Top 5 Hairstyles To Look For In Fifa World Cup 2018

June 12th, 2018

Hairstyles define a footballer’s personality on the ground that is the reason why most celebrity footballers keep experimenting with their looks. Right from the legends like David Beckham to FIFA 2018 hottest players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Sergio Ramos and David de Gea all have worn eye-catching hairstyles.

1. Neymar look:

This young Brazilian is the coolest footballer in FIFA 2018, his hairstyles have always been popular among the football fanatics. Irrespective of the team you support, you just cannot ignore the trendiest undercut of Neymar that is not just modish but completely low on maintenance.



2. Cristiano Ronaldo look:

Before you opt for a mohawk, quiff or a comb-over this football season, you got to check out the latest hairstyle of this most stylish player on the ground. Ronaldo is known to be uncompromising with his looks on or off the field you will always find him in absolute stunning personality that dominates over all the other players in the competition.



3. David de Gea look:

If you are really serious about football, you ought to follow this hipster in FIFA 2018 World Cup. In last World Cup, his famous man-bun became the new trend in fashion for men with famous celebrities like Zac Efron and Leonardo di Caprio sporting that men new style at times.



4. Sergio Ramos look:

This man is attracting all eyeballs in FIFA 2018 World Cup not only because he is leading the Spanish national team as a captain and a central defender but also for his recently cross-breeded haircut that combines features of both the popular crew cut and the stylish Caesar’s cut. Try out this hairstyle if you want to look energetic and alluring like Sergio on the ground.



5. Manuel Neuer look:

Manuel is one of most notable footballer in the world, who is known to have a great sense of cutting. Manuel tends to show up with uncomplicated hairstyle that looks stunning as well as polished. If you want to look cool yet practical, go in for this style during FIFA 2018 World Cup.

2824-Manuel-Neuer Hairstyle


Latest Healthcare Trends That You Should Know About

May 16th, 2018

Healthcare is one industry that that touches everyone. With the onset of digital age, technology is affecting not just the latest men’s fashion trends and men new style but also the healthcare industry where there is a massive transformation on track, we present the top five upcoming trends in the healthcare industry.

1. Medical Treatments through Augmented Reality:

Doctors are now actively using the AR (Augmented Reality) procedures to analyze and accordingly diagnose various ailments. The AR training is now actively being imparted to medical professionals that are helping them to integrate, populate and visualize the patient history and the diagnostic representations right in front of their eye screens.



2. Personalization of the Healthcare:

As the detailed information of the patients is readily available to the healthcare professionals, inefficiencies in the healthcare procedures have been massively reduced. Doctors are now consulting the patients on a real-time basis, irrespective of the physical location. Doctor to patient and Doctor to Doctor remote communication has become fast, transparent and precisely ‘real-time’.



3. Online Health Communities:

With the emergence of social media, thousands of online health communities have been formed either by the patients or by their peers. In these OHC’s (Online Health Communities) patients and peers share their experiences on real-time basis helping others like them who are intending to undergo the treatments or are suffering from the similar diseases. Patient experiences, ratings of doctors and even feedback related to their treatments at the healthcare institutions are shared on a real-time basis.



4. Wearable Devices for Health-Conscious people:

People can now track their health themselves, on real-time basis just by wearing “health-tracking devices” that monitor their heartbeat, calories, sugar level, eyesight, anxiety levels and much more. They can accordingly take the preventive and the corrective measures, without waiting for the services to arrive.



5. Smart Hospitals are on-ground:

Right from smart patient beds to robotic surgical procedures, everything has undergone a change. Monitoring health of a patient is just not limited to hospital nurses, smart machines are tracking and diagnosing the patients 24X7, minimizing the chances of human lapses and errors.



5 Vedic Secrets Of Longevity That You Should Know

May 14th, 2018

1. If you want to live more, you must refer to ancient Indian scriptures that hold the secrets to extend one’s life not only in terms of longevity but also on ways to be disease-free forever. The ancient system of medicine, Ayurveda has answers to most of the problems that we face today. Modern research is perplexed by the accuracy of the solutions recommended by Vedic literature for most of these modern-day ailments.



2. Vedas advocate not only to maintain strict diet chart for men but also suggested an exercise for men, as they suggest that the three pillars of life are diet, sleep, and self-mastery. These three pillars are supposed to be the very foundation of having good health and longevity.



3. To a long, happy life, you should eat the right food to live, in Sanskrit “Aaharah Praanah” means, food is like a synonym for life. Right food if taken moderately with right feelings act like a direct blessing from the nature that nourishes and ultimately determine the quality of our consciousness. So, next time when you eat, reflect on what are you eating, how you are cooking, when and in whose company are you eating. As claimed by Vedas that if you remain alert on all these aspects, your overall health will improve thereby increasing your lifespan. If you want to know more about what to eat then you can refer to Ayurveda diet charts that recommend the use of ghee, fresh butter, spices and herbs in cooking.



