calm down the situations by listening to everyone and giving a judgment that is not prone to personal prejudice and preferences. You are not driven by emotions, rather are more rational and practical.



2. You have infinite self-control :

Your decision making is not influenced by sensory pleasures like money, lust, comforts etc. If you have developed the control over your needless desires and unsuitable comforts in life you have truly come off your age. Your sense of self-control over the temporary pleasures in life has evolved, you consider spade a spade even if your wealth is on a stake. You sincerely believe that have the capabilities to bring back everything that is temporary in life.



3. You guide :

Your mission is not to compete with others but to guide others if they are willing to listen to you. You suggest them the right solutions based on your wisdom but leave the decision making to them. You know everyone is the best judge for himself or herself, and everyone should decide on the basis of his/ her capabilities and strengths, as what is easily possible for you might be very difficult for others. Your role as a guide is perfect and everlasting.



4. You discern :

Being a man of conviction means the wisdom to discern between the right and the wrong from all perspectives. You are not perplexed by the situations, like you what is the right thing to do at the right time and in the right situation. Since you take decisions that are righteous in the long-term you often take risks that are not faced when opting for shortcuts. You use your mind and law of nature more often than others.



3 Happiest People In The World

July 31st, 2018

We keep informing you about the things that matter to you, fashion, sports, grooming or entertainment. Let us take a pause from the latest fashion trends for men and new fashion style for men and look at the key characteristics of the happiest people in the world.

1. Those Who Forgive :

To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you. Forgiveness is the perhaps the best gift that you can give to others and to yourself, no matter the situation and no matter the sin. You should always have the power to forgive others, irrespective of what they have done to you. Taking revenge is the just opposite of forgiving, make it a habit to always radiate blessings to even your worst so-called “enemy”. By forgiving you not only keep your mind away from unnecessary thoughts, but you also utilize your power of thoughts in the right direction.



2. Those Who Forget :

You cannot be defined by your past, let the past stay in the past forever. The moment you start thinking of your past, it becomes your present. You should always believe, imbibe and inculcate the values of peace, love, trust, and truth in your dealings with others, irrespective of what have been your experience with others. Learn lesson but do not compromise on your values in life. Live again, to love again, and to trust again, despite the pains of the past. Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future. Plan for the future, spend time in your present this is the essence of living a happy and contented life forever.



3. Those Who Let Go :

“Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” – Jesus of Nazareth. Live by this spirit throughout your life, be willing to release control over others. You need to understand that nothing, absolutely nothing is in your absolute control. Change is an ultimate truth in the world, the only thing that is constant in the world is change. You will have to realize that you can only advice and guide others but cannot force them to always perform what you think is right. The happiest people always let go, they let go of others who are not willing to listen, they let go of their past, they also let go their painful memories and everything that unnecessary burden their mind.



Do not expect your life to be free from problems, how you deal with them essentially matters in life. You always have a choice either to keep remembering about the past, keep criticizing others, and keep trying to control others or you can move on. The happiest people in the world follow the above three rules in life.

World’s 3 Most Famous Chocolate Bars

July 31st, 2018

You do not get the true taste of the life if you have not still tasted the world’s best chocolate bars. Taking a pause from men’s latest fashion trends and a new trend in fashion for men, let us review 3 most famous chocolate bars in the world.

1. Amedei:

This chocolate is certainly not for the ordinary and the budget conscious guys, it is simply for the men who want to taste the best of what life could offer. Amedei bar costs nearly $160 per pound that is sourced from Venezuela and is made by world-famous female chocolatier, M. Cecilia Tessieri. Amedei has its popular stores in Dubai and New York where most delicious chocolate is offered in the form of cupcake costing $27,000 and a sundae that costs $ 1000 respectively. One of the products of this Tuscany based brand Amedei Porcelana is known as the world’s most expensive chocolate. This Italian brand is widely considered to be one of the finest chocolate producers in the world, next time you come across their outlet, do not miss to gulp their famous chocolate bars, truffles, and pralines.



