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5 Vedic Secrets Of Longevity That You Should Know

May 14th, 2018

1. If you want to live more, you must refer to ancient Indian scriptures that hold the secrets to extend one’s life not only in terms of longevity but also on ways to be disease-free forever. The ancient system of medicine, Ayurveda has answers to most of the problems that we face today. Modern research is perplexed by the accuracy of the solutions recommended by Vedic literature for most of these modern-day ailments.



2. Vedas advocate not only to maintain strict diet chart for men but also suggested an exercise for men, as they suggest that the three pillars of life are diet, sleep, and self-mastery. These three pillars are supposed to be the very foundation of having good health and longevity.



3. To a long, happy life, you should eat the right food to live, in Sanskrit “Aaharah Praanah” means, food is like a synonym for life. Right food if taken moderately with right feelings act like a direct blessing from the nature that nourishes and ultimately determine the quality of our consciousness. So, next time when you eat, reflect on what are you eating, how you are cooking, when and in whose company are you eating. As claimed by Vedas that if you remain alert on all these aspects, your overall health will improve thereby increasing your lifespan. If you want to know more about what to eat then you can refer to Ayurveda diet charts that recommend the use of ghee, fresh butter, spices and herbs in cooking.



4. An undisturbed and restful sleep is highly recommended by Vedas, as it is believed that the disease and disorders are the manifestations of accumulated toxins or ‘ama’, in the human body. Accumulation of physical ama results is physical ailments and diseases, the buildup of mental ama results in various mental illness including stress, anxiety, and depression. According to Ayurvedic science, good quality sleep is nature’s best cure for relieving mental and physical ailments of the body as it infuses vital life energy ‘ojas’ into the systems and cleans the body from accumulated physical toxins. rating high levels of mental ama. Ayurveda recommends having warm milk mixed with honey before going to bed at night.



5. The last and the most important pillar that Vedas recommends is the self-mastery, absolute control over your senses. Vedas emphasize the value of regularity in everything, be it rest, play or work. Adherence to daily routines, punctuality, and self-control is the essence of living richer, longer and fulfilling life. Vedas expect you to adopt a lifestyle that is rhythmic like nature itself, observed in the daily and seasonal rhythms of life.



3 Ways To Maintain A King-Like Beard

March 15th, 2018

If you are not having a beard these days, you might look out of mens latest fashion. But the latest trend in fashion for men is not about having an unkempt and grimy facial hair, it is actually about boasting a real royal manly look that sirens the arrival of contemporary, modish man of substance. With the right care and style, a good beard can make you look exceptional gentlemen. We take you through the essential ways to maintain your beard that ignites majestic aura around your personality.

1.Have a Rich Diet :

You must start your beard grooming sojourn from the daily diet. It is essential to consume a diet that is balanced in all nutrients. Fish is great for your hair. You can add supplements like Biotin and A, B complex vitamin that will boost the hair growth.




2.Stubble look :

If you are happy with the stubble look, you will have to learn to ignore the the itch, especially if you are a first timer. It might itch heavily, as you facial skin learns to have hair, the itching will subside after few weeks.




3.Kingly Beard Look :

if you decide to grow it longer, then do not start grooming the hair until you have at least an inch and a half of hairs. Once you reach that point you can think of shaping itotherwise unshaven, untrimmed, and unwashed hair will dampen your personality and appearances in public.




4.Trim, and Wash :

You need to shave off the places that you donot want hair to grow accordingly. For example, some of you will not like growing a beard that reaches to the neck. Washing your beard is extremely critical. As you wash your face thoroughly with face wash, you need to clean the oils that built up.




5. Keep it dry :

You should ensure that you dry up your face thoroughly always with a clean towel just like the hair on top of your head!




6.Occasionally shampoo :

If your beard is a few inches long then you should occasionally shampoo it along with a conditioner. You should avoid excessively strong fragrances, and prefer to use natural fragrances like cedar, juniper, orange, sandalwood, tobacco, and birch.


beard wash


7. Do regularly apply drops of beard oil :

A good beard oil will help to keep the hair ends robust, also and protects it from beard dandruff.

3 Best Beard Products For Men In India

March 14th, 2018

Beard and Moustache are the latest fashion for men in India, everyone want to have a bearded look like Shahid Kapoor or Virat Kohli. It is not only the new hairstyle for men in India that is the latest craze for the men, it is also about the thick, stylish, manly beards that is consuming the time at saloon or in front of mirror for most men. To look stylish you will have to cultivate well-shaped, trimmed, shiny and lustrous facial hairs. There are wide ranging products available in the Indian market that will help you to groom your facial hairs, right from beard shampoo to beard oil, these nourishing rich products not only act as styling agents but also help you to keep your beard hairs soft, shiny and hygienic. Beards is often a right habitat for bacterial grow in them especially near the jaws, chin, sideburns and below the nose as these areas are can remain moist due to environmental and personal factors. You need to give proper attention to your tresses otherwise you may face conditions such as itchiness, dandruff and infections.