4. An undisturbed and restful sleep is highly recommended by Vedas, as it is believed that the disease and disorders are the manifestations of accumulated toxins or ‘ama’, in the human body. Accumulation of physical ama results is physical ailments and diseases, the buildup of mental ama results in various mental illness including stress, anxiety, and depression. According to Ayurvedic science, good quality sleep is nature’s best cure for relieving mental and physical ailments of the body as it infuses vital life energy ‘ojas’ into the systems and cleans the body from accumulated physical toxins. rating high levels of mental ama. Ayurveda recommends having warm milk mixed with honey before going to bed at night.



5. The last and the most important pillar that Vedas recommends is the self-mastery, absolute control over your senses. Vedas emphasize the value of regularity in everything, be it rest, play or work. Adherence to daily routines, punctuality, and self-control is the essence of living richer, longer and fulfilling life. Vedas expect you to adopt a lifestyle that is rhythmic like nature itself, observed in the daily and seasonal rhythms of life.



3 Hairstyles To Look Astonishingly Cool In 2018

March 13th, 2018

Out with the old and welcome the new, 2018 hairstyle for Indian men is all about restyling your classical puffs with new sense of style that is updated to the needs of modish, manly Indian. Think of your face shape and choose a hair color according to your complexion and gel out your tresses this year in an entirely new form. Whether you have the long and the straight strands or you prefer to create buzz with the short and the curly, go ahead and transform your look according to the new trend in fashion for men. We present you the top 3 popular hair trends from wide range of hairstyles fades to tapers, crops to faux hawks and quiffs to mohawks – so that you can the best possible look in 2018.

1. Quiff Haircut :

This is a bulky hairstyle wherein you need to grow volume on the top of the head, and you need to get progressively shorter towards the back of the head. The showcase of this hairstyle is the main “quiff” in the front that you will get by applying the styling gel and blowing-up the rest of the hair to get that sensuous style.





In this style you need to trim your hairs on the sides, ask your stylists to maintain the same length instead of getting progressively short. You can also choose to get the ‘abruptly cut’ undercut, wherein there is a clear dividing line between the long hair on top of the head and the short hair at either sides. Prefer to have medium to longer hair on top as you will be able to play around with the looks, as the short hairs will give you ease of maintenance. A lot of men also prefer to combine the undercut with a fade-out on sides or just blend it with the slicked back, quiff, or pompadour!




3.Mohawk :

This is the funkiest style in 2018, you will not only look rebellious but will also add ‘cool jazziness’ into your personality. Your hairstylists only need to carefully build it initially using gels, but then it will add ‘wow factor’ to your appearance for sure. The process involves gradual transitions between the long hair on top and shaved or faded sides, you can worn it everywhere and everyday, especially if you want all attention to fall just on you. Try out different forms of Mohawk styles at casual parties, get togethers and rock concerts.




5 Best Haircuts You Should Try In 2018

February 6th, 2018

Fashion they say is always on the move, so in the year of 2018 your hairstyle style should also change, it is now time for you to try out the best hairstyle for men in India. You already have grown beard according to the new fashion trends for men, but have you given a thought about the new hairstyle that you can host on your head especially for the valentine day is drawing close and it is time for you to rap up your style, looks and appearance. So, it will just not be clothes that will help people judge about you but your hairstyle will play a crucial role. At least for men, hair styling is the most important factor of presenting yourself to the outside world. You must be over with messy style and the long hair style, now it is the time to carve out something new, something astonishing. We present you the best of the best latest hairstyle for men that you must embrace. You need to check them out, talk it out with your hair stylist today, if possible!


1. Sweep Side Part :

You need to grow your tresses little longer, as it is the latest trend so that you can easily sweep it over, it is the perfect look for 2018! You can achieve this look in few minutes simply part the hair on the side of your head, and sweep it over to one side. Use either a right or left part – whatever works best for your natural part!




2. Side Part Pompadour :

Extend the numero uno and trim the sides you will land up at the new trendy style of side part pompadour, that has definitely made a comeback. Pompadours have commonly been seen throughout mens fashion history because they can be done with hair of various lengths – keeping it either long or short on top.




3. The Caesar Haircut :

The reverse of first two but a hugely popular buzz cut, across European men, this haircut is spreading fast like wild fire. The short length of the style makes it easy to maintain, and incredibly simple to spike. Just ensure you are using a dab of cream or styling gel for that spiked look, you will get it in a matter of seconds, and you will not require any maintenance!