2. Leonidas:

The next best chocolate is from Greek chocolate manufacturer who founded an international chocolate company in Belgium. The famous offerings from this most famous chocolate company include pralines (chocolate shells with soft fillings), marzipan, solid chocolates, and other confectionery items. The famous love affair of the founder is equally well-known, the story started in 1910 when Leonidas Kestekides fell in love with Belgian girl after debuting his winning pralines at the World Fair in Brussels. As his preparations started winning awards and recognition he started selling from his stores in Brussels and Blankenberge. Today Leonidas is so popular that it is sold worldwide in more than 1,500 storefronts. With the tagline “democracy in chocolate,” they aim to reach every person on earth who enjoy eating delicious chocolates.



3. Bovetti:

The chocolates that are known from high quality and mesmerizing taste, these high Tate chocolates use only pure cocoa butter and top quality raw materials. In 1994, Walter Bovetti established the Bovetti Chocolate Company in Aubazine, France and started selling the unique chocolate candies shaped in the form of nails and tools. The company source its beans from the “chocolate island” plantations in the coast of Gabon, a reason why it’s offers that peculiar high-quality Single Origin bars. With more than 150 different kinds of chocolate bars, we recommend you to taste the ones with the refreshing flavors ginger, lavender petal, dried tomato or chili. You should also try out their savory-sweet products including Apéritif Chocolates that include chocolate-coated fennel, mustard, anise seed, rosemary and even coriander.



4 Most Important Goals In Life For Men

July 31st, 2018

When you setting goals for yourself, you are often perplexed about what should be your priorities in life. Taking a pause from men’s latest fashion trends and a new trend in fashion for men, we present the 5 most important goals in life for men that will help you to plan your next 10 years.

1. Harmony in Relationships:

Whether you are unmarried or married for years now, the most important goal in anyone’s life should be to have harmony in your relations. Although you cannot control the behavior of others, you can certainly choose ‘how you react’. It should be an endeavor to radiate love, peace and care towards everyone around you, especially your near and dear ones.



2. Stability of Mind:

More than anything else in life what matters the most is your own state of mind. Your patience matters when you have nothing, and your attitude matters when you have everything with you. The more stable you are, the more are the chances of you choosing the right direction and delivering the right performance at the right time. Instability means flooding up your mind with irrational and unproductive thoughts that ultimately result in undesired outcomes.



3. Physical Health:

Everyone should pay gratitude to almighty for giving you the abilities to do the things you are currently doing. Body is a temple of our soul, you should always nurture it in the best possible ways you can. Never misusing the powers bestowed on you to gratify or harm yourself or others. Neither you cannot afford to ignore your health nor can become obsessive about your looks. You should make a daily regimen and adhere to the recommended exercises for men and the planned diet chart for men.



4. Wealth and Career:

You should have annual, monthly, weekly and daily priorities in life because that will push you towards your ambitions in life. Stick to your passions, the game or an instrument you love playing as they will add variety to your lifestyle. If your hobbies are not your profession, then take out time for them on a regular basis because they will ultimately motivate you towards the bigger achievements in life. You cannot become a billionaire by doing what others are doing, you will have to do things differently to achieve different things in life. Do not copy others, let others do the same.



7 Things That People Lie About Most Often

July 27th, 2018

We often speak on daily basis so much of lies, mostly harmless that we have become accustomed to it. Let’s take a pause from latest fashion for men and men’s new fashion trends and analyze the “common lines” that we use on daily as a societal norm to live in our system.


1. I am fine :

It is very pretty common to come across the question “How are you?” and your impromptu answer “Fine, you?” but have you deeply analyzed for once that this shorthand answer is actually a pack of lies. So next time you answer the question as “Fine”, think twice, if you truly say what you feel, say the right thing or just carry on with the societal norm!