1. Beard Oils

The best product that completely nourishes your hairs right from the roots. You should prefer products consisting of ingredients like jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, almond Oil, Argan Oil and Hazelnut Oil. Beard oil will also moisturize your facial skin by hydrating the skin.



2. Anti-Dandruff Beard Wash

You should look for products that blend the goodness of coconut & wheat germ oil. A product that is rich in Vitamin E, will boost the healthy beard hairs. You can select the “Woody” fragrance derived from Cedarwood essential oil, an anti dandruff natural ingredient.



3. Beard Styling Gels

Choose the beard styling gel that contains Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate, Cocamidopropyl betaine, Cocamide MEA, Polyquaternium-7, CTAC, Aloe Vera Extract, Aqua, PEG-7, Glycerine, EDTA, Phenoxyethanol & Capryloyl Glycine & Undecylenoyl glycine, Rosemary Oil, Geranium Oil, Frankincense Oil, Juniper Berry Oil and Argan Oil. The Moroccan Argan, popularly called ‘liquid gold’, is known to make facial hairs softer, shinier and wrinkle free. Prefer to but products that are rich in anti-oxidants and have geranium, the relaxant, and antimicrobial agent.



4. Beard Shampoo

Always prefer to choose products having the goodness of linalool, lavender, rosemary and a dash of lime – this blended combination is actually a well balanced enchantment, that will keep your hairs to grow soft, shiny and oh so touchable!



5 Best Haircuts You Should Try In 2018

February 6th, 2018

Fashion they say is always on the move, so in the year of 2018 your hairstyle style should also change, it is now time for you to try out the best hairstyle for men in India. You already have grown beard according to the new fashion trends for men, but have you given a thought about the new hairstyle that you can host on your head especially for the valentine day is drawing close and it is time for you to rap up your style, looks and appearance. So, it will just not be clothes that will help people judge about you but your hairstyle will play a crucial role. At least for men, hair styling is the most important factor of presenting yourself to the outside world. You must be over with messy style and the long hair style, now it is the time to carve out something new, something astonishing. We present you the best of the best latest hairstyle for men that you must embrace. You need to check them out, talk it out with your hair stylist today, if possible!


1. Sweep Side Part :

You need to grow your tresses little longer, as it is the latest trend so that you can easily sweep it over, it is the perfect look for 2018! You can achieve this look in few minutes simply part the hair on the side of your head, and sweep it over to one side. Use either a right or left part – whatever works best for your natural part!




2. Side Part Pompadour :

Extend the numero uno and trim the sides you will land up at the new trendy style of side part pompadour, that has definitely made a comeback. Pompadours have commonly been seen throughout mens fashion history because they can be done with hair of various lengths – keeping it either long or short on top.




3. The Caesar Haircut :

The reverse of first two but a hugely popular buzz cut, across European men, this haircut is spreading fast like wild fire. The short length of the style makes it easy to maintain, and incredibly simple to spike. Just ensure you are using a dab of cream or styling gel for that spiked look, you will get it in a matter of seconds, and you will not require any maintenance!




4. Angular Fringe :

This is an emerging trend among male fashion models and is widely popular trend among American men in 2017. You can achieve it by tapering the sides, but keep the top layer long and cut only at angles. This hairstyle is ideally for all face shapes!




Top 3 Men’s Saloon In India For Festive Styling

December 11th, 2017

The festive season in India is underway and every individual wants to look as good as they can during this period. Women are more proactive than men in this segment as they usually take much better care of their styling needs. To help men overcome this problem and have the best look according to mens new style this festive season, here is a list of top 3 men’s salon chain in India.


Jawed Habib hair and beauty salon

The jawed Habib hair and beauty salon is the place for men to visit this festive season. Famous for offering individuals with the best hairstyle for men in India. This renowned brand has numerous outlets all over the country and the services offered by them fall well within the grasp of working-class people making them a must visit this season.



Naturals salon

The natural brand offers its hair and beauty treatments to both the sexes. They are famous for providing a wide range of quality services to their customers. This mega brand has over 500 outlets all over the country and uses organic products making it right choice for men to visit this festive season.



Affinity salon

The affinity salon has been providing quality services to both men and women for a long time now. There are many outlets of this famous brand scattered throughout the Delhi/NCR and Punjab region. The affinity salon has won many awards for providing excellent services to their customers.