4. Angular Fringe :

This is an emerging trend among male fashion models and is widely popular trend among American men in 2017. You can achieve it by tapering the sides, but keep the top layer long and cut only at angles. This hairstyle is ideally for all face shapes!




Top 6 Soccer Stars With The Coolest Hairstyle Ever

January 17th, 2018

From setting the latest fashion trends for men to cool new hairstyles, football stars are the trendsetter of fashion and style all over the world. There have been many iconic soccer players who had an astonishing skill set and were famous for their trendy haircuts, but we have compiled a list of top six footballers who are famous globally for their talent and marvellous hairstyles.

1. David Beckham’s short spikes :

This superstar from England has got to be one of the most popular soccer sensations ever. David Beckham was incredibly famous for two things his free kicks and hairstyles. Over the years Beckham experimented with numerous hairstyles but his short spike cut was arguably one of his best looks ever.

David Beckham's short spikes


2. Andrea Pirlo’s side part with long layers :

This gifted Italian professional footballer was one of the best playmakers in his time. Famous for his passing and ball control Pirlo was one of the greatest players Italy has ever produced. Besides his astounding technique, he was also famous for his hairstyle. Although he didn’t believe in experimenting much with his hair, his classic side part style with long layers still became iconic and is preferred by many.

Andrea Pirlo's side part with long layers


3. Cristiano Ronaldo’s head spikes :

Cristiano Ronaldo is a special talent from Portugal with an amazing set of skills, and for many, he is the best player in the world right now. Besides his abilities, the Portuguese superstar is also very famous for his hairstyles, one of his best and longest kept hairstyles are the head spikes.

Cristiano Ronaldo's head spikes


4. Lionel Messi’s faux hawk :

The Argentine forward who plays his club football for Fc Barcelona is one of the most talented players ever to play the game. Although more famous for his lightning-fast dribbles, he is also quite popular worldwide for his adorable appearance and trendy haircuts. One of his trendiest hairstyles ever is the faux hawk.

Lionel Messi's faux hawk


5. Neymar’s mohawk :

Neymar is a rising superstar who is widely regarded as the next big thing in the Brazilian football today. Although still very young in this short span of time, Neymar has tried many different hairstyles with his mohawk look being the best.

Neymar's mohawk


6. Antoine Griezmann :

The golden boot winner of the UEFA euro 2016 Antoine Griezmann is a French sensation who plays his club football for Atletico Madrid. Famous for his goal-scoring ability and innovative hairstyles Griezmann has become a fashion icon globally. One of his famous mens new style haircut is the classic side part.

Antoine Griezmann


Top 3 Men’s Saloon In India For Festive Styling

December 11th, 2017

The festive season in India is underway and every individual wants to look as good as they can during this period. Women are more proactive than men in this segment as they usually take much better care of their styling needs. To help men overcome this problem and have the best look according to mens new style this festive season, here is a list of top 3 men’s salon chain in India.


Jawed Habib hair and beauty salon

The jawed Habib hair and beauty salon is the place for men to visit this festive season. Famous for offering individuals with the best hairstyle for men in India. This renowned brand has numerous outlets all over the country and the services offered by them fall well within the grasp of working-class people making them a must visit this season.



Naturals salon

The natural brand offers its hair and beauty treatments to both the sexes. They are famous for providing a wide range of quality services to their customers. This mega brand has over 500 outlets all over the country and uses organic products making it right choice for men to visit this festive season.



Affinity salon

The affinity salon has been providing quality services to both men and women for a long time now. There are many outlets of this famous brand scattered throughout the Delhi/NCR and Punjab region. The affinity salon has won many awards for providing excellent services to their customers.



3 Most Adorable Looks For Men

November 22nd, 2017

The adorability parameters go beyond following the men’s new style, flaunting best hairstyle for men in India, or adopting the latest fashion for men. We present you the 3 most adorable looks for Indian men of all time, it is certainly not the age or looks but the capacity to win over the hearts of others.

1. Amitabh Bachchan :

This Indian personality is one of the most favorite amongst your parents, millions across India and abroad follow him and show reverence due to his exceptional gentleness, politeness in voice and attitude towards others – watched by million on popular ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’ he undoubtedly is one of the the most adorable personalities in India.

Amitabh Bachchan


2. Hrithik Roshan :

Not only the looks, but the magnality, generosity and kind heartedness shown by his appearances and also through his films his acting makes him easily the choice for most Indian men.

Hrithik Roshan


3. Ranvir Singh :

The effervescence emitted through Ranveer is unmatched, the energy and radiance in his acts, style and fashion makes him one of the most adorable personality in India.

Ranvir Singh

You just need to remember that being adorable is not about being young, stylish or fashionable; it’s about being sweet, friendly, and fun to be around. Being adorable without being too obvious is something you can also achieve.