2. I am just 5 minutes away :

How many times have you noticed this little white lie coming out of your mouth? Next time says the truth that you have not yet started. This is a more common line for office goers and youngsters who always target to get the things done on time, but often land up getting late to their pre-fixed schedules.




3. Yeah! I am listening :

One of the most common answers when someone asks “are you really listening?” Your heart knows that you haven’t even paid attention to a single word! Your mind is elsewhere and your ears are hearing something that for you is not really important. Check next time when you say this most frequent lie to your boss or your social ones.




4. Just kidding :

You actually mean it but you do not want to get into trouble. Either you said something that was intentional or out of your feelings but you are not sure how will the listen react to it or already reacted to it. The line that will “save” you from the situation is ‘just kidding’ because by listening to this there is still a possibility to retract your words.




5. Let’s keep in touch:

For god sake do not say this line to the genuine fellows you come across! This line has become so common that everyone knows it is a societal way to say ‘you will probably never hear from me again’. It is better to say upfront what you mean rather than joining others in a norm that is nothing but a polite way to say “bye forever”.




6.Oh yeah! That makes sense :

You have said this to your seniors, your juniors and to your wife, girlfriends, buddies and just to everyone that you have really met! As you know from inside that this is a pretty normal thing, not something extraordinarily great, but you are left with no other option but to support it for now. Next time just check your affirmation to everything around.


7.It wasn’t me :

The last thing on the list is something you don’t accept even if you do! Even though flatulence is a common thing for most people but they do not accept when they are in a group traveling together or perhaps in a closed-door meeting because there is no “visible evidence” to it. So next time you fart, either accept it loudly or go elsewhere to do so that no one gets disappointed!

6 Best Gifts That You Can Give To Yourself

July 27th, 2018

The greatest gift that you can give yourself is a little bit of your own attention. You need to spend time with yourself, those moments of solitude and positivity is a foremost gift that you should give very often to yourself. Let us see what are the other priceless gifts that you can give to yourself in a world that is full of work, conundrum, and conflicts.


1. Rest :

After a hectic week, month or year, the best gift anyone can really get is “rest”, a peaceful restful sleep is just as important than your work. Do not just go on vacation but make your work itself a vacation, enjoy your work to the extent you feel relaxes, peaceful and contented all the way through your journey. Do not find time to rest, let your work give you rest.




2. Love :

Give as much love as you can to yourself and to others. Let your thoughts, words, and actions speak for themselves. You do not have to convey your love by displaying it, let is radiate like sunshine. Keep giving it to your loved ones, your colleagues and everyone around you in a manner that does not ask for reciprocation. Give it without expectations in an unlimited form.




3. Career :

The best gift you can also give to yourself is a career that you admire. Do not be an admirer and mere spectator in your life, move out of your living room and perform. Business, Sports, Entertainment or perhaps anything, do in life what you really love doing. Amount of wealth is only a reflection of your passion, commitment, and wisdom. There is perhaps no better gift than living in the moments that you dreamt about.




4. Wisdom :

This gift differentiates you from others. Wisdom is not intelligence or experience, it is the power to take the right step in the right direction at the right time. It is because of this precious gift some men are more productive, efficient and effective than others. Wisdom can be gathered by listening carefully to the lessons taught by time, events and destiny in our lifetime. You can listen, really listen from nature, animals and from the experiences of others ‘coincidentally’ or forcefully!




5. Good health :

You do not just have to perform gym workouts for men and adhere to the recommended diet chart for men to stay in good health, you will also have to keep your mind and spirit in absolute perfection. Practicing meditation, feeding in the right information into your mind and staying in silence is also a part of being in good health. Check every thought that crops up in your mind about yourself and for others, if it lies in the negative zone, then it is time to give more time to your practice sessions both indoor and outdoor.




6. Good friends :

The last best thing you can give to yourself is the company of good friends. Always know that God is your best of the buddy forever, and it is his reflection that you see in your near and dear ones. If you truly believe in friendship, forge an everlasting bond with the almighty before you start searching in the existence around you.




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