4 Tips for men to get rid of dandruff permanently

September 11th, 2017

Have you stopped wearing dark coloured shirts and blazers just because they outwardly display your dandruff? Well, you aren’t the one to blame; dandruff does look tacky and filthy. But don’t worry, we have some really easy and effective tricks on how to groom hair and keep dandruff at bay:

4 Tips for men to get rid of dandruff permanently

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1. Switch to Anti-dandruff Shampoo :

Dandruff can be for a number of reasons- dry scalp, sensitivity to hair products or presence of yeast-like fungus on your head. So, to know which anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner would work best for you, visit a dermatologist and know the reason. Based on that, pick the most appropriate fungus-killing and hair softening grooming products!

Switch to Anti-dandruff Shampoo

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2. Keep your hands in your pockets :

Your itchy scalp is hard to bear, but scratching your head will only aggravate the problem instead of rectifying it. According to Indian fashion blogs, no matter how hard it is to not scratch, the itching will only erode your dry scalp further, may even lead it to bleed. So, try your best to keep your twitching nails away and leave your head alone!

Keep your hands in your pockets


3. Don’t walk out with dripping hair :

You may think you look sexy with wet hair but sometimes, it’s better to play wise than hot! Wet hair is more fragile and susceptible to breakage. Water makes your hair dry and lifeless thus making it more prone to dandruff. Hence, always towel-dry your hair well before setting them right. Keep them moistened with hair oil so that your wet hair look may stay to some extent!

Don’t walk out with dripping hair

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4. Prep a home-made anti-dandruff solution :

Nothing works better than self-made, home-prepped hair and skin care products to keep you handsome and healthy. For dandruff, the best ingredient found in your kitchen would be the lemon and coconut oil. Take 2 tbsp. coconut oil and squeeze half a lemon in it. Then heat this mixture till it is touchable hot. Apply liberally over your scalp and let it rest for a minimum one hour; then shampoo. Both these ingredients cut dandruff to black and make your hair shiny and healthy!

Prep a home-made anti-dandruff solution

Now, stop worrying about the white flakes falling on your shoulders. These remedies will help you take a sigh of relief.

Ways to battle premature greys

May 25th, 2017

The salt and pepper appearance looks great on others, but if you are nearing your 30s and you can see gray hair it is not the best feeling. With time and age when the hair begins to turn gray, it is easy to accept the fact. However, we see more and more of premature graying in individuals, who then have to indulge in artificial coloring. So if you want to maintain the quality and color of your hair, here are a few age old tips and tricks to battle the grays.

Ways to battle premature greys


1. Diet :

You are what you eat. The food you eat has a lot to do with how you look. Premature graying and excessive hair loss can be a side effect of an improper diet. If the food you eat is deficient in vital vitamins and minerals, your skin will lose it luster and hair will begin to lose its pigments. A healthy helping of proteins, carbohydrates, fresh fruits, meat, and dairy must be a part of your daily diet.


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2. Coconut oil :

One of the most versatile products found easily in every home, coconut oil is a real savior. It has innumerable medicinal properties that prevent premature graying of hair and multiple other skin problems. Massage some warm coconut oil with a few drops of lemon juice on your scalp for clean, shiny black hair.


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3. Amla :

Indian Gooseberry or Amla is an age-old trick etched by grandmothers everywhere to prevent gray hair. If you are suffering from premature grays or have thin, lifeless hair, amla is your saving grace. Boil some pieces of amla in coconut oil, till the concoction turns black. Cool off the mixture and apply it on your hair, it will cure premature graying. Amla is known for its revitalizing pigment that is a boon for restoring hair color and quality.


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4. Henna :

Henna is known as mehndi and is very famous in our country to dye hair. However, just because you suffer from premature grays does not mean your hair has to be dyed orange! Henna without any mixtures will turn all the gray strands orangeish-red, and we don’t want that obviously. So when applying henna you need to be careful and add yogurt or coconut oil and make a paste out of it. The paste works best when you soak it overnight and apply it the next day. You can wash it off once dried, to find not just black but also soft and shiny hair.


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Premature graying is a very common problem and while there are many ways to cover up, the base problem lies in our lifestyle. Our internal consumption and habits make a huge impact on our hair and skin. Drink lots of water; eat greens and exercise regularly for a healthy, stress-free life.

Why you should get rid of your long hair

May 11th, 2017

As another summer season approaches, we clean out our wardrobes making some place for those comfortable t-shirts and shorts we missed so much. Well, our wardrobes are not the only things that get a makeover in summer. With every season a new fashion evolves and so do we. Hairstyles play such an important part in summers and its time to get rid of those locks for a cool hassle free summer.