4 Tips for men to get rid of dandruff permanently

September 11th, 2017

Have you stopped wearing dark coloured shirts and blazers just because they outwardly display your dandruff? Well, you aren’t the one to blame; dandruff does look tacky and filthy. But don’t worry, we have some really easy and effective tricks on how to groom hair and keep dandruff at bay:

4 Tips for men to get rid of dandruff permanently

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1. Switch to Anti-dandruff Shampoo :

Dandruff can be for a number of reasons- dry scalp, sensitivity to hair products or presence of yeast-like fungus on your head. So, to know which anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner would work best for you, visit a dermatologist and know the reason. Based on that, pick the most appropriate fungus-killing and hair softening grooming products!

Switch to Anti-dandruff Shampoo

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2. Keep your hands in your pockets :

Your itchy scalp is hard to bear, but scratching your head will only aggravate the problem instead of rectifying it. According to Indian fashion blogs, no matter how hard it is to not scratch, the itching will only erode your dry scalp further, may even lead it to bleed. So, try your best to keep your twitching nails away and leave your head alone!

Keep your hands in your pockets


3. Don’t walk out with dripping hair :

You may think you look sexy with wet hair but sometimes, it’s better to play wise than hot! Wet hair is more fragile and susceptible to breakage. Water makes your hair dry and lifeless thus making it more prone to dandruff. Hence, always towel-dry your hair well before setting them right. Keep them moistened with hair oil so that your wet hair look may stay to some extent!

Don’t walk out with dripping hair

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4. Prep a home-made anti-dandruff solution :

Nothing works better than self-made, home-prepped hair and skin care products to keep you handsome and healthy. For dandruff, the best ingredient found in your kitchen would be the lemon and coconut oil. Take 2 tbsp. coconut oil and squeeze half a lemon in it. Then heat this mixture till it is touchable hot. Apply liberally over your scalp and let it rest for a minimum one hour; then shampoo. Both these ingredients cut dandruff to black and make your hair shiny and healthy!

Prep a home-made anti-dandruff solution

Now, stop worrying about the white flakes falling on your shoulders. These remedies will help you take a sigh of relief.

7 Hair styling products every guy needs

August 16th, 2017

As a kid, great hairstyles meant some water and a comb. But now that you’re a grownup man, proper hair styling requires a little more effort and grooming products. From getting the perfect hair cut to styling it every morning, men struggle to keep it slick. Here are seven hair styling products that will help you style your hair to perfection and tame your mane in style.

7 Hair styling products every guy needs


1. Hair Gel :

Buying hair gel is a very tricky task, and most men often fail terribly at it. Buying any gel off the rack is convenient, but it will leave your hair feeling cemented to your head! Pick a good quality, light gel that will provide maximum hold to your hair without coating the follicles like cement.

Hair Gel

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2. Hair Wax :

Hair wax should always be applied to towel dried hair for a medium hold and low shine. Easier to style on short hair, hair wax is used for making short spikes and back flips. However, men with slightly long hair can also use it for a dishevelled tousle look.

Hair Wax


3. Hair Spray :

The easiest to use in the lot, hair spray is a winner for lazy guys. Just spray it over your hair as a finishing touch after setting it with wax or clay. Perfect for medium to slightly long hair, the spray will give your mane a shiny slick effect.

Hair Spray

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4. Hair Paste :

A very versatile grooming product for men’s hair, the paste has the consistency of a lotion. Apply it on wet or damp hair as it gives your hair a medium hold, allowing you to style it even when dry. Use it for an effortlessly cool messy, textured hairstyle.

Hair Paste

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5. Hair Cream :

Men with long or thick short hair ideally use creams to style their hair. It gives a low hold with some shine when applied on towel-dried hair. These creams are fragrant too and keep the hair smelling great, along with locking in the moisture.

Hair Cream

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6. Hair Clay :

The Frankenstein of hair styling, hair clay offers maximum hold and plenty of texture. Similar to hair fibre, clay has a creamy texture making it easy to apply on clean and damp hair.

Hair Clay

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7. Dry Shampoo :

Men sweat twice as much as women do, which means more shampooing. It is not good to shampoo too often; it rips the scalp of natural oils making hair dry in the long run. This is when dry shampoo comes to the rescue! Use dry shampoo in between washes to absorb the excess oil from the scalp and add volume to your hair.

Dry Shampoo

The versatility of these products makes them men’s grooming favourites when it comes to hair styling. Since there is no magic potion to transform dull, boring hair into the best hairstyle for men, you’ve got to do it yourself. From wax to cream, here are seven products you will need to keep your mane in check and stay updated as per the latest fashion trends for men.