Why you should get rid of your long hair


1. Cons of long hair in summer :

Every time a pimple pops up on your face, you blame the heat. Well, it’s not just the heat or dust that cause acne and blemishes on our face. Clean hair plays a very important role when it comes to a clean face and fighting off pimples. Unless you have hair sewn onto your scalp, they are bound to fall. These hair follicles have oil and dust that get transferred to your face and cause acne. It is best to keep short hair in summer because it requires low maintenance and keep you feeling cool.

Cons of long hair in summer

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Long deadlocks need proper maintenance and have to be washed regularly. Too much of sweating may require washing your hair almost every day that might damage the quality and texture of your hair. It is also oddly satisfying to head over to the barber and getting all your hair cleaned up for a fresh hassle-free look.

Cons of long hair in summer2

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2. Pros of short hair in summer :

Gone are the days when locks would get all the girls swooning over you, especially not in the heat when your hair get sweaty and oily! Summers are all about being active and social but in the heat, which is why short hair is the new trend. If you want a quick and easy way to handle your hair, you should visit your barber this summer. Less hair means you will feel cooler and now there are an array of short hairstyles you can choose from.

Pros of short hair in summer

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Go for a bold, playful bare look or style it with cropped designs. Pick styles that are short on the sides and back, while an easy to manage length on the top. This will prevent sweat trickling down to from your forehead to your eyes.

Pros of short hair in summer2


Despite the ever-increasing popularity of ‘man bun’ it has a lot of flaws, especially in the warmer months. Consider a short-textured cut that needs little maintenance, because whether you have dense hair or thin hair, heads do make an impression. So get a short hair cut to feel confident, cool and comfortable in the heat.

Pros of short hair in summer3

So yeah, go to the salon today, and got a nice and neat haircut. Even women like short hair.

Easy skin care on the go

May 10th, 2017

While we’re all busy in our lives, we forget to take god care of ourselves. Having youthful and clear skin may seem like a farfetched goal but it can be achieved with very simple changes even in a buys life. Here are some tips to add to your skin care routine that don’t take much time.

Easy skin care on the go


1. Say hello to face wash :

While you’re out here chasing your dreams and making things happen, your healthy skin slowly becomes dull all because of not washing your face. Even when there is no water, you have HE Waterless Facewash which helps you wash and clean your face anywhere and anytime you want, that too without water.

Say hello to face wash

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2. Face masks :

one of the oldest ticks in the book cheating towards a healthy looking skin in minutes. These are not only for women. Once or twice a month take out 15-20 minutes to indulge in a rejuvenating face mask. These can be found according to your skin type.

Face masks

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3. Three step regime :

At least once in a day, make sure that you cleanse your face with a mild cleansing lotion. After that applying a moisturiser and SPF is equally important. This can be made a two step regime by using a moisturiser that also has SPF. SPF not only prevents tan but also protects your skin from harmful UV rays which could cause full looking skin and pigmentation.

Three step regime

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4. Shaving routine :

For men who love their beard and their hair, it becomes a habit to fret over its perfection. The easiest way to save time is to make a weekly appointment at your barber’s and get regular grooming done without fail. This way you not only save your time daily but also have a well presented beard and haircut at all times which is easily manageable.

Shaving routine

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While it is important to always look your best, daily habits play an important role in determining your skin as well as any other appearance. The easiest way to acing a routine is to set one which requires minimum time and gets everything done.

Can hair spa help you get rid of dandruff and hair fall?

May 3rd, 2017

Whenever you visit a salon for haircut, the hairstylist inspects your hair and majority of the time recommends you to go for a hair spa to combat all your hair problems. Is he trying to make some extra money? This is the first thought that would pop up in your mind. But not always, my friend because hair spa is the latest fashion trend for hair rebirth. It aids in treating hair issues like dandruff and hair-fall. Also, it maintains the shine and health of hair. A hair spa for dandruff and hair-fall includes oil massaging of the scalp, conditioning and shampooing. Let’s take a glance at how it works:

Can hair spa help you get rid of dandruff and hair fall

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1. Oil Massaging :

Applying oil to your scalp and massaging will not only enhance the scalp’s condition but will also make your hair lustrous. Oil massaging is an effective way to treat your scalp. It leads to the gush of blood to hair follicles increasing the amount of nutrients available for hair growth. Also, massaging boots out all the stress and rejuvenates your mind and body.

Oil Massaging

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2. Shampooing :

Apply shampoo to your hair and rinse it with lukewarm water. Use cleansing and clarifying grooming products to remove the oil from the scalp and the hair. You’ll successfully remove all the dirt and dandruff whilst rinsing your hair.


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3. Conditioning :

A hair mask protects the outer layer of the hair which aids in increasing the shine of hair. After shampooing, squeeze out the excess water from the hair and apply a deep conditioning hair mask to the hair.


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So, what are you waiting for? Book an appointment for hair spa at your salon right away. It is the one solution to all your hair problems.

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